5 Responses to “CONTACT DETAILS”

  1. Victor Luchits Says:

    Hi Simon!

    Sorry for posting this here but would you mind taking a look at that small peculiarity that I’ve recently uncovered and posted on fb?


  2. Daz Bramley Says:

    The vinyl box of MIJ just has a paperback version of the hardback book featured in cd box set. No tour program or family tree. Three gatefold sleeves, which are great, 3 vinyl set of each night. BackToBlack have done a fantastic job of the pressings themselves, the sound great.
    Daz Bramley

  3. Augusto Says:

    Purple Peril – Good name for an American cover band!

  4. Nigel R Taylor Says:

    Hi. I’ve trawled everywhere but I cannot find an answer to this. Does the 9 LP box version of Made In Japan have the memorabilia as listed on most sites? The tour programme in particular? I don’t think it does from the photos I’ve seen. I’d like the stuff and vinyl, but would have to get the Cd box for that. I already have a blu-ray version.

    • simon robinson Says:

      We never got to see inside the various editions Nigel, and this mass of material was so poorly handled and confused I couldn’t give you a definitive answer. Anyone out there with the vinyl set help?

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