Gillan – Double Trouble vinyl reissue

Gillan – Double Trouble
Special Vinyl Reissue VIN180LP055 December 2012

Gillan Double Trouble reissue vinyl hardback

The second of the two Gillan special reissues is now out and like the first, Future Shock, it is a really smart presentation, done like a hardback book. Unlike the first album, this being a double they have not been able to press at 45 (or it would have become a quad release). I tried a couple of tracks and they sound great. They have also expanded the packaging, so it now has sleeve notes, extra images, lyrics and a couple of photographs. It’s all been done in a very classy looking layout, very minimalist to these eyes (I tend to throw everything at a page myself) but the approach works. The original cover was always a bit naff, the girls look fine but the cheap way the denim trousers were slapped on always looked cheap, but that aside a great release.
As before the edition is limited to just 1,000 copies (Future Shock is well on the way to selling out). Check out the pack shot of Future Shock on the site here.

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