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Righteous daisies

September 9, 2019

Glenn Hughes.jpg

After a week or two of speculation it’s been confirmed that Glenn Hughes has joined rock band The Dead Daisies (a sort of collective supergroup formed in Australia back in 2013 who already featured ex-Whitesnake/GH guitarist Doug Aldrich).  Glenn let the news slip during a live set at the Stonedeaf festival on August bank holiday weekend (which has had mixed reactions from fans, and was marred by long delays due to power issues). Glenn replaces both singer John Corabi and bassist Marco Mendoza in the band.  A new track ‘Righteous Days’ has already been recorded, and can be heard here–vYmo

It is planned that a new album will be completed later this year and touring in support of it will commence next year.

Glenn has also mentioned in a recent interview that another Black Country Communion album may possibly perhaps happen in 2021.  Tim Summers.

The black crows circle

September 8, 2017

The fourth Black Country Communion album is due around Sept 22nd on both CD and vinyl (thanks to Tonny Steenhagen for the info.) From the taster track studio video I found on the Ultimate Guitar site (Link below), it seems to be more of the same, and just as Zeppy too (check Joe’s solo out!). So if you were up for it before, you’ll not be disappointed. Glenn delivers a solid performance as always but I’m not sure what all this hard work actually adds to the pantheon. It all starts the build up to the tour which reaches us in January, let’s hope it’s more of a band thing than the last one which came over to me as Joe Bonamassa plus guests.
Title? BCCIV.
Actually that’s probably meant to be some sort of a phoenix on the front, sorry crows. Glenn is interviewed in this months Record Collector magazine too.

Glenn Hughes Black Country Communion 4 Glenn Hughes

Does that top come off?

April 8, 2013

Several download sites have got clips of songs from the Now What album on, though you need to sign in to some to get a free listen!  I’ve vowed not to listen to any more low-fi previews and try to keep an open mind for the album, but the less-strong willed are reporting a better than expected set overall with only a couple of fillers, and citing Vincent Price as a stand-out track.  Let us know what you think via the New Album page. DTB do apologise over the lamentable situation regards the single. Despite getting in early with a decent order, we were told to get stuffed basically. And even then, of the miserable 25 copies of the CD single we were allocated, only ten arrived. Brilliant planning all round guys.

Glenn Hughes is starting to put things together on a new solo album following the irretrievable breakdown of Black Country Communion, and it will be in a rockier vein.

EMI are cashing in on the Whitesnake tour next month by rejigging the Box Of Snakes set into a Little Box Of Snakes er box. Read the details on the Coverdale page. Finally, we did mention that Coverdale reckoned he still had his California Jam stage t-shirt. He has now posted a photo to prove it! A real collectors piece, and an embroidered top he wore on many of the 1974 dates.

David Coverdale California Jam t-shirt

BCC on / off

September 26, 2012

News on the Glenn Hughes page today about the on – off status of the Black Country Communion concert, and possibly the band. Plus a new US magazine cover scan.

Black Country Communion 3

September 6, 2012

Black Country Communion have announced their third studio album to be released at the very end of October. It’s called Afterglow, and features the same line-up / production team behind the last two. Expect plenty of publicity as Glenn is doing press interviews in London second week of September. The 11 track album was recorded in Westlake Village, outside Hollywood, in just five days. You can read Glenn’s comments on the new tracks on the DTB blog here. We expect a vinyl edition as well. It can be pre-ordered at the DTBOnline store.