2016 Tour dates


Japan Tour 2016
9 • Saporo Nitori Bunka Hall
10 • Hakodate Shimin Kaikan / Citizen Hall
12 • Sendai Sun plaza Hall
13 • Koriyama Shimin Bunka Cultural Center
15 • Tokyo Budokan
16 • Osaka Festival Hall
18 • Nagoya NGK Spark Plug Forest Hall

22 • Rockstar Festival, Rishon LeZion, Israel


2 • Olympijsky, Moscow (Russia)
4 • Ledovy Dvorets, St. Petersburg (Russia)
6 • Rostov on Don/Russian Federation, Palace of Sports
8 • Krasnodar/Russian Federation, Palace of Sports Baskethall
10 • Kaisaniemen Puisto Helsinki (Finland)
11 • Raaiti Stadion Oulu (Finland)
both Finnish shows supported by Uriah Heep

the following three shows were cancelled when Ian Paice was taken ill and two were rescheduled:

14 • Gröna Lund Amusement Park Stockholm (Sweden) – played July 2nd
15 • Liseberg Amusement Park, Göteborg (Sweden) – played July 1st
17 • Fængslet Horsens (Denmark) – played ?


8 • Clam Rock, Klam (Austria)
9 • Lovely Days Festival. Schlosspark Esterhazy, Eisenstad (Austria)
12 • Arena del Mare, Genova (Italy)
13 • Parco Campo Marte, Brescia (Italy)
15 • Parco della Pace, Servigliano, Fermo (Italy)
16 • Montreux Jazz Festival Montreux (Switzerland)
19 • Tollwood Sommerfestival, München (Germany)
20 • Domplatz, Fulda (Germany)
22 • Freilichtbühne Großer Garten Junge Garde, Dresden (Germania)
23 • KönigPalast, Krefeld (Germania)
26 • Festiwal Legend Rocka – Dolina Charlotty Słupsk (Poland)
29 • Suikerrock Festival Tienen (Belgium)
30 • Loreley Freilichtbühne, Sankt Goarshausen (Germany)
31 • Am Burggraben, Mosbach (Germany)

Ian Gillan
4 • Bulgaria
7 • Hungary
11 • Kiev, Ukraine. “Ian Gillan Sings Deep Purple” with Don Airey Band.

Thanks to Richard Borg, Bengt Johnasson, Lutz Reinhert, Svante Axbacke, Masaki Tanaka and everyone at http://www.deep-purple.it/ for their help collecting these.

6 Responses to “2016 Tour dates”

  1. lutz.reinert Says:

    Simon, 2 more russian dates have been added.

  2. vince chong Says:

    Is Clam Rock a typo ? Klam must have seen some Glam and hopefully not Spam rock.

    • Lutz Reinert Says:

      Hi Vince,
      no, “Clam” isn’t a typo. The location in Austria is the castle “Burg Clam”, near the town Klam. The festival is named “Clam Rock”.

      Greets, Lutz

      • vince chong Says:

        Thank you Lutz . And it sounds like an interesting place to hold a rock festival !

  3. cam Says:

    Any more us tours?

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