Deep Purple La historia del Made In Japan (book)

deep purple made in japan libro portadaDeep Purple – Made In Japan Quarentena Ediciones (Barcelona). Pub September 2014

Interesting Spanish language book on the band’s seminal live album just printed. It’s by Carlos Fernández who edits the Spanish DP magazine, so should be OK, but as it’s all in Spanish I’d struggle to review it!  However the language is spoken so widely it ought to have a decent prtospective audience. 248 page paperback with photo section.

Anyhow, it is available direct from the publishers in Spain via their website:


Thanks to Carlos for the heads up. Funnily enough we have talked about doing an MIJ title in our new series, so will have to see if Carlos can help.  He tells me I get a few words in the book section on what the album means to people personally. So any criticism I may have voiced on this sort of thing being a waste of space in the last MIJ box set is of course now rescinded.

Talking of which I now have a copy of said box set.  When DTB did our ship out, a couple of copies had dents in the side, so I said I’d buy one of those to save shipping it back.  Sadly the returns were done before Ann realised. When she called to get me a replacement they’d all gone.  However just this week a copy has come back in the post from Brazil.  It got lost out there, the customer gave up and bought another copy, and we gave them a refund.  But six months later it has been returned to us.  So I’ve nabbed it.

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