Particle matter

August 6, 2020

At least lock down economics will have saved Edel a good few bob on advertising rates, and it does look quite good as a full pager. 8 different options to get the album are shown… (and more to follow we reckon). Not sure why but this does remind me of some of those vintage adverts from Billboard and the like. You kind of want to hear Jon Lord doing his 2001 theme music set opening.

I was curious as to how the particle effect was generated, as it does turn up a lot in films and pics at the moment. So if any of you want to turn your self/ies into a DP sleeve here is a detailed Photoshop tutorial! SR


August 5, 2020

Another mag cover for Deep Purple, this is going to go down as a bumper time for front pages. This time it is Rock Candy issue 21 leaning back on a great if now fairly well known vintage Mk 2 group shot for an exclusive chat with IG and IP. Thanks to John Tucker for the info.

Fake news!

August 5, 2020

One agency didn’t get their details quite right the other day when trying to resell tickets for next year’s tour! They probably got deluged with emails as a corrective follow up was sent out a few hours later.

I’m on the bus

August 4, 2020

Tonny Steenhagen’s daughter has been well trained, and snapped this for him while in London!

It’s only been 51 years since they last did this in the UK. Well London.

Album of the week

August 3, 2020

BBC Radio 2 have made the record Album of The Week for this week, though quite what this confers on it I’m not sure. We’re Radio 6 people at DTB towers. But might be worth checking the schedules on the BBC Sounds App (if it will work on your phone, mine is too old) to see if any special items or interviews planned. Thanks to Tim Summers for the info.

Whoosh landing…

July 31, 2020

Just started to arrive for those who pre-ordered the German edition! Thanks to SF in Poland for the unboxing snap…

UPDATE : that’s arriving in record shops for release day. Sorry for confusion!

Nipper edition

July 28, 2020

Just when you thought you had got it all sorted, along comes another limited Whoosh, this time courtesy HMV Records (or hmv as they now seem to be styling themselves). There is a CD / DVD book box with three more tracks from Rio 2017 added at the back end of the new studio album (not a separate disc). They are also doing their own limited vinyl version in purple wax. This may be the same as the German purple edition content wise; the reliably terrible hmv website isn’t clear. I guess most people will already have pre-ordered one of the earlier editions by now, but they reckon the vinyl will be 1000 only. Edel have also decided to do an in-store cut-out “standee” figure of the astronaut as part of the display material. At least one of these seems to have mysteriously walked out of a shop already judging by the pic on the web.
But perhaps more importantly some of the early reviews are filtering through. These are all very positive.

Thanks to Mart-In-Ashberry, Tim Summers, Mark Maddock.

In town tonight

July 20, 2020

Deep Purple play one of their first Mk 2 concerts as the famous Mothers Club in Birmingham back in 1969. Tickets just Ten Shillings (or fifty pence in new money). Plus brilliant support band in the shape of Caravan. Read more about this venue and Deep Purple’s shows there on our concert diary page.

The future’s bright…

July 16, 2020

From “udisscovermusic” comes one you’ve been waiting for, an orange vinyl pressing of Burn due out in July.  I loved coloured vinyl back in the 70s but these endless reissues are failing to float anything round here.  Still, it you’ve got £23 plus shipping (I was going to say burning a hole in your pocket) it’s on sale now. They’ve also got a number of those purple vinyl limited editions of titles from a while back.  Thanks to Tim Summers.


Classic Rock 9 / 10

July 16, 2020

Classic Rock Deep Purple cover.jpg

With the new album almost upon us, Classic Rock magazine have gone to town on Deep Purple again, with their brand new issue (UPDATE cover snap courtesy Geoff Baddock, street date July 21st) featuring interviews with the whole band and producer Bob Ezrin (12 pages according to “couldn’t-be-bothered-to-cancel-our-subscriptioner” Tim Summers). There is also a cover mount CD with Throw My Bones off the album, plus a couple of live tracks from Rio in 2017 (Birds Of Prey and Strange Kind of Woman, probably off the deluxe box set so only “exclusive” for a few weeks!)). They also pick apart the album and conclude that it is “superb” and worth 9 out of 10.  So that sort of gets you wanting to hear it properly.  I couldn’t find the mag cover on the web (or indeed the Classic Rock site) yet but my thanks to Tom Dixon for the information.  Maybe it’s time the band did a deal with Ray-Ban?!