Hard Stuff • Bulletproof CD

Hard Stuff

SJPCD371 : 2011
Bolex Dementia
SJPCD376 : 2011


Hard Stuff Bolex Dementia US cover

US album revised sleeve

Hard Stuff’s two Purple Records albums are due out on CD for the first time in the UK. The release comes shortly after news of guitarist John du Cann’s death (reported on the site). The band were formed by Du Cann and Paul Hammond after falling out with Atomic Rooster front man Vincent Crane, and initially also featured vocalist Harry Shaw (who left early on). John Gustafson from Harvest Records band Quatermass was the bassist.
Signed to Purple records in 1971 they were originally known as Bullett but had to make a change to avoid problems in America where a group of that name already existed, though not before their first single came out as Bullett (it was the first on the new Purple Records label).
Their very first album “Bulletproof” was released in June 1972 and the group went out as support, including tours with Deep Purple. The album, which was straightahead hard rock, included the Ian Gillan-penned track Monster In Paradise, which he had written and recorded some time before (his version eventually came out on the Cher Kazoo CD).
The group struggled to break-through, but did finish a second album. However they had split by the time it finally came out in 1973. Du Cann and Hammond reformed Atomic Rooster and Gustafson joined Roxy Music. He would later work with Ian Gillan in the early IGB project.
The albums were issued on CD many years ago in Germany on Line Records and also in Japan in mini-card sleeves a few year back (both official) and been pirated a few times, but this is the first time they have been put out officially on CD in the UK. Both titles have been overseen by John Gustafson with bonus material but the CDs are not on the Purple Records label itself. The band’s early demos under the name Daemon have also been bootlegged.
Amazingly, looking at it today, the Bolex Dementia cover was rejected by the Americans, who commissioned a new sleeve altogether for the Mercury release there. This is shown here.
Thanks also to Stuart Hamilton.
John Du Cann’s Obituary.
Both titles can be ordered at DTBOnline Store.


10 Responses to “Hard Stuff • Bulletproof CD”

  1. Simon Sheppard Says:

    The Japanese re-issues had pretty good remastering, in fact I’d even say very good. The Line issues were done poorly and Red Fox were reputed to have been needle-drops and de-noised as far as I remember, although I didn’t hear them – their reputation meant I dismissed the idea.

    Which label are these on? if it’s Angel Air, my hopes are not good as their Carmen re-issues are appalling.

    • simon robinson Says:

      I’m afraid it is Angel Air.

      • Simon Sheppard Says:

        Simon, thanks – Oh Dear! Has anyone heard these? As I alluded to earlier, the Carmen re-issues on said label were pretty poor needle-drops that had pops and clicks and needle-wear hiss. They claimed “remastered” but clearly don’t understand what that means.

      • simon robinson Says:

        I know this label has a poor name in collecting circles, and it would not have been my choice for issuing them, but there you go. The problem is that to actually remix the albums would have been so expensive I doubt it would ever have been viable.

      • Simon Sheppard Says:

        There is something to be said for the idea that any release is better than none at all and for rare albums I would agree with that philosophy. However, this band has never had the quality release it deserves and whilst I agree that availability is better than rarity, it’s probably just another sub-standard version. I’ll shut up now – no use flogging the proverbial…

      • simon robinson Says:

        I’ll stick with the original vinyl I think! Simon

      • Simon Sheppard Says:

        I still have the vinyl as well – pity I dumped my last deck over 10 years ago. Cover looks good though! Don’t know if you ever noticed but it has pictures of Al Shore inside – the vocalist who had left by the time the album was released. He appeared as front man when I saw them, as Bullet, supporting Deep Purple at the Bournemouth Winter Gardens around 1970/1 – my first ever gig no less.

      • simon robinson Says:

        I think Bullet were supporting when we saw them the first time too which was October 1971. My first gig and close enough to my birthday to make no difference! But I really can’t recall anything about the support, so might have been trying to sneak off and get autographs while they were on. I wonder if that’s the show we collared Ritchie in the corridor, as we knew he always sneaked out for a peep at the support band?

  2. Jeff Says:

    will this be a remaster?

    • simon robinson Says:

      They are saying remastered, but I’ve no idea what the source is. Sadly I went through all the old HEC vaults and couldn’t find any production tapes. I tried Abbey Road and even the US just in case but nothing. My conclusion was that perhaps the tapes had been sent out to Germany in the 80s when Line did the reissues first, but never came back.

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