Deep Purple • Made In Japan 2014 editions

REVIEWS : as this is now shipping, I’ve opened a separate page for reviews and comments.

I recommend people with any questions to flick through the above reviews page and some of the follow up comments, which explain about issues with the changing of channels between some discs.  There are some slight edits between the songs compared to the 1997 3CD set though it’s a huge task to check for all these. The downloads are NOT available in North America, even though they are advertised on the box.  In Europe the download situation is complex but a couple of people have contributed very detailed explanations in the review comments. 

ANOTHER UPDATE – Universal are offering some buyers of the two high end editions a chance to win tickets for the Jon Lord memorial concert. I’ve no idea how this works as the show comes before the release, but there you go!  There are also options for buyers of the big box versions to download the full shows in HD or MP3 formats.

UPDATE (updated) – A Blu Ray release has been announced (thanks to Alan Nimmo). According to Universal this will be one show (Osaka 16th) remixed, plus the original album in hi res audio (the industry’s new mantra). There is NO mention of 5.1 on the sales info so it looks like this is mainly for people who use Blu Ray as part of their audio system (and who can benefit from the higher bit rate). There is some confusion about the remixes as Kevin Shirley has confirmed that he did do some remix work on the project, we do not know what yet.

Deep Purple on stage Japan 1972

Universal have finally “announced” (if sending a photo to Classic Rock and a couple of online retailers counts as an announcement) most of the details of their upcoming Made In Japan special edition, a project which was first mooted back in 2011 (when the idea was to have it released for the 40th anniversary in 2012), then scheduled for late last year. It now hits the shelves in May 2014 (the big 42nd anniversary), and let’s hope the shelves are very strong!
It’s a little hard to be too dispassionate about this as I did a fair bit of work on cover visuals and contents back in 2011, and was looking forward to being fully involved. Instead of which the package has largely been handled in house, and from first impressions looks like it, put together by people with no real understanding of the material or what people (and most importantly fans) wanted from it.
The very obvious issue is that with the sky as the limit, they have managed not to do what everybody has been asking for, which are straightforward 2CD editions of each gig – in the correct order – with all the between song chatter.  So yet again the encores are chucked onto a bonus disc. ” Well yeah, but it would have resulted in short CDs” comes the cry.  Which might have held some water were this edition not already twenty (21) discs (updated) in total.
Let’s try and make some sense of the five different editions first. I assume many of these will be limited but which and to how many hasn’t been announced. The smaller stripped down editions will become the new regular catalogue items (the old EMI CD pressings have gone, as has the later 3CD live set). The original 2013 plans showed a 5.1 mix but this is not listed as part of any edition now. Also dropped is a planned three disc 7″ vinyl box set of the Japanese singles, and a promo 7″ to promote the whole shebang.  So what was a 25 piece release (spread across the five editions) now becomes a 20 piece release.

4CD+DVD box set (full 1972 tour – 2013 remix) MIJUNI5
This comes in an LP size box. Inside is a book shaped pack which holds the discs, plus a reproduction copy of the Japanese single Smoke live / Smoke studio, the tour programme, reduced in size (at least they got the right one, originally they were looking at the 1973 offering), Pete Frame’s family tree (how many times have Universal stuck this out now?), etc. Discs 1, 2 and 3 have the regular sets on, Disc 4 has all the encores lumped together and out of context.  Disc 5 is the DVD with the 8mm clips and other stuff.   I think I originally referred to this as the Wheelbarrow Edition, as that’s what you’d need to get it home in! The box also entitles buyers to download the shows in HD audio format or MP3 audio files.

Made In Japan box 2014 reissue

9LP Vinyl box set (full 1972 tour – 2013 remix) MIJUNIVLP9
For the vinyl they HAVE put the shows back in proper order, so each show is spread over three discs with the correct encores.  LP size box with a book. Is this overkill? I don’t know. I love vinyl much more than the next man but done they way they have it seems a bit perfunctory. Three nice gatefolds with new sleeve pictures and you might have been talking.

Made In Japan vinyl box 2014 reissue

2CD Edition (2013 remix of album + all encores) MIJUNI2CD
This is the original 1972 album, but in remixed form, and with the encores, plus multi page booklet (the spread which they show looks awful, with heavy metal decoration and a picture which certainly isn’t from Japan, or indeed 1972).

Made In Japan 2014 2cd
All the remix work has been done by Martin Pullan who works at Edensound in Australia. His credits include Leo Sayer and The Nolans which has worried a few people (!), but he did do a good job on Live In Stockholm for the Sonic Zoom series some years ago.  I’m not sure what happened to the mooted Kevin Shirley remixes, if they were ever done (or just floated out there to raise my blood pressure!), but we can all breath a sigh of relief. All the new mixes were done in 2013.

Blue Ray Pure Audio (1972 album remix / 1972 album hi res audio)

This is an audio only disc for the hi-fi buffs who have the kit to access the higher sampling rate.
For people who want something more basic, there are two more editions which most closely replicate the original album release:

2LP Edition (1972 mix – remastered in 2013) MIJUNI2LP
Single CD Edition (1972 mix – remastered in 2013) MIJUNI1CD
The remasters will be different to those done for the EMI anniversary edition back in 1998 (which were pretty awful) but we do not yet know where they have been done.
Overall from a fans perspective it’s a bit of a mixed bag (or should that be remixed bag?).  Certainly from the visuals supplied there is a distinct lack of detailed fan input, and the printed extras lack sparkle.  The last critical element of course are the selling prices which have not been announced.
Quite why someone like Roger Glover has not been involved in this project isn’t clear.  Back when the 3CD live set was put together he was asked but the only mixing slots available clashed with tours, so he couldn’t be there (and it always was intended as a quick release for the fans, which they expected to be deleted after a year). Given this one has been in the planning for a few years now and has a much bigger budget you’d think a few days could have been clawed back somewhere from Roger’s schedule.
It is without doubt the largest single release edition for ANY Deep Purple project ever, but whether it’s a case of quantity over quality we’ll have to wait and see.  You can see visuals of all the editions on the DTB site here.
The editions have been added to the DTB Online store for pre-ordering.  Shipping is not going to be cheap but as always we will pack these very securely and include recorded delivery on the higher price items.

Original posting about the new editions from 2011, with links to other MIJ resources.

40 Responses to “Deep Purple • Made In Japan 2014 editions”

  1. Oldschool Says:

    Would have been nice to have done 2 CD sets for each show but no big deal with them putting the encores on the same disc for me as you can listen to the full shows on the main discs and then pop in the encore disc and go to the encores for that show. I preordered the CD box set but the price is a little steep when you consider the Humble Pie box set of the complete Fillmore shows can be had for less than 1/3 the price.

  2. barry mitchell Says:

    Can’t wait – bought a new turntable and speakers in honour of vinyl release,
    my prayers have been answered – all shows in correct order, and Mr. Shirley kept away from the mix – result!
    PS Simon – thought Paul Andres ‘crap’ comment on the original 1997 CD releases was a bit harsh – you got it out, with very little time or budget – with limitation yes – but you got it out – and gave us 17 years of dissecting why this version over that version, etc. etc.

  3. Edward Morgan Says:

    Well I’ve ordered the 4CD+DVD box and I’ve sold my 3 disc set and 2 disc remaster on ebay so roll on May!

  4. CLD Says:

    Just to clarity – although the encores are all together on one disc, the 4CD/DVD box does contain all 3 complete shows. Is that correct?

  5. Tito Says:

    Call me a sucker, but I’ll listen to this any way I can get it and 18 ways from Monday! Bring it on! At least it’s all there…maybe not in the right order, but remixed; remastered; complete… Done!

  6. Jerry Says:

    Lord and Blackmore are on the correct channels. Martin Pullan remixed all three concerts. Kevin Shirley only “remastered” the “21st anniversary black edition”.
    Whilst it may be a slight annoyance that the listener will have to change discs to hear the encore, I suspect many people will end up putting it all in sequence on their computer and transfer the gigs to MP3 anyway.
    At least the gigs will sound good, unlike the horrendous mixes done in ’93, with the drums over powering everything else. What Muppet though that was a good idea?

    • simon robinson Says:

      Kermit speaking, thanks for that Jerry! But wasn’t the “black” edition all wrong in the first place? Must admit I never played it but there were lots of complaints about that at the time too.

  7. Paul Andrews Says:

    I’ll buy the big one. Can’t be any worse than the mix on the three CD “Live In Japan” which was utter crap.

  8. Harry Heathman III Says:

    Another re-issue with no new material. Back in March 1973 I got Made In Japan on 8-track. Back in early 1990s I purchased the EMI’s three disc set, Live In Japan. Then it was the remastered edition of Made In Japan with a bonus disc of the three encore songs a few years later. So now in 2014 the new reissue of Made In Japan is out; no new music just rehashed. I don’t mind purchasing these special addition reissues but I do have a problem when they charge over $100 for no new music. I guess I still have a little bit of a bad taste in my mouth with Now What?! and all of the special editions that they’ve released to squeeze as much money from fans as they can. I’d like to see them release official “bootlegs” of their shows, a lot of bands do that and I would purchase every show. I’m sure a lot of fans would buy them.

  9. Scott W. Says:

    I thought that I read that while the main part of the shows has been remixed, the encores have not been…? Hopefully not. Also, is Ritchie on the right speaker for the entire show, in other words, are we sat in the “audience” or are we “On stage with the band”? Hopefully the individual instruments will not change position (L to R) depending on which disc is played! (We went through this before depending on the MIJ anniversary.)

    • simon robinson Says:

      It is a valid question Scott. I prefer to listen with Ritchie favoured by the right speaker, Jon on the left, as part of the audience, but I have no idea what the remixers went for.

  10. paolo Says:

    Nice news… for a vinyl junkie! As I am. But why not include the DVD in the 9LPs box set? That’s the only thing missing.

  11. purpledaniel Says:

    I understand that fans wanted the concerts in the proper running order, but you will have to consider that by doing that, the amount of cds would have been 6+DVD and that would have been much more expensive. On the other hand, retailers don´t like big boxes as they demand a lot of space in shelves.

    • simon robinson Says:

      The actual cost of adding two more discs would not have been very much as they overall cost of licensing the music etc. is the same however many discs you use. £2 max?

  12. henrik h Says:

    – It’s inconceivable why they don’t offer the concerts as digital download per se. That way the debate about ” fitting in on two discs” would be redundant.

    • simon robinson Says:

      I must admit I’ve no idea what the download plans are, but yes a full uninterrupted show would be possible that way.

  13. Neil Cutler Says:

    Many of us have the original vinyl version, and the CD, and the anniversary CD, and the 3 concerts CD. Musically, there isn’t going to be much new on offer…
    That the concerts in correct running order and with encores can only be found on the vinyl editions is, quite frankly, a gimmick and a joke.
    This money spinning venture could only have been justified by putting out 3 2CDs of the concerts in correct order and with correct encores, something with the 8mm clips on and one of Simon’s fab booklets (more book than booklet) with the correct story and correct images.
    Made in Japan is a true great, and its a shame that fans are being milked in this way.

    • simon robinson Says:

      Don’t worry Neil, we’ve a few MIJ specials lined up for here. In fact someone has suggested maybe a book would be worth doing…

      • Ricardo Says:

        ….with a blacker – or maybe a little bigger – font type. Great job on In Rock book. Thanks

  14. Mike Says:

    Why is it too much to ask for three nights as performed – whilst I would have been happy to attend all three gigs then turn up on next day to watch the encores, it didn’t happen like that! FFS

  15. Alan Nimmo Says:

    The Blu-ray does NOT appear to have a surround mix – only stereo.

    • simon robinson Says:

      Oh for goodness sake! We did try speaking to Universal yesterday, but all we could get were the correct catalogue numbers…

  16. Philip Birtwistle Says:

    Okay, what’s missing is a straightforward way of buying the shows. If the 6 disc set is too much trouble, then give us the 4 CD set without the paraphenalia.


  17. Steve Richards Says:

    Four days ago Kevin Shirkey tweeted about this release and said it included a show mixed by him, hopefully then this was an error on his part and his mix is not included. One thing though if the shows are remixed and the encores aren’t if you make a playlist up and add the encores to its correct date won’t there be a marked difference in sound ?
    Still looking forward to it whatever though.

  18. cmi Says:

    I hope here is the correct info about usage of remix 2013 / mix 1972.
    A bit confusing thing to see ’16th August 1972′ on the 1st CD label from 2CD deluxe edition.

  19. Marko Says:

    About the 2CD edition: If the picture tells the story correctly this won’t be the original album remixed but Osaka concert from the August16th plus encores disc (see label). A gimmick to make one purchase the single CD version in addition to any other set of choice? Perhaps.

  20. Danielz Says:

    I was partly invloved in providing Universal with 8 tracks for the lastest Marc Bolan / T.Rex release and thankfully they have a couple at the company who do tend to be very sympathetic to the Marc Bolan releases, but even the latest release, contains a photo NOT from the correct era – sadly, this is always annoying to fans and I guess it happens to all re-issues now and then when not checked and triple checked. I am so looking forward to this release, in what is one of my top three live albums – I was also one who bought this when it was first released too. However, it is a shame that Universal won’t be releasing the whole set in CD format in it’s correct order with encores following the actual gig that it was from as I’m sure most fans would want that, rather than the ridiculous and non-sensible way they have decided to place all encores on one disc! I am really looking forward to the DVD though as I am hopeful that the visuals will be pretty exciting! The packaging format with these box sets these days appear to be so standard now (ie 4 CD with a DVD with a book in a box) and many companies must be using the same template, so there should no longer be a reason, or excuse for them saying that the reproduction/production of such and such a release is so expensive to produce – and therefore excessive costings must go to the purchaser…..although we all know it will never change.

  21. Rasmus Heide Says:

    Thanks, Simon. You kinda really want to understand why these things don’t receive the quality decisions they deserve, particularly since we’re not talking some low profile back shelf release here but something which the label will charge (and earn) a fortune on. The hacked off encores seem unforgivable, as does the missed opportunity on the LP sleeves. The Machine Head vinyl was such a waste of time, one can only fear what’ll come out on this one. Pessimism justified.

  22. Kevin Staden Says:

    Whilst I can understand some of your gripes, i.e. Not quite the right run order regards the encores etc, it is probably the last chance reissue of one of the greatest Live sets ever (indeed albums ever!), so for that reason I decided to jump in and not miss out.

  23. n mills Says:

    I have a Warner Bros. CD from (I think) the USA purchased in 1989.
    The album is on a single CD, I think the English release was on two CDs, so this is good. This USA release is essentialiy the vinyl in CD format.
    Question is, would it be worth buying the 2CD release to get the booklet? I suppose the remix will sound better but I have never been convinced by this.

  24. Raziel666 Says:

    Kevin Shirley posted on his Facebook page on February 27th:

    One of my favorite live albums – this one featuring one version of the classic album, remixed by Caveman!! When they asked me to remix it, I said “why?” as I love the original, but I gave it a slightly different flavor. I hope you enjoy it. I’m looking forward to this set!


    Simon, are you sure that he didn’t do the remix in the end?

    • simon robinson Says:

      We can only print what Universal have sent out, which I assume is official. If we hear any different I’ll let you know. It’s not impossible that some of the remix is from Kevin (perhaps the matched album?) but the three show remix is from Martin. I’d like to say we’ll only know once it’s out, but Universal got the show date wrong on the Rainbow On Stage sleeve so …!

      • Alberto Says:

        But… is it going to be any editon with all 3 concerts remixed?
        Or this won’t happen until the 45+3 anniversary?
        Don’t get me wrong, but a new remaster is not a big thing. I would only be happy if all 3 concerts would be remixed and ready to buy as a set.

      • simon robinson Says:

        If you read carefully (and I agree there was a lot to wade through!) the 4CD/DVD box looks like all three shows are remixed, just not done in the full show sequence sadly.

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