In Rock LP En Couler 1978

In Rock 1978 colour france orig.jpg

The record labels may be strangling the fun out of colour vinyl by issuing way to many lately, but it wasn’t always so.  This French reissue in 1978 was very sought after, one of a batch of albums put out there through Pathe  Marconi / EMI.  And most collectors will be familiar with the cover, and the big sticker on, in the image above.  But then these two turn up.

In Rock colour vinyl France 1978 promo.jpg

The first has a large diecut circle, so you can see the coloured disc properly.  It ruins the cover of course, but was apparently done just for copies sent out as promos to magazine reviewers (although the sleeve and record are otherwise just the same).

In Rock colour vinyl sticker france.jpg

The second variant really sorts the men from the boys. It seems the same but look again, and the sticker is different, with an extra line of text around it pointing out that the pressing quality was just as good as a regular black vinyl edition. Maybe some shops were sensing some worries from potential customers? Anyhow, I know at least one collector who has had to have both…

Any of these versions are now fetching up to £50 at online auction.

Information by Simon Robinson. Pictures DTB archive and Pericle Formenti.

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