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Sorry mum, I broke it…

November 22, 2019

blackmore signed guitar 2.jpg

This went at auction in America a few weeks back, one of the replica Strats as destroyed by Blackmore on stage. I assume it comes from a show on Rainbow’s long trek there in 1979 on the Down To Earth tour. I have seen smashed – by – Blackmore guitars before, indeed I have one myself, but not autographed up so nicely. Although Ritchie has signed it on the back, so you would need a glass case to really show it off! They sold it for a few bucks shy of $1500, which to me doesn’t seem a bad deal especially with what this government is doing to our currency rate! My thanks to Tonny Steenhagen for the details.

glover signed guitar 1.jpg


November 9, 2018

We mentioned Rainbow’s tour dates a few weeks ago; these have now been confirmed with just four shows in Europe for 2019. I guess this does mean there might be more in Russia or the Far East. Anyhow, the dates are on our 2019 diary page now.  The flyer for the Finland gig is shown below.

Rainbow Finland 2019

News round-up.

May 31, 2013

A few updates around the site this week…

Larry "Rhino" Reinhardt and Rod Evans

Rod Evans • there’s a live archive Captain Beyond CD due in America, from 1973. Details here.
Ian Paice • turns up on the cover of the June 2013 issue of Drum Magazine, check the cover out here.
Jon Lord • A link to a special 50 minute Israeli radio program, featuring the man himself and many more. Read details on our JL page.
We’ve also got two more possible pre-Purple Blackmore sessions documented. Check out this feature on the site and have a listen to one of them, and see what you think.
And if you fancy reading about the connections between Deep Purple, Leo Sayer and the UK’s first ‘bubble in’ (I’m so tempted to try and organise the second!), take a look at our new Deep Purple gig list entry for January 1970
EMI • the break up of EMI is causing all sorts of unforeseen consequences. For the Deep Purple catalogue it now looks as if the first wedge of the core albums will be moving over to the Time Warner label in Europe, and the later albums going to Universal. Which means that the classic run of albums from 68 to 76 will be split up for the first time. If you want any of the EMI originals I suggest you grab them quick (we do have some left at the DTB Online store).
Last word today goes to Gareth Toms: “I saw Bill Bailey last night play the riff to Smoke’ on his guitar, strumming it with a ten foot long dowel rod…”  Was it an instrument or a prosthetic we wonder?
Actually last word goes out to our effing useless Government. Instead of spending billions on HS2, a train service none of us will ever be able to afford to travel on, why not spend the money sorting out the UK broadband network, something we all use (says he after it went down for the sixth time today)…?
Thanks also to Jeff Breis, Stephen Clare.