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Latest vinyl editions

August 14, 2012

The vinyl renaissance shows few signs of slowing down to the pleasure of many (and the bewilderment of others!). Four more to bring to your attention:

Deep-Purple-Total-Abandon-2012DEEP PURPLE / TOTAL ABANDON Vinyl limited edition

The first ever vinyl pressing of the Total Abandon live album is due at the end of August, a two album set, pressed on blue 180 gsm vinyl. It is limited to just 1,000 copies. We do not yet have full track list or side split. The sleeve has the new cover art as seen on the recent single CD edition.

DEEP PURPLE American Vinyl limited editions
There is a new batch of 2012 American only vinyl reissues of several Deep Purple titles (issued under license from Warner Bros). These are all 180 gsm reissues in facsimile sleeves. Titles available are : Fireball, Who Do We Think We Are, Made In Japan, Last Concert in Japan. Please note these are imports only and EMI are not planning to follow suit.

GILLAN / FUTURE SHOCK Ltd Ed vinyl release

Very impressive, you can read a short review on the site here and see a pack shot.

DTB Online store has copies of these (or can take pre-orders) though we are not sure how long they will be available for.


A vinyl edition has been added to the forthcoming format schedule for later in the year. More anon.

Record Store Day 2012

April 20, 2012

long live rock n roll rainbow picture disc

Record Store Day seems to have come round again super quick. But here’s one release which I’d missed, a rather snazzy 12″ picture disc album version of Long Live Rock n Roll. Picture discs eh? It’s like 1978 all over again! I’m pretty sure this is the first ever pic disc album from the band’s catalogue, though there were a couple of singles back in the day and a clear vinyl edition of Down To Earth. It’s been produced under license by Niji, Ronnie Dio’s label. From what I can gather there are 2,500 being pressed but it does seem more of a US Record Store Day item so not sure if any will reach Europe. I spoke to the label’s UK distributor and while it was showing on their system, they were unable to get any stock. Record Store Day is April 21, so probably too late to book a flight over and queue up. We’ve already mentioned EMI’s contribution in the shape of a 7″ version of Smoke On The Water. But as the miseries couldn’t even be bothered to send me a snap of the sleeve to show this year I’ll be trying my luck up at Record Collector’s shop in Broomhill on Saturday. Gets me out of painting the bathroom door frame…!

Record Day 2011

Phoenix Risen

May 18, 2011

deep purple phoenix rising advert

DVD REVIEW : First review can be read here.

UPDATE 2 : The audio version has entered the German album charts at number 16! (May 22.2011)

UPDATE : Phoenix Rising is shipping from DTBOnline store May 23rd to everyone who pre-ordered. To our surprise the vinyl edition includes the DVD as well (the sales info made no mention of this!), making it very good value. Anyone who wants to send us comments on the release or reviews please do and we’ll include some on the site.

Whitesnake acetate find

January 7, 2011
whitesnake acetate label

whitesnake acetate label

Umberto Beoni has managed to secure himself this ultra rare Whitesnake acetate. It’s for the very first solo album, and was made by the Master Room, whose motto was “custom cutting to the record industry”. Master Room were going at least as far back as 1972 and specialised in editing, mastering and other post production work for most of the big record labels.
We’re not sure of the history of this acetate, although very few would be pressed. Umberto wonders if DC himself might have handled it once. I suspect not, as DC is the sort of guy who would probably have held onto things like this. More likely it went to Purple Records and has reached the open market that way. I must say I’ve never seen this before though, and it will be very scarce. Looks in good shape too.

Burn 8-Track (update 2)

November 29, 2010

Paul Cropper emailed DTB this snap of a weird Burn 8 track cartridge he found in a Salvation Army thrift store in Tennessee. Weird indeed, I didn’t even know they had Salvation Army charity shops over there. It does look very much like a pirate edition, something that might have been manufactured to sell quickly through petrol stations and the like before Warner got their lawyers on the case. A generic ‘rock’ cover (love the baggy trousers) with just the band name and album title on the spine. If anyone else knows more do get in touch.

EXTRA • Jeff Breis reckons this sort of pirate 8-Track was far from uncommon in the 70s, and has sent us a scan of a similar job done on a Fireball, sorry ‘Fire Ball’, pirate 8-track. “We (my co-workers and I) had this and a Rare Earth tape that we rotated day after day while we sorted through bins of potatoes, tossing the bad, bagging the good. It was a job that one could do with a hangover quite easily. “Do we love potatoes? No No No. Potato bugs are crawling on my face and trying to get in…”
For good measure the makers of the pirate artifact added some thinly veiled authenticity by printing the text of a popular campaign by tape makers to try and stop increased tax on the business!
“IMPORTANT CONSUMER NOTICE  – In order to prevent a substantial increase in the price of these tapes as well as a corresponding decrease in the number of hits on each tape, it is urgent that you write or call your United States Congressman asking him to oppose Senate Bill 646 unless it is amended to permit legal tape duplicators to continue in business.”
The tape was put out by Super Rock and this one is Volume 91 (SR 91)”.
What can we say Jeff? Except I also had an evening job in a fish and chip shop as a youth, so know all about sorting out (and chipping) spuds! Me and my brother did a sort of work share, and if there was a good gig on in town the owner went short handed. About supper time we did the best batch of chips of the evening, cooked to perfection. After which the quality went downhill as the drunks came in, and we vied with each other to see what ‘extras’ we could fry up for them… battered moth anyone?

UPDATE 2 • A couple of people spotted this up for sale online recently, a third pirate 8-track. Originating from Los Angeles, I love the logo which I now think of as belonging to The Ramones. Space Truckin’ has been split over tracks 3 and 4 by the way. Thanks to Tonny Steenhagen for the info.

American Forces

August 26, 2010

deep purple fireball american forces edition

Always interesting when something you’ve not seen before turns up; Gordon Bell worked as a DJ at an American airbase for a time and used to get these special promotional American Forces pressings through on a regular basis on the 1970s. He thought we’d be interested in seeing them as he’s selling his collection off at the moment. The Deep Purple editions are mostly backed with tracks by a different group altogether (this one has McGuiness Flint on the other side). The stars and stripes logo varied over time before being dropped for a duller design, and the albums go right up to Deepest Purple.

Gordon is kindly doing us some high resolution shots before the albums are sold, and we will include these in an upcoming issue of Darker Than Blue magazine.

Darker Than Blue – the album

August 17, 2010

A couple of people have asked about the Darker Than Blue graphic on the front page; Darker Than Blue was one of the very early Deep Purple vinyl bootlegs. Indeed it was probably the first American bootleg of the group ever released. It was fairly common for bootleggers to copy or re-jig material from other bootleg albums, and in this case they took the audio off one of the titles issued in Europe in late 1970, probably Space 1 & 2. These first boots all came from a performance in Aachen, Germany, in July that same year.

Darker Than Blue Deep Purple bootleg

Darker Than Blue was yer typical US pressing, a plain album sleeve accompanied by a single printed cover sheet, all shrunk-wrap. The bootleg had Black Night and Paint It Black on in full, Wring That Neck which concluded on side two, followed by a five minute chunk of Wring That Neck. Deep Purple were of course not that well established in the States at this time but bootlegs were aimed at the underground and college markets, where kids were musically more aware of good new bands.

I always had a fondness for the title, and when we came to rename the Deep Purple fan magazine, took it from here. As this blog site is an extension of the magazine, it seemed right to keep the name. It will remain when the revamped DTB magazine is launched later this year (I’ll announce details shortly) and we’re even toying with the idea of using it when we launch a vinyl label next month (again, news to follow).

Design wise it’s a bit of a mess; they’ve used a mad script with a vague hippy look to it taken probably from a sheet of rub-down lettering, but then done the main title mostly by hand to match. Kind of captures the period well though.

Obviously to most fans albums like this have little interest, especially as the recording is available as a better quality authorised CD  (Live In Aachen – check out the DTB store), but some of us like to collect the old vinyl boots still and as they were usually pressed in low numbers they still keep some of their value. Back in the seventies as a student, I had to pass on duplicate releases like this (I’d bought H-Bomb when it came out), but somehow ended up with a spare sleeve. It was only much later that a copy tuned up for sale and I added it to the archive.

Gemini Live vinyl update

July 21, 2010

UPDATE 3 : This album finally shipped during early December 2010. The photo library had a lot of problems finding the old images, then their server went down, then the images came but were too small to use! Anyway, it’s all now done and here’s a low res image of the final front and back sleeve (I’ll leave the original visual here at the bottom of the page).

Gemini Suite Live LP label design

The label design is also shown. The cover photograph was taken before the actual performance itself inside the Festival Hall. It is a single sleeve, and also has a colour inner sleeve with notes and more pictures. It will also have a run in colour vinyl. It will be distributed in mainland Europe through regular outlets but we’re not sure about the UK yet. There will be a discount for DPAS members. It can be ordered at the DTB store.

Deep Purple Gemini Suite vinyl

The Man On Black

June 16, 2010

rainbow vinyl reissuesTwenty five years after the arrival of the compact disc, and still vinyl manages to keep reminding ourselves of our mis-spent youth. Even so it’s quite hard to see who the latest batch of Rainbow reissues is aimed at, as most of us who bought them at the time have either still hung on to the originals, or long since dropped them off at the charity shop on the way to get one of the numerous CD versions. Because unlike a lot of seventies albums, few by Rainbow have actually achieved the status of collectable. There may be some folk who want to replace worn-out originals I suppose, but in that case it isn’t too hard to find a nice tidy original.

In fact it’s probably true to say this lack of value cuts right across the ‘spin-off’ bands. So whereas many of the Deep Purple catalogue albums are getting rarer and rarer, especially in good condition, those by Rainbow, Gillan, Whitesnake and company just seem to draw withering looks from the second-hand dealers at fairs.

Maybe I’m just biased against repros of any sort, preferring to find an original or do without. To me the point of new vinyl editions is to provide something interesting for collectors – different tracks, extra pictures, inner bags -why not a brand new Rainbow collection for example just to tickle the jaded palates of us collectors. It also feels a tad unfair to drop the entire set on the world all in one go; even with a lot of shopping around buying all eight is going to clock in at well over £100, especially when you add in postage. They’re promising gatefold sleeves on the sales sheet, so maybe they’ve come up with something for those titles which only had single sleeve first time around (or maybe not). And whoever has organised the series seems to have forgotten about Bent Out Of Shape too…

Still if you want them, don’t hang about (the DPAS store has them on order). It looks as if those vinyl editions of Deep Purple at Montreux have been deleted already!

UPDATE 1 – It turns out that the first 1,000 copies of each titles are pressed in a rather nice coloured transparent vinyl, and instantly the collector in me wants a set! For some reason the sales sheet didn’t make much of this fact and I certainly missed it. Anyway, here’s a scan of one. They also have very smart new label designs. The first four (they seem to be staggering the release now) are in stock now at the DPAS store .

rainbow first album coloured vinyl

saucy cover?

May 14, 2010

Groove, groove, groove…

Come on then, own up! Anyone in the UK over 40 and into pop music as a kid probably remembers the Top Of The Pops albums. Nothing to do with the Beeb’s TV series, these were budget albums full of chart hits – albeit with a difference; they were all close cover versions recorded by session men, who would turn out an entire album’s worth in a day long stint in the studio. Two weeks later a finished album was in the shops. The label tried to predict which singles would be in the charts and transcribed them from disc. The volume shown here from 1971 includes their fascinating version of Strange Kind Of Woman, and gives you an idea of just what an oasis in sea of MOR madness a Deep Purple single was back then – up against the likes of Jack In The Box, Bridget The Midget, Rose Garden and many, many more. As a real rock snob at the time, I wouldn’t have given records like this house room, despite the very saucy sleeve photo (and the use of a purple colour theme for the design – perhaps the graphics guy was a fan), but at 75p for a lot of teenagers they were a way into the world of record buying, in the same way that 24 Carat Purple was a useful budget introduction to collecting Deep Purple. They were also so successful that they topped the album charts for a time, even keeping Led Zep off the top spot one time, until the big boys got together and got them banned from the ‘real’ charts.

Today it’s a different matter, and I own a complete run of all 91 volumes of this series, which is no small task given some of the later ones now fetch three figure sums due to their scarcity (I struck lucky on charity shop hunts!). And that’s why the record is here. If I see the albums in excellent condition, which this one is (most were owned by young kids and often got very bashed about), I generally pick them up, replace slightly less minty copies, and send those back to the charity shop. It won’t get me an OBE but it keeps the world ticking over.

Top Of The Pops (which began in the late sixties and ran through into the mid-80s) were the first album series to introduce a regular release schedule, and to flaunt the cover girls (which let’s be honest is for many the reason they are now such fun to collect).

Plus our new publishing venture are releasing a book on the whole phenomena at the end of the year, written by Tim Joseph, a long (long!) time DTB reader. He’s been beavering away on this even longer than Nigel’s DP gig diary, so it’ll be good to have it finally out. Tim and me were interviewed for a Radio 2 documentary on the albums late last year, there’s a Record Collector feature due soon and even an exhibition planned. So consider this a shameless plug as well! (