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form an orderly….

September 14, 2015

Barry Plummer Deep Purple photo book

Just a quick update on the Deep Purple photo book; the publishers say pre-orders will be open soon, so to make sure you get the news first, subscribe to the dedicated newsletter service as people who do will get the info direct, along with another bunch of visuals (with some great photos from the band’s 1973 Rainbow Theatre concert).  Or you can subscribe and read our story on the project if you click here.

Today’s mystery object?

February 9, 2015

Researching for the upcoming Machine Head book (more details…), the subject of that box of tricks gaffer-taped to the top of Jon’s Hammond organ for a number of years cropped up again.  So for anyone not familiar with the Maestro (rather than the maestro’s!) Ring Modulator, first heard by most fans on the Made In Japan (and ringed on this great photo, taken at the Rainbow Theatre at the end of June 1972), here’s a special DTB featurette.

Deep Purple ring modulator 1972


September 17, 2014

If you resisted the temptation of MIJ earlier this year, then BBC4 TV has the documentary part of the box set available on BBC iPlayer, having screened it last Friday – which must mark a record of shop to screen.  Ann made me watch the last bit of it (it still hurts to see these jobs being done poorly – photocopied record sleeves badly lit, where’s Ken Morse when you need him?) then we stuck with the repeat of the first part of the Metal Britannia which has a good chunk of Deep Purple history in as well, and a typically great Jon Lord interview. Gave up when the spandex started appearing!

Marshall in Japan

May 28, 2014

Made-In-Japan-stickerThere are now over thirty reviews of the new box sets on the site, and Tonny Steenhagen has done a really great in depth analysis of the pros and cons of the big CD box for us.  While we’re all Japan 72 fixated, we have a special DTB article devoted to Marshall engineer Ken Flegg, who actually built the desk they were using for the first time on those Japanese shows. He was flown out to look after the gear in case of any teething troubles, and has put together his recollections about the visit.

Made In Japan article

September 12, 2012

Nice piece in the new Classic Rock Magazine on Made In Japan. It’s got quite a lot of pictures, recollections from one of Def Leppard who reckons he’s on the back cover in the crowd, and some comments from a couple of the band. It’s the issue with Iron Maiden on the front cover, in UK newsagents now. Thanks to Tim Summers.

EMI’s Machine Head Box Set

August 14, 2012

Deep Purple Machine Head 40th Anniversary five CD box set announced

EMI have announced their take on the Machine Head Anniversary, with a five disc box set. As well as the studio album in various formats, the BBC In Concert 1972 has been remixed and repackaged to match. This and Machine Head also get special vinyl editions with bonus 7″ singles. You can get the full details on our Machine Head review page, but get yourself a cuppa set up as there is a lot to get your head round. The various editions can be pre-ordered at DTBOnline store.

Where Did They Think They Were?

April 15, 2012

deep purple who do we think we are recording studio walldorf frankfurt germanyAnother Deep Purple related building discovered by Darker Than Blue reader Bert Kuepper, the scene of Mk 2’s final recording in 1972. Read about it and see photographs here.

Machine Head in America

April 6, 2012

It’s sometimes easy to forget America when it comes to Deep Purple facts’n figures, but as a couple of people pointed out last week, Machine Head did sneak out there a few days ahead of Britain. Today of course that would be the cue for hundreds of sad buggers to rip copies and throw them up on the web. Back then we didn’t even know. But it was a big deal for Warner Brothers, though just how big a deal I doubt even they could have guessed.

deep purple machine head american release march 1972

So Machine Head came out on March 25. 1972 in USA. And it charted, albeit at a rather lowly 166 the first week. And as this other interesting cutting (both sent in by Tonny Steenhagen) shows, the album was subject to a proper promotional shove from Warners, alongside those rock stalwarts Mothers Of Invention, Jethro Tull and er Goldie Hawn (sad sod that I am I actually have all three of those  – blame late night UK runs of the Rowan & Martin’s Laugh-In show for the last one!). What will interest people in this cutting are the mentions of ‘dimensional display’ material. Whatever that was. We do have one of the window streamers though.

It really was another world for the record industry back then.

deep purple machine head american release march 1972 chart entry