Child In Time cover version

Pughs Place Child In Time cover version.jpg

This rare record was flagged up by fans recently when a copy came up for sale. I thought at first it was one of those dodgy fake sleeve pirate releases, but it’s actually a very early cover version of Deep Purple’s Child In Time by a Dutch group called Pugh’s Place. It appeared as second track on this strange five number album, along with another track by the band, and more odd stuff on side two (including Song Of A Wobsal At The Pow Wow – the hippy ethos lasted longer in Amsterdam! ).

It was released in 1972 on Universe Productions and is a live recording, so becomes one of the oldest Purple covers around as it was seemingly laid down in 1971 (the oldest I think is a cover of Anthem on a single in Italy).

The audio is on YouTube but as one 43 minute file, so scroll through near the start to reach Child In Time. It’s actually a pretty tasty effort, the vocal are different but he makes a good fist of the verses and screaming parts, while the guitar player also does well. One really nice touch is the organ intro to verse two played on a flute. This is what one Dutch fan said:

Tremendously underrated album by a great, but unfortunately short lived, Dutch band. This is a classic. Lots of effects, powerful organ and guitar work, flute, strong vocals, and amazing songs.”

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