Steve Morse • Digipak reissues CD

steve morse high tension coverSteve Morse
High Tension Wires MASSCDDG1413
Southern Steel MASSCDDG1414
Coast to Coast MASSCDDG1415
Metal Mind January 2011 CD digipak

These are reissued in new digipak editions each limited to 2000 copies. High Tension Wires (1989), Southern Steel (1991) and Coast to Coast (1992) are considered some of the finest albums Steve Morse has ever released. High Tension Wires is a fairly laid back album, afyter which he formed the Steve Morse Band and cut Southern Steel, a medley of various styles such as rock, jazz, country and folk, combined with a strong southern rock vibe. It was followed a year later by Coast to Coast, not long before Steve was asked to join Deep Purple.
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High Tension Wires
1. Ghostwind
2. The Road Home
3. Country Colors
4. Highland Wedding
5. Third Power
6. Looking Back
7. Leprechaun Promenade
8. Tumeni Notes
9. Endless Waves
10. Modoc

Southern Steel
1. Cut To The Chase
2. Simple Simon
3. Vista Grande
4. Sleaze Factor
5. Battle Lines
6. Southern Steel
7. Wolf Song
8. Weekend Overdrive
9. Arena Rock
10. Point Counterpoint

Coast To Coast
1. User Friendly
2. Collateral Damage
3. Get It In Writing
4. Morning Rush Hour
5. Runaway Train
6. Long Lost
7. The Z
8. Over Easy
9. Cabin Fever
10. Flat Baroque

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