Deep Purple – Bonn July 2013

Bonn, July 15. 2013

Setlist: Fireball / Into The Fire / Hard Lovin’ Man / Vincent Price / Strange Kind Of Woman / Contact Lost / Guitar Solo / All The Time In The World / The Well Dressed Guitar / Lazy / Above And Beyond / No One Came / Keyboard Solo / Perfect Strangers / Space Truckin’ / Blues Jam + Smoke On The Water (feat. Warren Haynes) / Hush / Black Night

Bonn Deep Purple 2013

An open air concert in a typical German picnic atmosphere – which means lots of beer and sausages. Purple headlined the half-day “Classic Rocknacht” (which ended before dark really) featuring Gov’t Mule and some other less known acts. As sometime in 2011, Nick Fyffe replaced Roger Glover who, as IG explained, was having a “brain transplant”! The setlist was very much in the same vein as during the first festival appearances earlier this year, with three new numbers thrown in, which – for a change – seemed well rehearsed and did work very well live. The addition of “Above And Beyond” was definitely one of the highlights for me, along with a tasty blues jam with Warren Haynes and a killer guitar-organ duel with some extremely inventive ideas by Don. Lows: not enough new songs, merchandising almost non-existent. I hope they’ll come up with some nice Now What T-shirts, a tour programme etc. when it’s time to do a proper tour. How about some CD-samplers with the new material, like the ones Blackmore’s Night gave away for free in Saarbruecken the day before?

Marcin Zalewski

2 Responses to “Deep Purple – Bonn July 2013”

  1. chiptarbutton Says:

    Yes Yes and Yes!

  2. JMcE Says:

    Agreed. What the hell is the point in even making a new album if they’re hardly going to play any of the damned thing? Personally, I’d love to hear NW?! played from beginning to end – like I could care if I didn’t hear SOTW … again. Yes, better (cheaper!) merchandising, and MUCH MORE of a PR effort – they should be capitalising on NW?!’s success, not letting it wither on the vine.

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