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Bob, Martin.

August 18, 2013

Deep Purple have whacked another new song into the current tour, the list is on DTB on the news page.
Meanwhile, Martin Popoff has been chatting to Bob Ezrin for the Bravewords website and, as you might imagine from the compiler of several Deep Purple books, come up with some really interesting insights into the album now that the initial flurry of excitement has died back a little.
“I think the mission was clearly to put the deep back in Deep Purple. I didn’t come into this thinking that I had a mission. I came into this a little bit reluctantly, thinking that they were looking to me to make a contemporary rock album with Deep Purple, which I didn’t feel was appropriate, or could be done in an honest way. But when I met with the guys, after seeing their live show, and seeing especially the big jam that they do in the middle of the show, which was just masterful, virtuosic… after seeing that, and meeting with the guys, I realized that there was that original essence of Deep Purple that people hadn’t heard on record in a long time, and that if they wanted to do that sort of thing, I was really into doing it with them. And I think it was Roger who actually used the phrase ‘put the deep back in Deep Purple,’ which was music to my ears, if you’ll forgive the pun. So once we figured that that would be the mission, then I was interested.”
Read the rest of the interview at:
Martin’s book on Deep Purple Gettin Tighter is available on import at DTB Online.

Things Fall Together

April 25, 2013
Deep Purple Now What album

Deep Purple Now What album stock arrives…

Well here I go again (as someone once sang). 40 years ago I was sprawled on the carpet in our Victorian ‘best’ room with the gas fire on low, poring over the sleeve to Who Do We Think We Are having been through the new album and wondering if this was the end of the band. 20 years later, The Battle Rages On cut a similar vibe of a band at war with itself and ready to call it a day.
So, another twenty years on, is Now What really a last gasp offering from Deep Purple as so many on the web have speculated? Is it bunnies. And if it was their last album, it certainly gives us enough to feel they went out guns blazing. Let’s deal with that ridiculous marketing tosh on the cover first, ‘Perfect Strangers meets Made In Japan’? Nothing ‘meets’ Made In Japan. It sits there as a statement for all time; the best rock band on the planet.
Instead Now What is more Perfect Strangers meets Purpendicular, via H-Bomb, Tarkus and LA Woman really. I even got Talking Heads and Jethro Tull at a couple of points. And Roxy Music (but that was only because the girls from Country Life fell off the shelf at one point and almost hit me on the head when I pushed the volume up at one spot).
It’s a good strong offering from most angles, and one which I know I’ll want to listen to again. Good grief, even Hell To Pay fits right in to the album once you cop an earful of the Mandrake Root-esque Rondo which spills out between verses. The only cut I really had to skip on was Uncommon Man, where Don’s seeming infatuation with all thing ELP gets a little too uncomfortable, but overall this certainly doesn’t sound like a band about to call it a day. Indeed right now it sounds like the best since Abandon to me (an album I still feel got a raw deal).
Rapture was such a dreadful disappointment I was so nervous putting this on, but I don’t think I’m just on the rebound here in getting so much out of this. The vinyl even has shiny inner bags and everything, just like a real LP. And we’re not even having to mention the mix, because we don’t have to. Bob Ezrin has done what was required by and large, and brought out just about the best in it (give or take one or two places where the solos leap out a little too prominently).
What I suspect are fairly, um, suspect lyrics on Apres Vous (wisely buried in the mix!) even herald a full on guitar keyboard trade off clearly inspired by days of yore. Paicey keeps it all on track (some have bemoaned his lack of flash but to me he drives it well) while Glover really appears to be enjoying it. And Vincent Price certainly brought a smile to my face. What other band would throw this at us to end an album? That’s what still makes Deep Purple special at times, because you really cannot measure them up against any other outfit. They’re out there, they do what they do, and at times like this we love them for trying. Sure a few bridges are a little simplistic, and once again they steam into some stunning little instro passages then refuse to stretch them out, but enough survives to bring a some enjoyment into our triple dip recession ridden times, which is fine by me. If they can be bothered to risk all and build a set around this one then it stands a chance of being as good as the Abandon tour. Here’s hoping. Now Ian, about those “seven screaming virgins on a sacrificial altar”, what exactly is it we have to sign up for to be in with a shot?

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another album teaser

February 22, 2013

Another short audio teaser has been shipped, this time fronted by Roger Glover (and when we watched it a hoard of Disney characters!). You can check it out on our New Album page, hopefully free of other commercials.

New album…

October 18, 2012

With the new studio album well into post-production work, we’ve opened a page to keep up to date. Early news is of a choir singing on one of the tracks!

Album producer chosen?

April 13, 2012

bob ezrin producing next deep purple album“Well I think it’s now confirmed, it’s Bob Ezrin who will produce the new Deep Purple album”... According to Steve Morse, they have asked Bob Ezrin to produce the new studio album. This as you might imagine is Quite A Big Deal and indicates the level of seriousness with which they seem to be approaching the project. Ezrin has worked with some of the biggest names around, Pink Floyd, Kiss, Alice Cooper, Peter Gabriel, etc. There are also links with Morse going back to the last Kansas album (which Ezrin co-produced and also helped write) and this may have influenced their decision.
Morse was giving the news to French magazine Rock Hard. Thanks to Mathieu Pinard for the story.
And anyone else spot the Kansas sleeve imitating the old Bent Out Of Shape one as I did when checking this story!?