Rainbow Donington 1980

This is a warm-over of the edited TV broadcast, which has already appeared on the Light In The Black box set (2015).  There is no extra footage.  It is accompanied by a single CD of the audio, which has some extra tracks not on the video, but is still incomplete, missing at least two songs. It is due out in April 2016, full track listing below.


01. Lazy
02. All Night Long
03. Catch The Rainbow
04. Eyes Of The World
05. Guitar Solo
06. Difficult To Cure
07. Will You Love Me Tomorrow
08. Long Live Rock ‘n’ Roll

01. Intro / Eyes Of The World
02. Since You Been Gone
03. Stargazer
04. Catch The Rainbow
05. Lost In Hollywood / Guitar Solo
06. Difficult To Cure / Keyboard Solo
07. Drum Solo / Lost In Hollywood (reprise)
08. Lazy
09. All Night Long
10. Blues
11. Will You Love Me Tomorrow
12. Long Live Rock ‘n’ Roll

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