We Want Deep Purple stickerDarker Than Blue began a mail-order operation back in the late 1970s, serving readers and fanzine subscribers in a small way with back-issues, books, posters and other material. This grew with new material added and by the time the EMI Burn reissue CD came out we shipped almost a quarter of all copies sold in the UK from our tiny office.  Amazon targeted us and other online dealers and effectively closed us down some years later (by pre-ordering all stocks of new titles meaning we could not ship in release date, then returning that stock to the label a month later).

We ran a small collectors shop online since but are now revamping this to bring it more back in house, so we can try and put up for sale literally thousands of items still in store.  This includes new and used rare vinyl, CDs, printed memorabilia, posters, tapes, tickets, and lots more. Most of the items in the store are one-offs. Other recent issues include brexit and huge and regular postal increases so we will be operating more of a bespoke service in order to give collectors the best deal on shipping.

This will take us some time to organise; so while we’re off line do drop us an email if there is anything you are looking for.

The heart shape? This was a sticker sold in newsagents back around 1972, alongside a lot of then trendy bands like T.Rex and Slade! From the DTB Archives.

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