Russia 2012

Deep Purple have begun their post-album recording series of dates over in Russia.  They have decided against airing new material – the band have spoken of the problem of material being distrbuted over the web before – so it’s a mix and match collection of mostly golden oldies with a four track nod to the reunion (and flipping Well Dressed Guitar – again!).
Rehearsals were held in Ekaterinburg in Russia (so expect a 5CD boot any day!) and there are some great atmospheric pics on the web (links at bottom of page).

The set-list is below the photograph (so don’t go any further if you don’t like spoilers!):
deep purple rehearsing in russia Oct 2012

Fireball / Into the Fire / Hard Lovin’ Man / Maybe I’m a Leo / Strange Kind of Woman/ The Battle Rages On / Contact Lost / Guitar Solo / Wasted Sunsets / The Well-Dressed Guitar / The Mule (with Drum Solo) / Lazy / No One Came / Keyboard Solo / Perfect Strangers / Space Truckin’ / Smoke on the Water / Highway Star / Hush / Bass Solo / Black Night.

Thanks to Tim Summers.

24 Responses to “Russia 2012”

  1. Christophe Colussa Says:

    Hello here is the link to BFM TV from french show in Paris

  2. Christophe Colussa Says:

    here is the links for french video today interview + live in daily news france 2 noon at

  3. Christophe Colussa Says:

    Hello I’m back from Rockhal – Luxembourg and Zenith – Paris. Very Good shows but Highway Star was dropped. In Luxembourg only Roger was staying behind after with the audience.

  4. Grannypants Says:

    I’d really like to see a different set selection as well. There is such a large collection to choose from. I’d like to see some more variety of tracks off In Rock like Flight Of The Rat, Living Wreck, from Fireball No No No and Fools, and from Who Do We,,, Rat Bat Blue, and Place In Line.

    But still looking forward to seeing them again.

  5. Roy Davies Says:

    I don’t see the problem with previewing a brand new song from the album , just so those hardcore fans still left can get a taster. Bonamassa offers free downloads of forthcoming album tracks in the past as its not hurt his sales.
    How cool would it have been at the time if DP had offered up (say) “Things I Never Said” that failed to make the initial versions of “Rapture” anywhay….. ?

  6. max Says:

    I think it`s a shame that there`s not one regular song from the Morse-era played! And while The Well Dressed Guitar maybe a great track I guess I`m not the only one who could do with another one of Steve`s many songs instead of this one that`s on the setlist for more than 10 years in a row now…

  7. Jim Collins Says:

    I’ve been a fan for 42 years and have stuck by the band through thick and thin. Line-up changes, break ups, splinter groups, reunions, cancelled tours, solo albums, wars of words, mediocre albums and more. However, this setlist… seriously? Five post 1984 songs? Eight studio albums and all they can come up with is three vocal tracks and two instrumentals?

  8. Lee Worrall Says:

    Interesting pics.

  9. Matt Love Says:

    Fantastic photographs there… I love watching a band at work…

  10. Christophe Colussa Says:

    “I’m So Glad…” because I’m waiting from Christmas last year with my french gift ticket for Paris 2012. And now, I just learn my best friend offer me ticket for Luxembourg!
    “I’m glad, glad, glad…”
    Jon think ’bout you forever

  11. Dick Pimple Says:

    No Mk. Morse tracks then. Unless you count Contact Lost (I don’t). The first half of the set doesn’t look tooooo bad but do we need yet another tour with PS, ST, Smoke, HS, Hush & BN? I think not…

  12. Lajos Kemenj Says:

    Lovely band, with a lovely set… but isn´t it about time for new material?

  13. Karl-Heinz Says:

    Unfortunately they switched “Wasted Sunsets” to “Sometimes I Feel Like Screaming” at the St. Petersburg gig. “Wasted Sunsets” was really the biggest surprise for me and “Sometimes” is so boring and technical.
    I know, that a lot of people like “Sometimes I Feel Like Screaming”, but for me it is not a real song (a lot of technical guitar fiddling, hip-hop-alike-vocals).
    Why don’t they choose other rarely played Morse-era songs (from “Bananas” or “Rapture Of the Deep”)? Or “The Aviator” instead of “Contact Lost”. There are so much great songs on the last albums, which were not played live.
    But for the rest a very, very good setlist.
    I also would like to hear songs from the forthcoming album. I don’t really understand why musicans/management see You Tube previews of songs as an enemy instead of a big chance…

  14. Robert B Says:

    Great pics, thanks. Set list looks good. The opening three are dynamite. Need to drop a few oldies for Morse era. Out with Maybe, The Battle and in with dozens of the great tunes since ’96…

  15. Chris Says:

    Oh my gosh, they still continue doing the same stuff over and over again! Can’t imagine how to get motivated to play this boring setlist after being in the studio writing and recording new stuff. Why did they rehearse? They played these tracks the last zillion years live…

  16. Eirik Solum Says:

    A four track nod to the reunion? Perfect Strangers and Wasted Sunsets…?

  17. James Gemmell Says:

    There is an interview Dave Jaconette and I (James Gemmell) conducted with Ian Gillan on WJRW in Grand Rapids, Michigan on 10-26-2012 here:

  18. Twanky Says:

    Two instrumentals from the Morse era only. Surely they could play a few more recent songs. Disappointed again.

  19. Heimdall Says:

    Those darn interwebs! Just imagine if the fans could watch new material being played on the youtoobs, they would never buy the album! Much better to play The Well Dressed Guitar instead and show those pesky fans who’s in charge.

    • simon robinson Says:

      Indeed! I understand the fear but I can’t believe there are many people who would ‘favourite’ a new track on a video site but then not also buy the proper studio version. Much better to make it work for you. Maybe they could do a new song and IG could hold up an ‘adult themed’ comment board midway so it would get filtered out pretty damn quick!

  20. Finn Says:

    The same again. How on earth can it be so difficult so find other oldies in the mix.. Other bands can do that, but not Purple. I’m crying.

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