Deep Purple • Hard Road 5CD set July 2014

Deep Purple Hard Road Mk 1 box setThe upcoming Mk 1 box set is now scheduled for the third week of July (and can be pre-ordered at DTB Online shop). Content details have been released and show it to be something of a mixed bag as far as older collectors are concerned, as a lot of it replicates the three single album reissues from 2000 which EMI put out. Those CDs are now deleted (as indeed is EMI!) so at least this does get the stuff back on catalogue. But an initial trawl through the content suggests so much more could have been done here.
Basically it’s a 5CD set, each album in card replica cover, plus the booklet in a card CD size box. It is also well priced (particularly if you rack it up against the 5 disc MIJ set which was more than THREE TIMES as expensive).
However having 5 discs doesn’t mean quite the mass of goodies that you might at first expect, as they break down into the three studio albums in stereo plus Shades and Taliesyn in mono. These are the original mono mixes prepared in 1968. Shades did come out on mono vinyl (now very rare) but by the time Taliesyn was issued on Harvest, mono was very old hat so the mix was shelved. This is the first time those tapes have been issued on compact disc (Shades Mono was issued on vinyl for Record Store Day 2014 – check our new collectors shop if you haven’t got it). I’ve jotted down the bonus track details below.
And what of that lovely Mk 1 live Canadian show from 1969? Not a sniff.
The sales info is minimal to say the least, probably assuming that the intended target audience will have more of a clue than the press department! Mostly they like to credit Mk 1 as “laying the musical foundations for” Rainbow, Whitesnake and Gillan, which seems to be stretching it a tad, at least two of those bands never featured anybody from this line-up at the start.
And the sleeve? It looks like one of those tacky budget compilations you find at supermarkets. I trust everyone who moaned at the 2000 Mk 1 remix covers (a trick I notice Zeppelin have adopted for their recent remasters) are happy…

CD 1 – Shades Of Deep Purple (Mono Mix)
Bonus Tracks – Shadows (Album outtake), Love Help Me (Instrumental version), Help (Alternate take)
All these were on the 2000 CD

CD 2 – Shades Of Deep Purple (Stereo Mix)
Bonus Tracks – Alternative mixes
9. And The Address (2003 Remix), Hush (1968 Monitor Mix), I’m So Glad (2003 Remix), Hey Joe (2003 Remix).
These may be from that Early Years CD set EMI did [thanks Tonny]. The monitor mix is a corker if it’s the one I think it is, but again it’s off the Early Years set.

CD 3 – Book Of Taliesyn (Mono Mix)
No bonus tracks.

CD 4 – Book Of Taliesyn (Stereo Mix)
Bonus Tracks – Single Edits, Outtakes & Alternative mixes
Playground (Instrumental outtake), Kentucky Woman (2003 remix), Oh No No No (Studio outtake), Playground (Remixed instrumental outtake), River Deep, Mountain High (US Single Edit).
The single edit speaks for itself, Playground first appeared way back on the Blackmore Rock Profile, and is also featured here in the 2000 remix version. Oh No No No was again on the 2000 CD.

CD 5 – Deep Purple
Bonus Tracks – Singles & Alternative mixes
Emmaretta (2012 Stereo remix – previously unreleased), The Bird Has Flown (Early version, 2012 stereo remix – previously unreleased), Why Didn’t Rosemary? (Early instrumental take – Previously unreleased), Blind (2003 Remix), Lalena (Instrumental), April (Part 1) (Single B-side), Emmaretta* (Original single A-side), The Bird Has Flown* (Original US single B-side).
The three singles tracks again are what they are (* = mono). Another of the 2003 remixes, plus a couple of remixes from 2012. Theinstros of Rosemary and Lalena are again probably those off early Years.

In all 58 tracks of which none seem to be new outside the mono versions.

25 Responses to “Deep Purple • Hard Road 5CD set July 2014”

  1. Mike Herbage Says:

    Mono mixes are often worth a listen. Back in the day stereo was considered something of a gimmick by some bands, so they left the stereo mix to the boffins in white coats and concentrated on the mono themselves. ‘Piper at the gates of dawn’ being a prime example. The mono is far superior to the stereo as the Floyd basically buggered off down the pub while the studio techs worked on the stereo. Hence the mono mix being far superior with Syd Barrett’s echo freak out guitar in all it’s glory on the mono, all but lost on the stereo. Mono gives a much more raw sound too. Wish more acts now would take a leaf out of Dr Feelgood’s book.

    • simon robinson Says:

      Very true, though Pete Mew at EMI says the bands used to bugger off down the pub while he did the quad mixes in the mid 70s as well!

      • Lee Says:

        Talking of Peter Mew, does anybody know why on the EMI 2000 Remaster of Deep Purple that during the climax of Blackmore’s solo at the end of April (11.46) the track starts fading out whereas on the original Vinyl you get at least another 20 seconds extra of guitar/jamming before the track fades out? Somewhat of a travesty really, especially as I consider it one of Blackmore’s greatest solos! Also, does the new box set version of Deep Purple contain the same edit or do we get the full original Vinyl mix?

      • simon robinson Says:

        No, that’s one I’d missed. Obviously not been checked against the original. I’ve not got the 2014 Mk 1 box so cannot be sure (I was promised one but my comments about the tatty sleeve didn’t go down very well!)

  2. RM Says:

    Andy Pearce did a great job mastering these. The booklet has a new interview with Nick Simper and the original artwork for the US and UK releases are included. The only negatives are on the Shades of Deep Purple US stereo cd. They didn’t include the footsteps at the end of Hey Joe and they used the wrong picture for the cover. I guess they didn’t want to reprint the Tetragrammaton label.

  3. Scott W. Says:

    Will these Mono Mixes have any unheard bits music wise? (solos or alt vocals) or just be exactly as the well known Stereo versions we know and love?

    • simon robinson Says:

      As far as I know there are no ‘alternate’ parts on the mono mixes. The album masters would be prepared, and any alternate stuff would be left behind at that stage. But you may hear the tracks sounding slightly different depending on how the original mono mixes were done. Derek Lawrence was interviewed for the sleeve notes so may be able to shed more light on it, but when I spoke to him he couldn’t really recall doing the mono mixes so they may just be ‘fold-downs’ from the stereo two track.

  4. Philip Cohen Says:

    So the license for the Deep Purple (Overseas) Ltd. recordings goes to Universal Music in the UK & Europe and to Warner Bros. in North America, while the license for the HEC Enterprises recordings go to Warner Music in the UK & Europe, with no licensee in North America. I always thought that for all intents and purposes HEC & DP(O) Ltd. were one and the same, with both being owned by Deep Purple’s 1968-76 managers. In the post-EMI era, what an odd way to break up the licensing rights.

    • simon robinson Says:

      They had the same managers but over the eight years they were with EMI for distribution when DP(O) was set up to take over from HEC, this entailed new contracts being done. When the EMI split came, and the EU commission decided Universal could NOT buy EMI outright, chunks of the catalogue had to be sold off to others. Once that was sorted, it turned out that the Purple catalogue was signed in part to a chunk going to one new owner, the rest to another. I believe they are still in dispute about exactly where the split kicks in, with Machine Head the main area of contention!

  5. sergio Says:

    Any idea for a book about MK 1 story????

  6. CJA74 Says:

    I have never heard of the instro of Rosemary. I’m confused?

  7. Les Hedger Says:

    The 2000 releases were just fine and the booklets were very detailed. I think I’ll skip this one.

  8. Philip Cohen Says:

    If the new owners (and licensees) of the 1968-76 recordings think that, without Simon Robinson, they can do better things with the recordings, the results (so far) show that they are very mistaken. First, the highly compressed remix of the 3 “Made in Japan” concerts….and now this.
    I wasn’t expecting the compilers to find unreleased songs, though certainly they could have remixed many of the album tracks for superior sound, or given us Peter Mew’s surround sound remix of “April”.

  9. Mike Kearns Says:

    And what of that lovely Mk 1 live Canadian show from 1969?

    I’m a bit out of touch these days. When did this one turn up? Would be nice to get another MK 1 live show

  10. Says:

    I suppose I’ll fork out for the mono Taliesyn and three (gee, thanks!) unreleased tracks.

    But if you’re going to call the 5th disc “Singles” … where is Hush (Single Version), Kentucky Woman (mono & stereo edits), River Deep Mountain High (mono edit), Help (correct French Edit)??

    Sigh …

  11. Bazzabab Says:

    Definitely a mixed bag duplicating everything we already have BUT I do welcome the mono mixes of the first two albums since the stereo mixes with their heavy reverb bug me so will be interesting to hear them in mono. If “Emmaretta” and the original “Bird Has Flown” really are in stereo then I look forward to those. A pity there isn’t a proper remix of “Hush” given the fuss made over the original multitracks being found.

  12. Peder Says:

    The Mk 1 live Canadian show from 1969. Has it been found?

  13. Bernard Maasdijk Says:

    No, no, no, Simon, a genuine tacky budget compilation of Mark I stuff would of course have shown a picture of Mark IV on the sleeve.

  14. Alan Nimmo Says:

    Simon, any idea if these are new masterings, or are they the same ones done in 2000?

    • simon robinson Says:

      Unknown at this point Alan. I thought the 2000 versions sounded fine but maybe they have tweaked them some more.

  15. Scott W. Says:

    Although I will probably buy this, it appears there is nothing new here. I hope I am wrong. What is particularly frustrating is when ‘unreleased’ tracks are nothing more than the track as we know it, with the vocals removed! It appears that this is what we may be getting here. I wonder who is writing the sleeve notes and if the booklet will be as ‘good’ as the new MIJ box set release book…?

  16. Mark Woodhead Says:

    Were any of the 2003 remixes done for the “Early Years” compilation from 2004, but never actually made it onto the release?

    • simon robinson Says:

      Looking again at this I think they are all from that release except for the 2012 ones, which I am still trying to pin down.

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