Now What Box Set

Three special editions of the Now What album released early December 2013.

[1] Now What 2CD GOLD TOUR EDITION •  This 13 track CD comprises the existing album (+ It’ll Be Me & First Sign of Madness) with a second disc of 12 tracks recorded on the summer tour in Italy, Germany and Sweden.  Gold foil die-cut digipak plus two booklets. Final track listing is: Strange Kind Of Woman / Hard Lovin’ Man / Vincent Price / Contact Lost / All The Time In The World / No One Came / Body Line / Perfect Strangers / Above And Beyond / Lazy / Black Night / Smoke On The Water

The following three tracks appear to have been dropped from the original track listing, and replaced by three other somgs – listed in non-italics above. Fireball / Into The Fire/ Hush
It has been stressed that these are ‘monitor mixes’

[2] Now What Live Tapes LIMITED EDITION DOUBLE ALBUM • This is a double gatefold LP of just the live tracks from the above release, and is very limited.

[3] Now What 6 disc BOX SET • This is limited to just 1500 copies for the UK. The box includes the Now What special CD as above with bonus DVD material including the press kit, the audio content off the first single, etc; the Live Tapes CD, PLUS all three CD singles   It all comes in a special sturdy box along with sticker, poster and t-shirt.

Review – The marketing of this is a bit of a kick in the teeth for fans, all of whom will have gone out and bought the album when it was first released (and the booklet proudly illustrates the chart positions around the world). The only real new material here is the live CD, recorded during july and august across four venues. It has to be said that the mix is ordinary at best and while the packaging does point out that they are ‘monitor mixes’, it’s hard to understand why they didn’t go that little bit extra to sort the balance out. So IG is front and centre but very exposed, the keyboards are too low and  the drum sound is very clipped.  It is of course interesting to hear the four new tracks get an early live outing, but they do all sound a little tentative for obvious reasons.  The other two thirds of the disc are DP standard by and large, with Strange Kind Of Woman and Hard Loving Man the standouts. The latter is particularly brutal, with grungy guitar and bass, and a level of energy which bodes well for the rest of the tour but doesn’t get matched elsewhere for me (while the lyrics are clearly not 100% In Rock either!). Given that this disc is the main reason most people will be buying it, more care and attention was surely due.  So I’ll probably keep the gold edition 2CD set and trade in my original CD, and maybe buy the vinyl to keep the collection up to date (the packaging is quite nice if a little dull).

All formats can be ordered while stocks last at DTB Online shop. As always with these limited editions, pre-ordering is recommended as stock supplies tend to dry up very quickly.

14 Responses to “Now What Box Set”

  1. David Says:

    Simon, I wondered if the Gold Edition of Now What is known to be Copy Protected in any way? Just bought one which plays fine in CD drive but when you rip it to MP3 some of the tracks come out badly corrupted. Not sure whether to bother getting this replaced?

    • simon robinson Says:

      I wasn’t aware of this. Normally when CDs are copy protected they have a notice on the packaging. Anybody else tried this and had issues?

  2. Lutz Reinert Says:

    Simon, according to the “Live Tapes” booklet, none of the tracks were recorded in Germany. Recordings are from Rome, Italy, Aalborg, Denmark, Milan, Italy and Gaevle, Sweden. The reason could be that they taped the Wacken open air concert? I’ve heard that this one is planned for CD/Bluray release. Any idea?

    • simon robinson Says:

      It was certainly recorded as part of it was available to listen to online, there was a bit about this on an earlier post (see link below), but haven’t yet had any release details. One for 2014 perhaps?

  3. Jim Panse Says:

    How come my copy has a different track listing?

    • simon robinson Says:

      Yes, three tracks from the original listing have been dropped, and replaced by three others, with the running order changed. I assume these decisions were taken later on and accounted for the delay. I have amended the listing above.

  4. Lutz Reinert Says:

    I am with you saying: a little bit more of care should have been taken on the production of the Live Tapes. But listening to the Album on vinyl and CD (I’m stupid enough to have bought both) the last couple of days, for me personally it’s fun, and it sounds authentic. Especially after have seen them in Mannheim, Germany, on 02.11.13. I agree with your opinion on Strange Kind Of Woman and Hard Loving Man. I for myself would also add Bodyline and Black Night.

    • simon robinson Says:

      I think DP could have got away with a live box set for Xmas, pushed the boat out a bit. Still I might get a couple of pounds trade in for my original CD version of the album, and keep the shiny gold digipak.

  5. mark Nolde Says:

    “Monitor mixes”? One is able to download tons of great sounding (well, if you still get aroused by this lot, that is) on the net for free.
    I tried to update my collection, but refrained since the release of this album. In time maybe, when I have a crazy loony day.

  6. C Brown Says:

    A certain well known online retailer is showing contents slightly different from your listing. Disappointing news to anyone who has already bought the first release of Now What CD+DVD, Deluxe Edition, it would have made a wee bit more sense to include the forthcoming Gold Edition. I can just hear my wife saying: how many more copies of Now What do you need!?

    • simon robinson Says:

      I think the problem is that these days pack-shots are prepared well in advance before product is actually made (that’s to the use of clever 3D modelling software), so content can change. I guess we’ll have to wait and see. Glad the shirts are large though!

  7. Mads Rud Larsen Says:

    Recorded in Italy, Germany, Sweden AND Denmark!

  8. Pedro Jose Nunes Says:

    Makin’ money.

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