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March 31, 2015

Deep Purple House of Blue Light t-shirt

Tracy Chaplain-Payne wonders if we get Simple Crochet magazine on a regular basis, to which I shame-facedly have to answer “no”. Viz, Private Eye and Country Life is about as far as it goes.  So we missed this nice upcycling of a vintage Deep Purple shirt which turned up on the cover of the magazine issue 29 to offset the crochet scarf. It’s the House Of Blue Light tour, and has been given a new v-neck (losing two of the band in the process!) with a leather string to gather the shoulders.  Or you could hang on to yours in the hopes that it becomes a collector’s item (though after 30 years you’d think it might have done so by now…).

Who’s the bassist in the black?

January 16, 2015

Ritchie Blackmore playing bass, Montreux, 1971

Well we know who the bassist is obviously, but couldn’t resist the header!  It’s Ritchie Blackmore, caught by a 15 year old fan at the side of the stage with his instamatic back in April 1971.  Apart from the fact that Blackmore has made a swop with Roger for the Precision bass, the extra interest is that the band are playing at the Montreux Casino just 8 months before they would return there with plans to record an album on this very same stage. I think it’s one of the earliest shots of Ritchie with a bass, there are a couple of Ritchie playing bass with Alex Harvey from 1974.

Jean-Lou who took the shot can’t recall too much about the show (and to be fair my recollections of first seeing the band that same year are a little limited), but he has hunted out his original photographs so we can get hi-res scans which will appear in the upcoming Machine Head book Fire In The Sky later this year.  If there are any other fans out there who saw the band at the time, or went to the infamous Zappa show in December, please do get in touch.

Thanks also to Stephen Clare.  Here’s a recent pic of him doing the same thing, 40 something years on; not sure about the pink finish though!

Ritchie Blackmore pink bass guitar

That’s why Mums go to…

January 13, 2015

Jon-Lord-Iceland-1971Brilliant project going on in Iceland called ROK, to document their rock and pop scene over the years.  It includes pages on the many visiting bands too, including one on Deep Purple.  Lots of cuttings and material, all of it written in Icelandic but fun to look at nevertheless.  Here’s a cutting from Morgunbladid, June 3. 1971.  Thanks to Tonny Steenhagen.

Change of gear

December 19, 2014

Roger Glover doctorate

Out goes the old bandana, in come the snazzy college headgear and gown.  Has Roger Glover made a career decision and decided to audition for Blackmore’s Night?  Happily not. Instead he is being made an honorary fellow of the University of South Wales (new college motto “hyacinthinas in petra”?) in recognition of his musical achievements.  Who needs the Rock And Roll Hall of Fame? Congratulations is what we say and nice to see him looking so well too.

I would direct you to the article on the BBC Wales web site but it’s so full of factual errors Universal have probably got there first to sign the writer up for their next archive sleeve note…!  Thanks to Tim Summers who pointed me at the story.


December 17, 2014

jackson-pollockIan Paice is featured in the new issue of Record Collector, and refers to their new studio album titled “Glorious Chaos”.  Whether this will be the final title or is just a working name we don’t know, though it does sound very Ian Gillan!  Anyhow he does confirm they’ve done a writing session for it already.
Ian also explains that they did ask Coverdale and Blackmore to the Jon Lord tribute, but doesn’t really elaborate on why they didn’t make it over.
My thanks to Tom Dixon for the news.

Machine Head shout out

December 9, 2014

Deep Purple rolling stones mobileIt being that time of year (Christmas? No, much more important – the anniversary of the Machine Head sessions! 43 years ago this week) I’ve been reminded to mention the ‘looking back’ feature we did some time ago which some will have missed. A sort of glance at events day by day in December 1971.  It’s been updated a little, we now know for example that Jon drove down in his E-Type Jag (nice), but fun to look through and think back.

We are working on the Machine Head book (Fire In The Sky), which will follow the In Rock title early in the new year. More details of that on the publisher’s website (where you can also join a newsletter service to keep up to date on progress). In connection with this, if there is anyone out there who knows people who worked at The Grand Hotel or the other venues the band used / stayed in, please try and put us in touch.  If you worked for the Stones Mobile crew back then (in the office perhaps) we’d love to ask some questions. We have found a few people who went to the actual Zappa show too and witnessed the fire, but it would be interesting to get more reports.


Pay to view

December 1, 2014

Deep Purple Liverpool 1976Hot on the heels of that interesting Marshall documentary (which was pretty good for the most part – and great to have Purple’s part of the story properly recognised, and see Nick Simper, Bernie Marsden and Mick Underwood in a show together), and that iffy Made In Japan one from a few weeks back, comes news that the much edited Last Concert In Japan aka Rises Over Japan Mk 4 video gets an airing at the weekend, albeit on Sky Arts (Sat Dec 6th). If you’ve not got one of the zillion pirate copies or never watched it online, then approach with some caution as it is a very heavily edited and messed about with representation of the band. Thanks to Mr. TV listings, Tim Summers.

(I was going to illustrate this with a shot of Mk 1 as is traditional in TV listings magazines but wasn’t sure everyone would get the joke!)


November 27, 2014

Documentary looking at the history of Marshall on BBC4 TV Friday night at 10.00pm, which should be of interest to most Purple fans. As is all too often the case with the BBC these days I’ve not seen one trailer for the show (clearly Lucy Worsleblackmore marshall stacksy isn’t fronting it) which is squeezed in between a couple of programmes about Pink Floyd (it will be available on iPlayer soon after). Sadly Blackmore didn’t want to appear, and they couldn’t get Glover’s schedule to tie-in with filming dates but Nick Simper does hold the torch for the band.  Lot’s of other interesting guests in the one hour show, though sadly as it has been in the works for some years, not all have survived to see it transmitted (including Big Jim Sullivan).  The eagle eyed may well spot the name of Tonny Steenhagen in the credits, a regular contributor to all things Darker Than Blue, who helped the producers out.  Let’s hope they spell his name right…!

Link to the BBC4 page about the programme.

Photo from the easy on the eye book “Wait For The Ricochet”.

1974 in focus

November 19, 2014

These days the anniversaries seem to be coming thick and fast; I just had a journalist enquiring about photographs I took at the Butterfly Ball show as he was planning a 40th anniversary feature on the album…  could it really be that long ago?

Deep Purple UK tour 1974

But interesting as that album was, perhaps for many the event we should be looking back on was the UK debut 40 years ago of Deep Purple Mk 3, on a massive and what proved to be very exciting UK tour.  I was reminded of this thanks to this great photograph taken from up in the gods looking down on the group rocking out in front of a clearly appreciative crowd.  It was taken by photographer Barry Plummer and I’ve been helping him sort through his images for a series of books.  He worked for The Melody Maker and as such was often sent out to cover the band, the first time being in 1971, photographing both live shows and the musicians off-stage during interviews.  The paper would use one or two photos, and Barry just filed the rest of his negatives away.  Anyhow, one of the books is devoted just to Deep Purple and we’ll have more on the book (which is due in early 2015) soon but I got permission from the publishers to reproduce this shot.  For anyone who caught this tour (I was lucky enough to see two shows) it will really bring the gigs into focus.  It’s also fascinating just to look at the little bits of detail – the roll of gaffer tape on one of the amps, the support band’s drum kit shoved behind the back-line, Jon’s effects unit taped to the top of his Hammond, Ritchie’s Revox, Ron Quinton holding on to the Marshall stack, the left-handed Strat, and so on. I’m back there blissed out on the blues solo once more!

The book is one of a series from Barry’s archives coming out on ST33 books (the others feature more big names from the era), you can read a bit more on their site.  We’ll be getting more details soon and discounts for Darker Than Blue readers are on the cards.

Re-Live Rock n Roll?

November 7, 2014

The silly season for news is well and truly over (and let’s face it how can anyone top the Daily Mail story that “loom bands cause cancer”?). But things move a little more slowly in DTB land, so we might as well bring you this year’s Rainbow 2 Reform story.
As best we can figure things out, Ritchie Blackmore has had itchy Stratocaster fingers for a while now. He first sounded out members of the current Deep Purple over a year ago, suggesting a last get together for a few mega Mk 2 shows. Agreement was difficult to reach, not least because of how on earth could DP carry on after doing that?
So it was on to Mr. Coverdale, the idea of working together again with a nod to Mk 3 days gaining some momentum before also coming off the rails when Coverdale decided he’d rather do other things.
From there we move on to widely reported comments from Joe Lynn Turner in a recent interview given to a Greek rock journalist, which sounded fairly optimistic on his part.

“Well, I’m gonna be honest with you, right now. Yes! Possibly. It’s very possible. Last year, I wouldn’t say it. But this year I say it. It’s possible. It’s a very big possibility that something might, just might, happen. I heard talk and all I can say is that I’m not supposed to talk about it, but I’m talking to you now, and all I want you to say is yes. It’s a very big possibility that we may have a reunion. It will be phenomenal.”

And while some who have seen the story are determined to resist I’m willing to bet a lot of us would weaken. You can read the full interview and story on the Rock Overdose website:

A diver investigating the remains of the rainbow lighting rig yesterday.

A diver investigating the remains of the rainbow lighting rig yesterday.


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