October 18, 19 1968 – Los Angeles Forum, California, USA.

Hush / Kentucky Woman / Mandrake Root / Help / Wring That Neck / River Deep Mountain High / Hey Joe

Deep Purple los angeles forum

Booked to support Cream’s farewell American tour, the prestigious shows at the Forum were the Deep Purple’s live debut in the country which had given them a top five hit with Hush. Given this, a shaky hand held video recording of the evening was made. The audio from this was not the highest quality but suitably  released much later as an official collectors CD on Sonic Zoom. Deep Purple were well received, but didn’t go down well with Cream who reportedly had them removed from the tour after just three concerts. After the second LA show Jimi Hendrix came backstage to congratulate the band and tell Eric Clapton that Ritchie had blown him offstage!  They would go on to his house for a party. To replace the Cream shows, Tetragrammaton hastily got the band booked in local clubs before embarking on several weeks of lower key scheduled support and headline dates. They continued to tour America until Christmas.

1969. 1970.

5 Responses to “1968”

  1. Gerd Hanke Says:

    I do have scans from most of what Simon has written over the years (at least those liner notes he wrote for the CDs I do own – i.e. most of them), because his input is generally so extensive that it has to be printed in such small letters that human eyes cannot read – at least my can’t. I have even copied and magnified his book “Wait for the Ricochet” to make reading an enjoyable effort…

  2. Konrad Stief Says:

    Ann or Simon: I have the 2009 Purple Records CD edition and noticed this weekend the liner notes are incomplete. Any chance to get a replacement booklet or a PDF of the notes?

    • simon robinson Says:

      Blimey, you’ve left it a long time to get a replacement Konrad! Afraid we have nothing left from those projects; I must have the art somewhere but not sure what format it would be in and whether my current machine can open it as as software has moved on…

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