Guitar Player Brazil

Brazil mag screenshot

One of my photographs taken in Liverpool 1976 has appeared in a recent edition (Feb 2013) of the Brazilian version of Guitar Player magazine, heading a two page run through his major albums and sessions. If I’d known they weren’t going to retouch the scratch across the negative I would have done it myself before sending it over! Henrique kindly sent me this PDF of the opening page.

2 Responses to “Guitar Player Brazil”

  1. timinox Says:

    That’s such a great shot Simon – did you home process or use a lab? Presumably it was Tri-X film? I imagine this was taken during ‘Burn’ – (as Tommy’s still got his hat on!)

    • simon robinson Says:

      Tri-X of course (not sure I ever used anything else for concerts)! I certainly developed the film myself, but probably at college rather than home as they had proper drying cabinets.

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