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Dylan Blue

September 14, 2016

Deep Purple Concerto Versace perfume

We posted an item about a French perfume launch which used Deep Purple’s Child In Time as their backing music not long ago, and now Versace have raided the band’s back-catalogue as well.  Quite whether Jon Lord would ever have imagined a section from his Concerto For Group and Orchestra being used to promote men’s fragrance is hard to know,  but whoever came up with the idea certainly earned their fee, as it fits really well.  As with the way of these things, the company have treated this like some sort of new Hollywood blockbuster with long cuts, directors versions and goodness knows what else, so I’m unsure how it will work as a 30 second TV advert.  Nor can I find any reference to the music whatsoever on Versace’s long-winded self-congratulatory puff pieces on their web site.
They forked out for everyone’s go to homoerotic photographer Bruce Weber to film it, who has obliged with lingering monochrome clips of fit guys rolling around in wet t-shirts or less, so one suspects this may be a post-watershed commercial if it gets shown.  Still £66 is little enough to pay for 100ml of perfumed alcohol if you’re going to end up looking like that I guess!

Some wag (hello Tim!) suggested that we see what other products Deep Purple tunes might suit, but the results were largely unprintable.  If you have any to add to the list let us know!  Strange Kind Of Woman for a Henry Moore sculpture exhibitions?  Kentucky Woman for a KFC recruitment ad?  Hard Road for the local tarmac surfacing consultants…

clear space on your shelf

May 20, 2014

Strange how everything goes quiet for a time then suddenly we’re swamped with new (and old) releases and forthcoming projects. Here’s a quick catch up with what’s happening:

Made In Japan is now shipping in all the various editions. We have already gone on about this on the site so will be interested to hear what people say once they actually get to study the content in detail. I’ve opened a reviews page.  DTB online stock is going out but taking ages to pack; as seems the norm these days we were left til last for stock orders.  However we will hold the advertised prices on the big editions for the next couple of weeks.

Jon Lord The Artwoods RPMThe Artwoods collection has been revamped since we last posted about it.  The set has been given a new title, Steady Gettin’ It, a new sleeve with a great colour photo, and an extra disc!  So it has morphed into a triple album.  The main reason for this is the inclusion of no fewer than FIVE BBC sessions by the band, some sixteen tracks in total from 1965, 1966 and 1967.  The booklet has also been expanded to 38 pages. It’s due in at the very end of July now, so will probably ship early August. Full track list is on our online store.

Also from the sixties is a nice looking reissue of the original Zephyr debut album, Tommy Bolin‘s first major studio output. Out of print here for years (BGO first issued it in the UK on CD), this has been overseen and annotated by band member David Givens and includes a remaster of the original 1969 album, a CD of miscellaneous live tracks and a third disc which is a one-off full reunion show from 1973 in Boulder (Tommy had moved on the year before). It’s a US import due at the end of this month but DTB Online will be stocking it. All the CDs are in separate mini-gatefold covers packaged in a nice slipcase with a detailed booklet.  Just think, MIJ could have looked like this!

Bernie Marsden ShineBernie Marsden has also finally set a date for his much trailed new solo album Shine, which is now due in August. As we’ve mentioned before, this features David Coverdale, Ian Paice and Don Airey in guest roles.  The previews we’ve heard sound great, a really gusty blues production. There will be a limited double vinyl run as well.

Glenn Hughes‘s new outfit California Breed is also due in a few days. They have added a limited edition which includes a DVD of the promo videos and other goodies.

Still no sign of the triple vinyl for Black Masquerade by Rainbow, we’ll keep hammering away at the label reps for a date.

The triple vinyl of Deep Purple’s 1969 Concerto has also gone back and is now promised for late June.  The Mk 1 box set is still in the pipeline but getting nearer.  I’m hoping there will be some exciting news concerning this, but have to keep quiet for now.

All the above are on the DTB Online store and can be ordered – or pre-ordered.

Lastly we do have some stock of the limited edition Record Store Day Deep Purple releases here but will only put these on the store once we have fulfilled the pre-orders.
And talking of online stores, we are in the final testing stages of a NEW DTB COLLECTABLES online shop.  Response to our earlier lists of collectors items, rarities, second hand vinyl, etc. was so good we have decided to open a new online shop for this sort of material.  More details will follow very shortly.  We are also going to open a new email news and new release news service.  Lots of you already get emails from Ann but her software is now starting to creak at the sheer number of addresses. So we’ve invested in a special software to organise this better and again details will be posted here soonest.

Spoiler alert!

March 28, 2014
Deep Purple Concerto 69

Come on guys, if we all chip in a tanner, we’ll be able to buy a copy of the triple vinyl set in 45 years time!

It was hoped the labels owning the various strands of the Deep Purple archive might put their heads together and organise things but this increasingly seems to be wishful thinking. The monster edition of Made In Japan is one thing, but a rival label has now decided to try and steal some of the thunder by rushing out a triple vinyl pressing of the Concerto For Group & Orchestra on the same day. It all harks back to the start of the reunion when EMI, peeved at not getting Perfect Strangers, dashed out that grotty double Anthology to spoil the fun.

Anyhow, the complete Concerto evening has been out before on CD, but the full event has not made it to vinyl – until now. Split across six sides, with Purple’s three song set on two sides, and the Concerto itself now getting one movement per side. Malcolm Arnold’s 6th Symphony takes up the first side.
It all comes in a box with a 16 page booklet, and all at a stiff price no doubt. The dealer price is 100% higher than that for the vinyl of the band’s last studio album, despite there being no studio recording costs. It’s an expensive time to be a vinyl nutcase that’s for sure. Everyone else can rest easy as the release adds nothing new. Unless they restored that little drum edit and the on-stage announcement of the winners of the signed programmes.
Anyhow we’ve added it to the DTB catalogue and prices will be dropped in just as soon as Ann has done the maths on the post (which is going up again next month, as the privatised owners start to pamper the new shareholders).

Concerto and Coronation Street

Coronation Street For Group & Orchestra

November 12, 2013

UPDATE – 8.65 million people saw this episode! There is now more detail on how this storyline came about from the script writer on the site.

Coronation Street and Deep Purple

This still (© ITV) comes from a recent episode of Britain’s longest running (TV) soap, Coronation Street.  People tell me this episode saw two of the characters – Roy Cropper and his wife Hayley – having a discussion about music. He’s into classical, she isn’t. Roy then tries a sideways conversion by playing her the UK vinyl of Deep Purple’s original Concerto! After some discussion and with Ian Paice’s solo in the background Haley wonders aloud how long it goes on for…
Next week, Stan Ogden and Annie Walker go head to head about Morse replacing Blackmore and the Police are called.
You can watch the full edition to get the context on ITV catch up.

More ‘Corrie’ Deep Purple pub quiz facts facts  1) Jon Lord once suggested his great ambition was to appear in Coronation Street! He did start out wanting to be an actor.  2) There used to be a copy of Deep Purple In Concert 70-72 stored under the counter in The Rover’s Return pub in the series*.

* I originally wrote MIJ in haste. I ought to recall the correct fact as it’s my one claim to fame as I designed the In Concert sleeve!

Thanks to : Stephen ‘My wife was watching it honest’ Clare, Michael ‘so was my wife’ Richards, Tim Summers, and Jon Kirkman.

News and site updates

December 6, 2012

The special edition of the 2012 Concerto is shipping from DTB Online and elsewhere. Details of the edition on the site here. More Jon Lord news on the dedicated page here.

Coverdale explans all about his own range of wines in a new documentary, details and a link to the site here.

Martin Popoff’s two books on Purple are combined in a new German language edition, the cover can be seen here.

Details of the first of the revamped Deep Purple audio archive titles are appearing; this will be the Paris 1975 show plus a bonus interview and new packaging. I’m not sure how it will differ sonically but suspect it will be more or less the same audio (and let’s be honest, it was a great mix). We’ll cover the new editions on the site here.

The California Jam book is now on the litho presses and binding is set to commence later this week. Simon was down at the printers for much of last week and came back with a proof copy to review, so expect more soon. In the meantime details of the title here (and please note the signature edition is almost sold out).

EMI have deleted their recent Machine Head CD box set, Ann is contacting late customers who have been waiting. There was no indication from EMI that this was limited to one pressing, so it’s taken us by surprise. Copies are around with some other dealers but prices are going up. We’re also told that the special remaster of Down To Earth has gone.

Finally Roger Glover is now suggesting April as the likely release date for the new Deep Purple album.

If you missed our last site update, check it out now. If you’re wanting anything from the DTBOnline site in time for Christmas do get a wriggle on as supply lines are quite stretched at the moment! So it was with huge joy that Ann’s phone line went down yet again last week. BT are now saying a 300 yard stretch of cable serving several properties needs replacing. Her calls are being diverted to our other line…

Thought for the day. Dear George Osbourne, if we’re all in this together, how come I never see you in Poundland?


Concerto SE date

October 26, 2012

The special edition of Jon Lord’s Concerto 2012 has been fixed for the end of the first week of December. As trailed, it has the standard CD, a unique Making Of DVD, a multi 70+ page book, in A5 hardback format.

In the meantime the reissue of Before I Forget is now shipping from DTBOnline store.