Bolin Exhibition

The Sioux City Public Museum has been hosting the Great Gypsy Soul exhibit of items relating to the career of Tommy Bolin. It opened on June 13th and closed in early October. “Some items yet to be determined from the Bolin Estate will kept on permanent display and the larger display currently at the Museum may be  re-constructed in the future as it ties in with future projects,” according to Steven Hansen, board member for the Sioux City Museum. “Our fiscal attendance ending July 1st finished very strong at about 64,000, that’s up from 23,000 at our former facility. We know that the Great Gypsy Soul Exhibit had a lot to do with that. People are telling us they’ve come a long way just to see this.”

Johnnie Bolin in the exhibition 2012

Among the dozens of items on display were Tommy’s 1940’s Rickenbacher Lap Steel guitar, many outfits Tommy wore and performed in throughout his career. The red velvet suit made by his girlfriend Karen Uliberri, a framed handmade shirt made by Praire Prince and  Mike Cotten (The Tubes) for Tommy. An Australian Gold Record Award for Come Taste The Band record sales, and RIAA Gold Record Award for Private Eyes. Two commemorative Dean Guitars mage in tribute to the late guitarist as well as various magazine covers and many other items were frames and displayed.
Thanks to Trace Keane for the comments and photograph, which shows Johnnie Bolin at the exhibition. See what goodies you can spot.

2 Responses to “Bolin Exhibition”

  1. steve fusco Says:

    Bolin was awesome!!! Saw him w/purple & solo at Bottom Line in NYC. Always think what could have been with all his talent. Steve.

    • Paul Anderson Says:

      I found him via Purple then started on his other work. A sad loss and a true talent. I think he could have made a great impact with Purple if he hadn’t had his demons, judging by his earlier work.

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