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John won’t be there!

October 11, 2019

deep purple bus.jpg

But he says Diva Purple, the new (well to me anyway) all-female Deep Purple tribute outfit, are gigging in December including a show in London on December 10th.  I love the shot above which decorates their Facebook page (and deserves to decorate a compilation), though no idea where it’s from.  They have a sort of showreel medley on YouChoob which is a bit of brave move considering the sound of the rehearsal room.  More fun than Yngwie’s last cover anyway!  Thanks to John Tucker.

Concerto Five O

April 23, 2019

You see, a nice poster design says it all, no need to add anything. Well done whoever designed this and carefully referenced the original typography and colouring.Concerto_50th anniversary.jpgTickets are on sale now, goodness knows what a plane ticket to Quebec costs but it must be tempting. Thanks to Nicholas Houle, programme co-ordinator.


Celebrating Jon Lord

October 13, 2014

Jon Lord boxDetails of the various formats of this release from the April 2014 concert under our review heading; five editions including a limited edition box set with goodies (see left). But don’t ask me what size the shirt is!  Shipping now from DTB Online store.

Tribute band wanted!

June 21, 2013
senor coconut

Senor Coconut is unavailable…

There is a council run event planned in London on Saturday August 17th 2013.  They have asked me to ‘recommend’ a Deep Purple tribute band.  I am in touch with a few players in this area BUT being council run there is no budget, and they want to have the event free to everyone, so it’s not possible to set up a ticketed performance within the venue. I do not want to insult musicians (or put any pressure on anyone) by asking them to play for nothing so…

If there are any players in the area who might want and be able to do this for the fun of it, do get in touch with me and I will hook you up with the organisers.  We hope to be able to explain more about the event itself soon.

Roger Glover

March 27, 2012

joins tribute band……for one night only!

Before his gig with Purpendicular in Switzerland recently, Ian Paice was having dinner backstage with the band. They were told that there was a girl waiting to give Ian a present. Seeking to put her off they explained they were mid-meal but she turned up anyway. They were just about to ask her to leave when they realised it was Roger Glover’s new partner, with Roger in tow!

purpendicular with Ian Paice and Roger Glover backstage

Making room for the new arrivals, drummer Bern Welz asked Roger if he fancied appearing on stage with them. Roger – having heard how much Ian likes to play with the group – agreed. The audience heard the familiar opening to Highway Star but didn’t realise who was playing bass until the lights went up. When he’d done his turn, he watched the rest of the show for the mixer desk and has offered to guest again if time and schedules permit.

purpendicular with Roger Glover
above : Robby Walsh and Roger. Thanks to Seher Cosgun for the story.

Royal Albert Hall tribute

July 29, 2010

I confess that much of the new wave of progressive rock passed me by, but this one is worth a mention, marking the 20th anniversary of Swedish progressive metallers OPETH. They played a show at London’s Royal Albert Hall earlier this year and were keen to pay tribute to one of their influences with the cover! We should stress that the music is very much their own.

“In Live Concert at the Royal Albert Hall” (Roadrunner Records) also shows their peers how it ought to be done with the packaging too. a Limited-edition 4LP vinyl box set, , a five-disc set of two DVDs and three CDs or as a Double-DVD. Compare and contrast with the dreadful way the 1999 Deep Purple shows were treated content wise, with a rubbish design, poor booklet and tracks left off. You can read more about it on the Opeth website.

UPDATE • Nigel Young has sent this bit of info on:

The cover idea (and photograph) were Christer Lorichs’s. He suggested it to Mike Åkerfeldt, initially as a memory of the event. Just before the hall was due to be closed, the band decided to do it. He judged the chairs from a Concerto CD cover and put the corresponding band member in the “right” chair and it was done in less than five minutes.
He later showed Mike how similar the photos were by doing a mock up Opeth variation of the CD cover art. A month later Christer found out that the band were basing the whole concept around his idea and photos.


Opeth Royal Albert Hall