Moro Buddy Bohn

Buddy Bohn playing guitarWe’ve been in touch with Buddy Bohn, who cut A Drop In The Ocean for the Purple Records label. This was his third album, and was performed with the London Philharmonic Orchestra. One of the compositions from A Drop in the Ocean, “Vermouth Rondo,” went on to become an international hit. The money he received on royalties from this album allowed him to build his home and recording studio in Bodega Bay, California. In 1975 Moro changed his professional name from Buddy Bohn to Moro, his middle name and he now releases albums on his own Budwick Music Company label.
He has now put together what looks to be a fascinating autobiography. Kin To The Wind will be published by Travelers’ Tales Books in Spring 2012.  It’s the story of his 1960s troubadour travels during which period he backpacked through 50 nations clear around the world without ever using money as a means of exchange, following in the tradition of 12th-century troubadours.  For more details on this and other Moro Buddy Bohn news, including his newly released album, The Granadina Collection, complete with full-track streams, visit
I have asked Buddy if he can give us details of how he got hooked up with the label for the site shortly. He sent us this great vintage photo of himself from the time.

UPDATE – Aug 2012

The vintage photo I sent is a shot of me performing at Paul Newman’s Factory in Hollywood where I played for several years. After that I went to London,
and opened for Bread at the Revolution Club.  The Rev’s management gave me a steady gig performing on a similar cushion.
Jerry Lordan dropped in one night and decided to become my producer.  He
made a demo with me and played it for his friend George Martin who sent him
to Tony Edwards at Purple Records. Jerry played the demo for Tony and his associate, John Colletta.  They immediately signed Jerry and me to make an album, and I had a home in London. For during our recording sessions and subsequent promotion period, Tony put me up at his vacated digs, the former home of composer Gustav Holst (The Planets), at 9 The Terrace, along the banks of the Thames in Barnes.Roger Glover, Dave Curtiss, some BBC Radio jocks, my friend Gloria Bristow, Jerry Lordan, Tony Edwards and Jon Lord all came over to visit. We enjoyed the best of times, and Jon’s friend Jimmie Horowitz conducted-arranged my Vermouth Rondo which became a radio hit both in France and the USA.
Peter Knight (Days Of Future Passed) artfully conducted-arranged some of the music too, including Curious Yellow.
The hit track is available on Purple People (order via DTBOnline Store).
This is the best detailed biography I have found on the web.

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