Sydney Entertainment Centre, Australia. Dec 12 / 13 / 14 1984
Deep Purple Sydney 1984

These three separate adverts are for the Sydney venue on the band’s first reunion tour.  It shows how they played it safe by announcing one show on December 13th, then when sales for that had gone well, adding a second show on the 14th, and finally ‘by demand’ a third show slotted in on the 12th.  They had to go that way as the venue was already booked on the 15th (for a Glenn Miller Tribute band!) and Jethro Tull were booked on the 10th.
Ticket price for the shows was $20 Australian. Support band were The Choirboys.
The Sydney Entertainment centre was actually quite a new venue, having opened in 1983 (using enough steel in the roof “to make 700 Holderns” according to their advance leaflet for the Purple shows!). One of the Sydney shows is now released as a DVD or 2CD set (reviews).

There were also some outdoor pre-tour posters produced, to gee up public interest ahead of the actual dates being finalised.

Deep Purple Sydney 1984

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