Phoenix Rising DVD

Format : DVD / Release : May 2011

Documentary : Changes In The Band
1. Introduction
2. The Demise Of Deep Purple MK II
3. The Birth Of MK III
4. The Making Of Burn
5. The California Jam 1974
6. Stormbringer
7. Sunbury Music Festival 1975
8. Glenn Hughes ­ Troubled Times
9. Drugs Become An Issue
10. Ritchie Blackmore Leaves The Band
11. Tommy Bolin
12. Come Taste The Band
13. Drugs Become A Problem
14. Glenn Hughes In Rehabilitation
15. Mk IV On Tour
16. Indonesian Nightmare
17. Rising Over Japan
18. The Final MK IV shows
19. Credits


Overall an excellent set (and far less frustrating than the History Hits etc DVD):
Pluses: EXCELLENT quality film for the Deep Purple Rises Over Japan footage; on the HH&H DVD it was clearly sourced from a video tape, you could even see tracking lines on You Keep On Moving). It is tormenting to know that the entire gig was filmed, the chances of that still being in a stable condition (even if it is ever found) are pretty low.
Fully in-depth interviews with JL and GH.
Amazing black and white footage from Jakarta, though not synched up and mostly without sound – presumably this edited footage is all there is? We are not told.
Colour video footage of Stormbringer with original live sound. This MUST mean that someone has got back to the source, otherwise it would have still had the studio version dubbed on. The fact that this is the last song from the gig indicates that ALL of the show (Hawaii? It doesn’t say) exists. With it being saved on video (not film) it SHOULD be in good condition. There is also some nice cine film of an unidentified Mk4 gig.
The package has two booklets with decent pix although I’ll need to put on my glasses to read the newspaper reprints!
As well as Mk 4 we have a great but frustratingly incomplete version of Stormbringer from Mk3 in colour and an edit of a live version of Black Night from either 71 or 72 – at first glance it looks like the Danish film, but it isn’t – Gillan in white t-shirt and hankie/cravat, and buckle shoes. Again with this being a fully synched up multi camera clip, this MUST exist somewhere as a (hopefully) complete gig?

Minuses: Other than JL saying how stunning Tommy’s playing on Spectrum is, neither he nor Glenn have ANYTHING to say on his technique or what made his playing so special. I appreciate that they probably feel that it was HIS fault that it all fell to bits (JL especially) but to not bother mentioning how much material he brought in or compare his playing with Ritchies I think is a massive oversight (and something of an insult to TB). There is far too much of Glenn’s story – which does drag at times. Personally I would have preferred more recollections of some (presumably) happy incidents! There is a lot of detail up to Japan, then NO MENTION of the US tour – suddenly it’s March and the miserable UK gigs… I wonder if they were not allowed to discuss that part? (or they did cover it but are saving it for another DVD?).
The Jakarta ‘extra’ listed is really a remix of the same bit from the main film – nothing new in there…

All in all a worthy release, some excellent footage, very nicely packaged, but with a totally misleading title – the whole thing was as unlike a phoenix as it’s possible to imagine – but I suppose they needed something upbeat and snappy to appeal to non fans (‘Mk4 the sordid truth’ might damage sales!). It’s also naughty to imply that ANY of the bonus CD was previously unreleased – unreleased this year might be more accurate…

Timothy Campbell

Thanks to Purple Daniel for the content list

16 Responses to “Phoenix Rising DVD”

  1. Mark Burrows Says:

    Not seen the DVD yet but from what I have read above I am disapointed that there seems to be some kind of relucance to discuss Tommy Bolin’s brilliant talent from other members of the band , particularly when being interviewed in front of camera.

  2. Ian Douglas Says:

    I thought the CD was great – albeit STILL for some unknown reason including Mk 2 tracks WHEN there are plenty of good Mk 4 recordings around – but all forgiven even with just one such as Gettin Tighter! Now that was more like it and shows just a taste of the Australian show quality I still fondly and clearly recall. . . . what needs to happen next is a focused CD only including Mk IV material. Come on! I understand including Stormbringer as they really nailed that as a closer!

  3. Peter Cross Says:

    After reading the mysterious caption at the end of the documentary I’m curious to find out David Coverdales opinion about the lift shaft incident. Does anybody know what part of the story he doesn’t agree with?

    The audio quality and editing of the CD is excellent. Is it really *re-mastered 2011″ as it says on the CD booklet ? (no further details in the CD sized package that I bought) I thought the tracks were supposed to have been just lifted from the Purple Records versions which I’m sure are pre-2011.

    • simon robinson Says:

      Yes, DC’s disclaimer is curious. The CD is part remastered, and part remixed I think. I didn’t have anything to do with that side of things. I reckon the original 2CD set was fine as it was but they wanted a 5.1 sound.

  4. Xavier Rulló Guàrdia Says:

    Just received the vinyl edition of ‘Phoenix Rising’. What a great line-up, shame it didn’t last much longer.
    I’ve never seen a gatefold sleeve as useless as this one. Really disappointed to see the (awful) cover illustration used again on the inside cover. What a waste!
    Am I getting old and I need a new pair of glasses, or the text on the inner sleeves is almost impossible to read?
    Great dvd though. Some amazing stuff new to me (Stormbringer, Black Night,). Coverdale’s presence on the Japan show is stunning, only one year and a half away from the shy bloke from California Jam. Lord’s comments great & fun as always. Hughes? Boring. Very boring. Let’s talk about music, man, I know the drugs played a very important part on Mark IV, but it gets redundant after 20 minutes+ speaking about it.
    To sum up, good value for money, shame you didn’t get involved with the artwork. Something in the line of the Gemini Suite-Live vinyl would’ve worked much better (what a beautiful piece of work).
    PS: Am I insane because I also want to buy the deluxe cd + dvd + booklets edition? When will I grow up? Xavier Rulló Guàrdia

  5. Heimdall Says:

    I’m still mystified as to why they chose to label previously released tracks as “never before released”. Why, really? I agree that it would have been great to hear stories about the recording of CTTB and the world tour.
    I still haven’t seen the documentary, I’ll check in with more comments after I’ve seen it!

  6. Andrea Says:

    Ciao! I really appreciate this release and I really think about 2 or 3 related items to be issued in the future: a complete remixed/remastered box from the final Mk3 concerts (like Paris 75), a new and unissued box with both Long Beach and Springfield 76, it would be a dream come true to have also a complete dvd from Honolulu 75. C’mon Simon let us fly on Purple dreams! Andrea

  7. Dave Stoddard Says:

    I could watch this DVD over and over. Frank and honest interviews that answers a lot of questions I would probably never get to ask Jon or Glenn, and interesting footage that compliments the package. Understand everyone’s comments about Glenn’s addiction issues but I accept it as part of the story. (Having been there myself I get where hes coming from as I indeed helped to put an end to a band I was in and nearly lost a very good friend in the process). This package is a reminder for me as to why I love the band that’s been a part of my life for 38 years and counting!

  8. Damian Says:

    Agreed with above, wish we heard more about Tommy’s playing rather than his drug / drink issues. Listen to people speak about George Best & it’s mainly focused about his football, seldom about his drinking, pity Tommy is not seen in the same light.
    Tommy was a genius; not as accomplished an on stage performer as Ritchie Blackmore, but a far better songwriter who was always willing to experiment.

  9. Pedantic Purple fan Says:

    Thanks for the review. Overall, I think it is a very good package.
    One thing I must say though, is that I too was hoping that tantalising Mk IV Stormbringer clip (that has been around for ages with the studio recording dubbed on top) would have the proper live sound, but unfortunately it actually still doesn’t.
    The producers have been very clever, because they have matched the speed and dubbed the well-recorded live performance of Stormbringer from Tokyo onto this video clip. There are a few give aways – firstly what John Lord is playing on the organ doesn’t bear any resemblance to what you hear on the sound, Tommy is playing a little solo on the chorus in the video (like at Longbeach for example) but you don’t hear this as he just played the chords in Japan, Glen’s harmony part on the chorus is very short on the audio but goes on longer on the video etc.
    Most of all, you can just listen to them side by side and you will hear it is Japan.
    It is very disappointing, and I wonder whether we will ever see that clip (or more of it) with proper audio. It must exist with audio, as it when it was used on the Heavy Metal Pioneers video, it had the audio of Coverdale introducing the song but cut straight to the studio recording when the music starts.

  10. roy watson-davis Says:

    Bit of a misnomer really – the first 30 minutes is a history of MK3, not MK4. Some of the MK3 clips are a bit pointless unless you are a completist – for example you get about 50 secs of MK3 Burn and Stormbringer, both of which are cut into two shorter segments. Ditto Mk2 footage. The Mk4 stuff (reveals) nothing new, so you get the lift shaft story, Hughes missing on ‘Coming Home’ and lots of drug addiction talk. Nothing really about the making of CTTB and the US tour is omitted entirely. Most interesting bit is Coverdales disclaimer right at the end.

  11. Bernie Says:

    Very good review! The live clip from Black Night should be this one:

  12. Lylian Says:

    Great review! Excellent quality films, you’re right (particularly the Rises, which is far far better than the previous versions that circulated for 25 years)… but I find this DVD very frustating, like the HH & H. Only bits and pieces, no details, no source, etc… AND 15mns about the problems of Glenn with drugs… just boring… I would have preferred some stories about the US or Japanese tours. Good, but it could have been better.

  13. Ian Douglas Says:

    Re Phoenix Risen it sounds more like a plague to be avoided – far better to content oneself with the almighty Come Taste the Band album and Tommy Bolin’s own fabulous albums and later Archive releases. As one who truly appreciated MkIV and its capabilities and saw the good concerts one doesn’t want to dwell on the negatives I guess. But for the curious and unconvinced it may be of side interest. It won’t change my views though!

  14. Jörg Says:

    The “Black Night” footage is from the 1970 concert at “Planten & Blomen” in Hamburg, Germany. It was filmed for an Austrian “Wochenschau” cinema news reel.

  15. Jack Says:

    The live version of Black Night is the one you can see a short excerpt on the “1971 Austria Wochenschau” archive (Austria’s TV newsweek).
    I bought the complete version from itune:


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