February 28, 2020

Batman Whoosh.jpg

As we’ve reported on the Facebook page, but forgot to add here, the new Deep Purple album is simply called ‘Whoosh!’.  This was hinted at in a Christmas message sent out by Edel (below), and has been confirmed in the German magazine Rocks.  There is also a teaser trailer on the web where you can hear them repeating the word in a spoken passage from one of the tracks.

Sadly they’ve not used the great Norman Saunders to do the cover illustration (see the 1966 gum card above, he collects this sort of stuff!) but instead gone for a sort of Never Say Die (Black Sabbath) meet Avengers Age Of Ultron image (spoiler – in which half the population drift away as dust), plus a logo which vaguely updates the 1968 original.

Deep Purple Whoosh.jpeg

The track titles are listed below and Rocks have heard some playbacks, which they suggest follow on fairly naturally from ‘Infinite’, which is promising (Simon reckons it was his most played album by the band last year via his favourites).

Throw My Bones
Drop The Weapon
We’re All The Same In The Dark
Nothing At All
No Need To Shout
Step By Step
What the What
The Long Way Round
The Power of the Moon
Remission Possible
Man Alive
And the Address (!)
Dancing In My Sleep

IG – “In a nutshell: Everything that is happening at the moment (today’s music. Deep Purple, you, me, humanity …) in our solar system is like a crumb that you wipe away – ‘Whoosh!'”

He is of course dead right. It’s out on June 12th 2020 in the usual array of formats:

White vinyl / glow in the dark vinyl (why?!) / black vinyl / CD / CD/DVD and vinyl box set.

There may be yet more colours. Thanks to Tim Summers, Martin Ashberry, Mark Maddock, Stephen Clare for bringing me up to speed.  We’ll add that strange Xmas card here out of season for people who like to collect these bits of ephemera.


Over The Dene

February 20, 2020


Those with long memories may recall the photographs in the original Whitesnake Biography of various sites in Saltburn-by-the-Sea where David Coverdale was born and grew up. Overdene Maternity Hospital in Saltburn is where David gave the world his first rock and roll screams.  It was closed as a hospital in 1980 (not without a certain amount of opposition locally) and finally sold off by the NHS three years later. The building was then split into two spacious private homes, with new flats built in parts of the grounds – but we didn’t realise that the place was renamed Coverdale House! According to the local paper the building’s other claim to fame is that it was designed by Alfred Waterhouse, the Victorian architect who designed London’s Natural History Museum. So two heritage plaques then?

David does like to saunter about whenever he is in the area with Whitesnake, and posted this rather nice shot of him taken outside the pub which his parents used to run, called The Red Lodge.

David Coverdale in Saltburn.jpg

In moderation

February 14, 2020

Simon has spent a few hours chugging through the zillion comments the posts here generated towards the end of last year and apologises to people who have languished in the comments box for too long. As he says “Not being too speedy in 2019, this is one task I rather neglected, so done my best to catch up a bit at last and get back on track!  I only use the moderation option because I like to correct a few spelling mistakes and keep things tidy, weed out the spammers, etc. 99% of stuff is fine and always great to hear what people think!”


February 10, 2020

Apparently a Purple track is to feature in the new series (Series 3) of Netflix housewives’ favourite ‘The Crown’ (you know, the one about the royal family – never actually seen it, but think Olivia Colman might be in it). Anyway, no writing royalties for our lads as according to a site which lists all the music in the current season (and makes numerous other balls ups of spelling etc.). I quote from the site: Hallalujah, Deep Purple – Prince Charles hears song thru the partitions of his university mattress room and tries to topple in on his neighbour, nonetheless finds himself unwelcome. The pupil is taking note of Deep Purple on his document player.”  Tim Summers.

Thanks Tim. Like him we’ve never seen it either, it’s bad enough having to watch the antics of the offspring in real life without paying extra for a biopic…!


Dear Mama, For one’s birthday one would like The Book Of Taliesyn long player, seeing as what I’m going to be Prince of Wales and all that. C.


February 4, 2020

Looks like Deep Purple will be filling in with shows across Europe after the British dates at the start of October. Ole Sandgaard Andersen has just spotted two new dates in Germany and Holland later that month. The show in Holland at the Ziggo Dome offers some particularly wallet straining options including a “business seat with diner” for just 355 Euros! “Would you like to translate this page?” asks my browser. Er, no thanks.  I can’t even find the price for the optional “platinum” ticket, I assume if you need to ask you cannot afford it!  But it does seem to come with a rather swish exclusive laminate access ticket as shown. All new dates are shown on our Deep Purple Diary page.


In Town Tonight

February 1, 2020

Rainbow 80-02-01 belgium.jpg

More details on our diary page.

Mexico way

January 27, 2020

Deep Purple have just been added to the line-up of Mexico’s ‘Hell and Heaven’ Festival on 14th March at the Parque Oceania, which makes this their earliest live show of the year, albeit so far a one off.  One assumes that as a result Don Airey and his band will not be playing in Slovakia that day as previously advertised!  Thanks to Tim Summers for the info and flyer art.

Hell And Heaven 2020 Deep Purple.jpg


January 27, 2020

Glenn Hughes Blues in Britain.jpg

Ahead of Rock Candy magazine (below), Glenn cropped up on another magazine cover just before Christmas, the altogether much better looking Blues In Britain. Blues you say? That’s exactly what I asked when author Nicholas John first approached me about doing the feature.  But he took a round about route, leaving aside the fairly well worn story of the bass player’s career in favour of an interview looking at Glenn’s relationship with blues music over the years.  And when you learn that Glenn had a school band called The Hooker Lees, you just know the blues had to figure. Anyway a nice feature all round.  So nice in fact, that Rock N Reel magazine have also run it in their January issue (albeit it dropping Glenn off the cover in favour of Peggy Seeger!).

Nicholas has also put the audio of the phone interview online at his YouTube channel, which you can listen to here:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3i-jNfPFqh8

Coming right up to date, Glenn and his new project with The Dead Daisies is on the cusp as they say, and Mark Maddock spotted that they have posted a number of nicely shot videos online with clips from the sessions, etc. which give a good idea of what it will all sound like.

‘Ere Ear

January 20, 2020

The earMusic publicity machine seems to be grinding into action and speculation is that a May release for the new Deep Purple studio album (will they be calling it “Y And Beyond”? I dare them) seems to be on the cards. Ear have apparently (well Tim Summers told me, I haven’t got the patience!) been pushing out annoyingly short clips of Roger talking to producer Bob (and revealing very little in the process), but the feeling is that some actual audio snippets will not be long in appearing.  Some who have been privy to listening in claim it’s the best Morse-era material yet.  I know we shouldn’t get too excited at our age but I’ll get our laptop speakers dusted down in case …!

Meanwhile while we’re waiting, if you have half an hour free, see if you can spot parts of the Smoke On The Water riff in Jon Holmes amazing new BBC Radio 4 dark ‘comedy’ The Twister.

deep purple at bbc

“Keep that lid closed guys, Carlos Ghosn slipped me a pony to put it on the next flight to Cuba…”

Candy Horizon

January 14, 2020

Glenn Hughes features on the cover of the latest issue of Rock Candy magazine in all his majestic monochrome glory. The cover suggests this is his “most revealing interview ever”, so ditch your copy of his autobiography now!  It’s not an easy magazine to find, but the newsagents over at Rochester Road in Sheffield had copies in when Simon popped in for some Old English flavour Spangles and a copy of Sounds just before Christmas.

Meanwhile Tom Dixon at his local newsagent (he doesn’t say which his favourote Spangles flavour was) has spotted an article in the 500th edition of Record Collector magazine, which discusses buying Purple albums on the strength of the covers. I don’t know which twerp would collect albums just for the sleeves (cue ironic laughter from the other sofa) but the author of the article rather spoils it all by twice calling the band “Midlanders”, and then “Brummies”…  Tom promises a written heckle on our behalf.

Glenn Hughes Rock Candy cover.jpg