Snakecharmer – new CD

SNAKECHARMER the new band – in the mould of classic Whitesnake if you like – has their new cd out and I received my signed copy yesterday. It includes Micky Moody from the very first few WS albums. It is well worth a listen I think if ultimately a B+ mainly due to its predictability. But still there are some really good tracks such as Falling Leaves. There is probably just not the degree of differentiation necessary to really register in the mind – for instance I would view it as less worthy/interesting than say the Company of Snakes or various iterations of M3 – these “Whitesnake lineups without DC” etc. Clearly David makes an enormous contribution to whatever lineup of Whitesnake but the sound and feel can still be there. For the avid WS fan such as I it is very worthwhile investigating these ‘related’ issues. I even love “Piano tribute to Whitesnake” the songs are just so good! Enjoy. Ian Douglas.

One Response to “Snakecharmer – new CD”

  1. Ian Douglas Says:

    Hi again and for Whitesnake/directly-related devotees such as you and me! On listening again a few times to Snakecharmer I am pleased to elevate it to A- from B+! It really is good; ALSO have been enjoying Doug Aldrich and Burning Rain – well worth an extended listen – and quite some of that material could feature well in the Whitesnake mould without a doubt! Excellent and highly recommended to all Snakes – speaking of which (also!) check out former bands such as M3; Company of Snakes and (the) Snakes.

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