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Time For Bedlam EP Feb 2017

Just been digesting the Time For Bedlam EP for a couple of days, and must say that it really works as a teaser for the forthcoming album. Having really enjoyed (most of) Now What?! I can hardly wait. ‘Time For Bedlam’ is good, with a great backing track. Not very immediate, but a grower. Deep Purple are a very insidious band, and bits of this track are constantly drilling away inside my head. Currently the instrumental mid-section. I am not complaining.
‘Paradise Bar’ is quite Purpendicular – with another of Ian Gillan’s speak / sung story-telling verses that he seems so keen on. Still, much better than Now What?!’s extra tracks. It does sound like whoever thought up the riff had just been listening to Genesis ‘Turn it on Again’.
‘Uncommon Man’. Very enjoyable to hear this backing track – I don’t see ‘instrumental’ as an accurate description. (I bet – ohhh – £1, that ‘Time for Bedlam’ eventually surfaces as an ‘instrumental’).
‘Hip Boots’ rehearsal. Almost heavy jazz-rock without the vocals. (Think Alphonse Mouzon ‘Snowblind’) Great to hear a bit of studio chat before and after. They admit it’s full of mistakes, but I can’t discern any, and it shows what wonderful musicians they all are.
Roll on the album, or at least roll on the next single: “All I Got Is You” in March… David Browne

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