Tour 2014

Deep Purple / Oslo Spektrum / February 4th

Après Vous / Into The Fire / Hard Lovin’ Man / Strange Kind Of Woman / Vincent Price / Contact Lost  Guitarsolo Steve Morse / Uncommon Man / The Well-Dressed Guitar / The Mule with drumsolo / Above and Beyond (dedicated to Jon Lord) / Lazy / Hell To Pay /  Keyboardsolo / Perfect Strangers / Space Truckin’ / Smoke On The Water. Encores: Hush / Bassolo  / Black Night

Deep Purple Oslo 2014

Deep Purple Oslo Feb 2014. Photo Morten Larsen

The set lasted for 90 mins before the encores. Nearly 2 hours in total. It was a stunning concert. The four first numbers were performed in one section. No break or pause. Breathtaking. Sound and light were perfect from our seats mid stage at row 6 (only seating, no standing. Approx. 6500 people). Highlights for me (many); Into the fire, Hard lovin’ man, Vincent Price, Lazy, The mule, Perfect str., Hell to pay, Hush. What a rhythm section with Paice and Glover. Solid as a rock. Lots of fun from Don and Steve. They all seemed to have fun.  And Ian Gillan? The weakest part of the band in my opinion. He spent nearly half of the concert in the “tent” behind the drum kit. Walking in and out of the stage all the time. To me, his voice was better than expected. Maybe the reason for that is this was concert no. three and still early on the ongoing tour? It was an enjoyable night and worth all the money. Nearly 700 NOK for the ticket and 300 NOK for the t-shirt. Total 98 GBP!!  Morten Larsen

Morten has also sent some links to read more (shouldn’t be a problem for all us Scandinavian TV noir followers!). Newspaper reviews here:

Quite positive. 4 out of 6 points. This is not expected as the Norwegian newspaper turns their thumbs down most of the times when it comes to Deep Purple. On the way from Oslo to Bergen on quite scary winter roads over the mountains of Norway one of Purple’s trucks got stuck in the snow and needed help:

7 Responses to “Tour 2014”

  1. barry mitchell Says:

    Saw band in Manchester and I think they missed a good opportunity. Speed king has had a good rest and used to open shows in 69/70 – they should open with SK – Demons Eye [what a cheer that got back in 2003!] – Hard Loving Man [am I the only one who prefers original lyrics!] then go to Apres Vous – dropping SKOW if needed. Also – drdp you would not be alone if a 90% Morse era material tour was announced, remember the Purpendicular tour?

  2. Drdp Says:

    Don’t feel so bad. When & IF they get to the US we will be lucky to get 2 songs from ” ?! ” plus the addition of all the same old classics. I would not mind seeing a show with 90% Morse era songs. (SOTW/HWY/LAZY/Perfect Strangers & HUSH ’nuff for me)
    I’d probably be alone in the theater but it’s just my want.

  3. Rodrigo Says:

    Please end with other songs. This finale (is) already (very) tired.

  4. Dan Macaulay Says:

    Didn’t play Highway Star? That would have been disappointing for me; rest of the song set is great….just saying..

  5. Jerry Says:

    Is Bassolo a Latin number?!

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