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In Concert 2017

November 17, 2017


Well that was a fairly good, grownup, “elder statesmen of rock” type performance. [Update – a couple of lucky folk who were there have posted stories in the comments section below]. I do wonder if people tuning in who didn’t know the band thought they’d found a new prog rock outfit at times, and the BBC audio (as least on the red button) was pretty flat and unbalanced which dulled the edge, but the filming was more complex than I expected; the last In Concert I watched (Blondie) was a few years back and most of the cameras were static. This was much more professional. Very strange to actually be watching live as it happens Deep Purple on a UK TV too, I struggle to recall the last time, possibly 1968 when they did the David Frost Show? Lovely looking venue too, all art deco, really worked well with the lighting.
That parpy ELP sound in Uncommon Man still drives me to distraction and All I Got Is You off the new album  is no substitute for Hip Boots, but other than that it was good to have an hour set with so much reunion material (and kicking off with Time For Bedlam from Infinite), and a small but dedicated audience which understood and appreciated it all. The two strongest tracks off Infinite sounded good and it’ll be great to hear these in a concert venue (I guess this show acts as a sort of amuse bouche for the UK tour.) A few bum notes here and there, but mostly they came across pretty well. I liked the way Steve got grungier as the set wore on too. Indeed it was all zipping along and I was quite surprised when they suddenly kicked in to Smoke and realised it was coming to an end! [Update, I checked and it was scheduled for two hours, even the band were confused.] The encore of Hush probably over-ran the radio slot, but otherwise the timing was spot on.  Ian Gillan looked a bit nervy at times – hardly surprising if so –  but his new lyric stand was a smart addition and kept him up to speed. Other rock singers have been doing this lately and wonder if it might become a permanent option?
As far as we can work these things out the show will be viewable now via the BBC iPlayer app for 30 days. Quite why the BBC don’t show these on BBC4 TV in HD is beyond me, seeing as how most nights it’s all repeats!

Sorry Bruce…

November 16, 2017

Deep Purple were a no-show for Ken Bruce this morning and all mention of it on the BBC website vanished. Apparently rather than a special session, the routine is for Ken to go across live to the morning sound check for the In Concert performance, have a quick chat and hear a live track.  Nobody at the BBC had realised Deep Purple don’t do early morning sound checks!  Instead he played ‘Black Night’ studio version and plugged the concert for tonight (and IG’s appearance on Simon Mayo’s ‘Drivetime’ before it), see below.  Jeremy Vine popped up to plug his own show and did a little ‘Smoke on the Water’ gag as well… Radio 2 blasted out Speed King last night at the request of Bruce Dickinson. It sounded stunning, especially compared to much of what they were airing. Certainly didn’t sound 47 years old! Thanks to Tim Summers, our man in the radio car.

Deep Purple take over the BBC!

November 10, 2017

BBC Deep Purple In Concert

BBC Radio 2 have announced a Deep Purple Day on November 16th! Radio 2 is part of the BBC’s national radio network but is now streamed worldwide (and also available on the BBC iPlayer Radio catch-up service.) The highlight of the day is the BBC In Concert appearance which we mentioned before (see post below), but as predicted this LIVE broadcast will also be filmed and available to view via the BBC’s digital Red Button service at the same time as the radio broadcast. However the Red Button service is only available to U.K. audiences who pay for the BBC via a license fee. The footage will then be on the iPlayer for 30 days afterwards, again in the U.K. only.
My thanks to Mark Jones who has been studying his copy of Radio Times magazine and sent us the details. The links are to the programme pages if you want to read a bit more:

Live Deep Purple session in the Ken Bruce show : 09.30-12.00

Ian Gillan is the guest on Simon Mayo’s drivetime show : 1700-1900

Deep Purple live in concert, hosted by Jo Whiley : 2000-2200

Also in vision via the BBC Red Button, and available on BBC iPlayer for thirty days after for UK audiences.

Ian Paice says on the BBC website: “Deep Purple are really looking forward to performing for the BBC Radio 2’s In Concert programme. It’s been many years since we did something like this. But through all those years one thing has never changed. Playing live is the only way to capture the spirit of Rock n Roll music, because even 60 years after it reared its wonderful rebellious head that’s what it still is! There is no safety net of the recording machine to ‘fix things later’, you get it right or get it wrong. For the musicians it’s an adrenaline rush, concentration and invention, but most of all fun. That’s why we started doing it when we were kids. We hope you have fun being on the receiving end.”

Full Radio 2 schedule for the day

The current European set list is available as a spoiler on the post below.

Deep Purple BBC transcription


November 27, 2014

Documentary looking at the history of Marshall on BBC4 TV Friday night at 10.00pm, which should be of interest to most Purple fans. As is all too often the case with the BBC these days I’ve not seen one trailer for the show (clearly Lucy Worsleblackmore marshall stacksy isn’t fronting it) which is squeezed in between a couple of programmes about Pink Floyd (it will be available on iPlayer soon after). Sadly Blackmore didn’t want to appear, and they couldn’t get Glover’s schedule to tie-in with filming dates but Nick Simper does hold the torch for the band.  Lot’s of other interesting guests in the one hour show, though sadly as it has been in the works for some years, not all have survived to see it transmitted (including Big Jim Sullivan).  The eagle eyed may well spot the name of Tonny Steenhagen in the credits, a regular contributor to all things Darker Than Blue, who helped the producers out.  Let’s hope they spell his name right…!

Link to the BBC4 page about the programme.

Photo from the easy on the eye book “Wait For The Ricochet”.

Jon looking down…

June 10, 2013

UPDATE – it is a montage, and was done by David Plaisance, thanks to him for letting us show it.

If you missed it (and we did), BBC Radio 4 have extracts from what they say was Jon Lord’s last ever interview available. Rock and Roll in Four Movements was first aired in August 2012 and talked to four rock musicians involved in the rock and classics movement; Rick Wakeman, Keith Emerson, Roy Wood (instead of Procul Harum? Strange) and Jon.  It only runs for half an hour and is fronted by the ubiquitous Stuart Maconie (there is a great spoof on the ever busy Stuart ‘outsourcing his recollection quotes to China’ in the curent issue of Viz). It’s on the BBC iPlayer now. No rush, it’s available until August 2099 in fact.

Jon looking down

Talking of Jon, someone sent us this shot they found recently. I don’t know if this is for real, ie. they’re doing a slide projection, or if it’s just a photoshop montage, but we did find it kind of touching. Hope we’re Ok to post it, let me know if it’s your work so we can credit.

Later… with Ian Gillan

May 9, 2013

jools hollandGillan and Paice are to be the studio interview guests on Later… with Jools Holland next week.  It’s taken 42 series of the only music show left on the BBC for them to get round to mentioning Deep Purple!  Fingers crossed it might open the doors for the band to play it live at a future date.  Anyhow, the show goes out live on May 14th (Tuesday) BBC2 and is repeated in a slightly longer version the Friday after, and also available to view on the BBC iPlayer. Thanks to Sam Bowman and David Browne for alerting us.