December 9, 2016

This is the official tour flyer art, and may hint at what’s to come for the album cover. A show in Holland has been added to the gig list.

Deep Purple infinite tour flyer

Boxing clever

December 9, 2016

Rainbow Live 2016 Japanese edition

Gotcha.  Just shelled out for the European Rainbow 2016 live set?  Then you’ll be really chuffed to discover (if you haven’t done so already, it kind of got sidelined in all the flurry about Purple’s last tour) that the Japanese edition has a whole extra concert, namely the audio of the Birmingham show on CD.  Why not just sign over your income stream to the bootleggers and have done with it?  Because if you don’t put the NEC gig out here sharpish, then they will have a field day.  The daft thing is everyone falls over themselves to add extras to the Japanese editions, but it really isn’t that big a market at all and you’d recoup your costs much better just doing the right thing by the European fans who actually went to the shows.
You also get various goodies, flimsy t-shirt, an equally flimsy book of pics, plus extra tracks from the 2 German shows on vinyl along with the other three discs, etc.; still do like that cover though!
Oh well. Importers are knocking it out around $450 a pop, goodness knows what that translates as in this increasingly idiotic rush to slit our own throats the government seems hell bent on…

Thanks to Tonny Steenhagen for the heads up.

Single again

December 6, 2016

Deep Purple will issue a first single from the InFinite album on January 20th 2017.  No title or format details just yet.  The shows supporting the album will be called “The Long Goodbye Tour” following news that they are calling it a day (see story below). Thanks to Tim Summers who spotted the flyer.
Interestingly Edel have confirmed sales of over 500,000 copies of their last album, Now What, which these days is not bad for an old school band!

The band will headline festivals in France and Spain during July, dates on the tour page.

Deep Purple vs Rainbow

December 6, 2016

Rainbow have jumped in with four UK shows in June 2017, and put their tickets on sale the day before Deep Purple do!  I guess they figure the spare cash will only go so far… anyway, the shows are listed on our quickly expanding gig diary page; Glasgow, London, Birmingham and Manchester. Actually ticket access is open from tomorrow (Wednesday) morning to Planet Rock listeners. UPDATE – They are saying these are the only European shows this year.

Deep Purple meanwhile have put out another Infinite album teaser, several more bars of pulsing rhythm and and organ bashing. What’s not to like?  And is that an approximation of the MIJ typeface they’re using for the graphics?  And more EU dates added to the gig list…

Europe dates

December 5, 2016

Deep Purple 2017 dates across Europe are starting to appear; we have added nine arena or similar large venue shows in France, Germany and Poland to the 2017 gig list, and the Spanish festival date is also now confirmed. UK dates are also up there if you missed them last week. Our thanks to Lutz Reinert for his help on these.  Let us know if you find any more. Who else recalls the days when the management would send out a press release with all the details, seems kind of quaint now!

UK farewell dates

December 2, 2016

Deep Purple have announced UK shows in November 2017 as part of their Long Farewell Tour (see news below), and tickets will go on sale a week today online.  Thanks to GCHQ (or Tim Summers as we know him.)

17th • Birmingham Arena
18th • Manchester Arena
20th • Cardiff Arena
22nd • Glasgow SSE Hydro
23rd • London 02 Arena

Europe are support (a somewhat topical band name!) The flyer is a rather sad lurid approximation of Sixties retro pattern art and typefaces…  does nobody employ designers any more?

Deep Purple Long Farewell tour flyer 2017

Frock folk fest

December 2, 2016

Roger Glover turned up on bass with a local Swiss folk band a couple of weeks ago, and was snapped for the local paper.

Roger Glover folk band



November 30, 2016

It is now confirmed that Deep Purple’s Infinite world tour will be their last. “The Long Goodbye Tour” is how it is being billed.
Eagle eyed fans noticed that flyers for one of the French festivals in June 2017 had the words “Final Tour” underneath Deep Purple’s logo when it was first posted, but that they disappeared from a second flyer.  We decided not to mention it here as there must have been a reason for this. However since then, Spanish site Metal Circus has reported that they contacted the band’s management direct and were told this was indeed the band’s last world tour.  We learned a few weeks back that Ian Gillan envisaged this would be a two year trek on the back of the new album, so it looks like they have planned to plan for the end. On the up side, this might not preclude them getting it together once in a while to not tour, but just play a few specials.
Inevitably with the reflective album title as well, it all makes a lot of practical sense, especially given Ian Paice’s health scare earlier this year. Even so, seeing those words on the flyer inevitably brought a lump to the throat here at DTB towers this morning, a feeling we’ve not had since Jon Lord set out on his farewell tour with the band.
Still, announcing the news does mean that fans can also plan, and dates for the tour are just beginning to emerge and include a number of festivals next summer. We will start to post them on our 2017 Diary page.

This post was updated on Dec 1st once the tour title was known.


Infinity teaser

November 28, 2016

The Oxford English Dictionary team may well have to redefine the word ‘teaser’ in their next edition, once they’ve checked the first trailer for Deep Purple’s new studio album. From it we learn the new LP is called Infinite.  But beyond 5 seconds of blurry film of Roger’s ear (possibly a pun on the label name?) and one chord, that’s about your lot!  Needless to say the internet has been able to decide what the rest of the sixty minutes will be like from this…  Anywho, if you ain’t heard / seen it yet, hurry on over to v=eFDdnUiN_uY

Glenn reschedules

November 28, 2016

Glenn Hughes has wasted little time in putting a new British headlining tour together through January into February 2017.  Dates are on our 2017 concert list page.