Rainbow Singles Box

Following Deep Purple and Gillan’s offerings (both long deleted), Rainbow get a vinyl to CD singles box set.  This one raises the bar with no fewer than 19 compact discs, all in repro sleeves.  If you’re thinking that seems a lot, you’d be right as they’ve doubled up the set to include numerous non UK releases as well. The full content listing was sent out in early November (see below, the set was first scheduled for release that month).  It does not say which the foreign releases are yet. The release has been put back to mid-February 2014. [Shipped on time]

CD 1
1 Man On The Silver Mountain (7″ Edit) 03:57
2 Snake Charmer 04:28

CD 2
1 Still I’m Sad 03:53
2 The Temple Of The King 04:43

CD 3
1 Man On The Silver Mountain (7″ Edit) 03:57
2 Snake Charmer 04:28
3 If You Don’t Like Rock N Roll 02:35
4 Sixteenth Century Greensleeves 03:35

CD 4
1 Starstruck (New York Mix) 04:06
2 Run With The Wolf 03:48

CD 5
1 Kill The King (Live / Edit) 04:41
2 Man On The Silver Mountain (Live) 05:08
3 Mistreated (Live / 7″ Edit) 07:15

CD 6
1 Long Live Rock ‘N’ Roll 04:25
2 Sensitive To Light 03:08

CD 7
1 L.A. Connection (7″ Edit) 03:41
2 Lady Of The Lake 03:38

CD 8
1 Since You Been Gone 03:16
2 Bad Girl 04:48

CD 9
1 Since You Been Gone 03:16
2 No Time To Lose 03:41

CD 10
1 All Night Long 03:49
2 Weiss Heim 05:10

CD 11
1 I Surrender 03:22
2 Vielleicht Das NachsterMal (Maybe Next Time) 03:20

CD 12
1 Difficult To Cure 05:55
2 Can’t Happen Here (7″ Edit) 04:05
3 Jealous Lover 03:09

CD 13
1 Magic 04:05
2 Freedom Fighter 04:20

CD 14
1 Can’t Happen Here (7″ Edit) 04:05
2 Jealous Lover 03:09

CD 15
1 Stone Cold (Album Version) 05:17
2 Rock Fever 03:46

CD 16
1 Death Alley Driver 04:36
2 Tite Squeeze 03:15

CD 17
1 Street Of Dreams 04:24
2 Anybody There 02:37
3 Power (Live At The Convention Center, San Antonio) 04:27

CD 18
1 Can’t Let You Go (7″ Edit) 03:27
2 All Night Long (Live at David’s Hall, Cardiff, 1983) 05:24
3 Stranded (Live at St. David’s Hall,Cardiff, 1983) 04:16

CD 19
1 Bad Girl 04:48
2 Spotlight Kid (Live) 06:07
3 Man On The Silver Mountain 08:18

9 Responses to “Rainbow Singles Box”

  1. Scott W. Says:

    Got this the other day. I am a little disappointed in the artwork and dimensions of the set. The sleeves are thicker than a 45 would be, more like an LP as there is printing on the spine. Mainly I am disappointed in the fact that they are larger than the DP singles box as well as the Gillan singles box sets (these will actually fit inside this new Rainbow singles box!). Would be nice if they were all a matching format/size. The surface sheen is duller than the DP and Gillan set’s as well. It almost looks like the ‘red’ colors are on the edge of ‘bleeding’ too. Nice box and hardback booklet construction though. Who is sleeve note writer Andy Francis?

    • simon robinson Says:

      I agree the box is a bit dull. It’s hard to make exact paper sleeve copies for CDs though as they would probably tear, so most labels go for a thicker card.

  2. Ritchie Bee Says:

    Simon, in light of the the Rainbow singles box set, and Mark Jones mentioning the Cardiff St. David’s gig, I wish they would release the entire Donington 1980 MOR gig on CD or one of the Bonnet era shows.

  3. Jim Collins Says:

    Unlike the excellent Gillan and Deep Purple singles box sets, this one has tracks repeated several times. How hard would it have been to just do a simple singles box without all the repetition? I’d have rather seen some archival live releases…

    • simon robinson Says:

      The answer Jim is of course ‘not very hard’, but some labels will not do or pay for the research these days.

  4. Mark Jones Says:

    I’ve often wondered how much more of that Cardiff St David’s Hall gig is lurking somewhere.

  5. Mark Maddock Says:

    xxx xx xxx xxxx xxxxx? Blackers xxxxxxxxx xxxxx xxx xxxx…

  6. overthehill Says:

    Geez, no disrespect intended but who is this marketed towards? So many great things “could” be done with the Rainbow catalog but this? Why not continue the Deluxe Editions project?

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