Whitesnake – Raleigh, NC, USA 30 July / 13

Set list: Give Me All Your Love Tonight /Ready An’ Willing /Love Ain’t No Stranger /Is This Love/Gambler (dedicated to the memory of Mel Galley, Cozy Powell, and Jon Lord) /Love Will Set You Free /Guitar Duel /Steal Your Heart Away (with drum solo and harmonica solo) /Forevermore/ Slide It In-Slow An’ Easy medley/ Bad Boys (interpolating Children of the Night)/ Here I Go Again/ Still of The Night/ We Wish You Well (taped outro)

This is the first time Coverdale has played anywhere in North Carolina in 25 years, so for me it was the must-see concert of the season (not that there’s as much competition for that title as there would’ve been 25 years ago, sigh…).  Opening band Red Line Chemistry had bad sound which probably obscured average post-grunge songs.  After their set, as soon as we heard The Who’s “My Generation” we knew it was time for the ‘Snake.  Frankly, I thought Coverdale’s voice was pretty good throughout the set—although he did let some of the front row take the mic for a few lines (and there were surprisingly good singers there!)  Banter-wise he was his usual charming self, taking a swig of our local (famous?) apple juice while turning down someone else’s drink because it smelled like cologne.  He also complained about our city’s notoriously high outdoor humidity, complaining, “I’m starting to look like Shirley Temple up here!”
The rest of the band played as well as on any of their recent live offerings, with Tommy Aldridge being a standout.  Still don’t know how he beats those drums with his palms.  Highlight would probably be “Ready An’ Willing.”  Low point would be “Is This Love?” (please drop this for something more eclectic like “Soldier of Fortune” or a Coverdale/Page song!)

Review : Chris Clark

2 Responses to “Whitesnake – Raleigh, NC, USA 30 July / 13”

  1. Ian Douglas Says:

    Yes, re: Doug Aldrich – I recommend the Burning Rain albums recently re-released; also he features on the Dio Live album Evil or Divine, a great listen!

  2. steve moore Says:

    I saw Snakes at Wembley for the umpteenth time, they blew Journey away who need a frontman. Coverdale’s vocals were good, his stage presence second to none. As usual Aldritch and Beach were brilliant and good to see Tommy back.

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