Ian Gillan Band / Sheffield University. June 17. 1978

This image appeared on the Sheffield Music Archive website recently and they have let us reuse it. I very much recall the show, which was held in the main refectory where the Uni staged most of their bigger live acts in those days. The importance of this tour is that it actually marked the end of IGB, being the last tour with the Ray Fenwick line-up. There was no sign of any tensions during the show which was pretty spot on from what we remember and heavier. Previously I had seen IGB in the cavernous Manchester Apollo where they had struggled to make an impression (and Ian had struggled with a terrible cold), but here in a smaller venue with the audience up close to the stage it all made more sense. I cannot now remember the support (and didn’t stay for the disco!) but will probably be able to dig that info out eventually. Me and my brother both took photographs I do recall. The Union had previously been very restrictive, protecting ticket sales and making them available to students only, but around this time began to relax the rules.

The next time Ian Gillan played Sheffield, only he and Colin Towns remained from this era and they headlined the City Hall.

Note : this is the building where the first DPAS convention was held.

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