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June 4, 2018

The setlist from Moscow last week gives an idea of the current set of dates: Highway star, Bloodsucker, Pictures of Home, Strange Kind of Woman, Sometimes I Feel Like Screaming, Uncommon Man, Lazy, Time for Bedlam, Birds of Prey, Knocking At Your Backdoor, Perfect Strangers, Space Truckin’, Smoke on The Water – Hush, Black Night
Time For Bedlam was dropped at the festival they did in Mexico, probably for time reasons, but otherwise this seems to be the show for the time being. So the new album content has dropped quite a lot, it looks like we caught them at the right time on the UK tour last year! Thanks to Mike Richards and Bo Olsson for the updates. All the upcoming dates are on our diary page.

Extended play

July 17, 2017

Deep Purple are releasing Johnny’s Band from Infinite as an audio CD EP in early August.  It’s just the album version (a video has been out for some time) but to tempt collectors comes with a rehearsal jam and three live tracks (two oldies) listed as unreleased, but I’m not sure where from or when.  The cover looks like an old cast-off Gillan band offering!  Thanks to Marcin Zalewski for the notice.

Tracklist: Johnny’s Band (Album Version) / In & Out Jam (Rehearsal Recording) / Strange Kind of Woman / The Mule  / Hell to Pay (All Previously Unreleased)

Deep Purple Johnnys Band EP 2017 CD EP

News bits

April 19, 2013

Deep Purple Scream Magazine 2013Roger Glover has completed the tale of recording the new album on his site, you can read the last of the three extracts here.
Points of interest include the use of a couple of session guys in places, which has to be a first for the band (unless the odd backing warble by crew members counts!) to do some acoustic and lap steel guitar parts, either as Steve was on tour at the time or perhaps in the case of the latter as it’s a fairly specialised piece of gear.
Roger reckons Bob made them work hard and they responded. At least one DTB reader (name withheld to protect his sources!) has heard a low-fi version of the final album and reports “a kind of pleasing amalgam of the Morse era elements in evidence – the free-thinking of Purpendicular, the heaviness of Abandon, the progressiveness of Rapture – are all represented, plus something else…”
As he rightly says, this is the sort of information which will mean things to fans, rather than banging on about Made in Japan and Perfect Strangers…
One journalist we know had his request for a promo turned down (which seems a bit over-cautious, it’ll be out anyway in less than a fortnight) and a booked interview pulled due to ‘lack of time’. It seems to be the two Ian’s doing the rounds this album, and they’ll be on BBC Radio Tue 2 on 23 Apr 2013 if you want to check it out.
If you’re too stingy or broke to get the single, the tracks are all now up on Spotify if you’re a subscriber (and don’t mind the musicians getting paid peanuts in royalties!).
It looks like the Rock & Roll Hall Of Infamy has passed on Deep Purple again, as Rush – who are being inducted this week – have complained. “The sound of bands like ourselves would not be the same without Ritchie Blackmore’s guitar playing and the writing that Deep Purple did as a band. So I feel pretty strongly that they should be in there.”
Lastly the Whitesnake-heavy trailer for Discoverdale is online at the pro’s video site of choice, gives you an idea of the storyline.
Thanks also to Peter Judd, Bjørn Sund, Stephen Clare, Matthew Burbridge.

New album…

October 18, 2012

With the new studio album well into post-production work, we’ve opened a page to keep up to date. Early news is of a choir singing on one of the tracks!

DTB Newsletter May / June 2012

May 31, 2012

Where’s ex-Deputy Chief Constable John Stalker with his sun-blinds when you need him? And if it’s this hot here, what’s it going to be like Stateside when the Purple’s get stuck into recording next month?!

Graham Bonnet era Rainbow

Graham with Rainbow – biography on the way, see below

NEW ALBUM – Ian Gillan has also confirmed Bob Ezrin as the producer of the next DP studio album in an upbeat interview with Geoff Barton for Classic Rock magazine (who ran the story about Ezrin from this site and credited us). He explains their thinking thus: “We’re looking for one of those old-pro type approaches where you have guidance and a great sound. He came up to see us and talk it through and everyone fell in love with him.” Start date for the recording which will take place in Nashville (Dolly Parton on backing vox?) is June 23. with a six week studio booking.
Steve Morse was talking to Record Collector recently and said while IG may have spent the entire Spanish writing session week talking about football, the rest of the band actually got an album’s worth of music demos laid down. These will form the basis of the recording sessions, with Gillan having had the time in between to get vocal and lyric ideas together. So writing on the plane over then!

MACHINE HEAD TRIBUTE – Some details of the upcoming Machine Head tribute are slipping out. Metallica have mentioned it while talking about the Dio tribute project (which they also hope to help with). “We were asked if we’d contribute to the anniversary of ‘Machine Head’ – we can’t turn that down. We’re circling the Dio and Purple catalogues and hopefully we’ll come up with something that is worthy of these wonderful men.”
Joe Bonamassa has confirmed that he’s laid down a version of Lazy for the album, with Jimmy Barnes on vocals.
Meanwhile Polish band Panteon will be playing the whole of Made In Japan live at a special tribute show for the 40th anniversary of that album on Aug 17. in Warsaw; thanks to Adam Panasiuk for the heads up.
As for the anniversary edition of Machine Head itself, this has now gone back to September release and we still don’t know what will be on it. However some filming for a documentary has been going on, with Claude Nobs going on camera recently.

VINTAGE PHOTO SETS  – plans for two posh sets of real vintage Deep Purple photos are being finalised, from 1976 and 1970. We’ll send details out to DTB people soon but I’ve seen test versions and they look amazing.

S&M and VINYL – no, not a new Fetish corner, but a vinyl reissue of the Slaves & Masters album is upcoming (though the album did come out on vinyl originally). Let’s hope the label has improved their packaging, their work on Purpendicular was a bit skimpy. It’s on the DTBOnline store.

DEMON GIVER – Just hammering a live version of Demon’s Eye the other day and realised how similar the start of the track Ballad Of Mr. Giver by Ashton / Lord is to it.

FAULTY MONTREUX – That Live In Montreux triple album limited edition on purple glitter vinyl from Italy we flagged up some time ago? People tell me that it has a pressing fault, and repeats Maybe I’m A Leo twice at the expense of Rapture Of The Deep. Ouch. Someone didn’t check the test pressing properly, which with something as expensive and limited as this seems a bit much.

GLENN HUGHES – Black Country are planning to cut their third album we think in June, with a view to a November release. One of those rock and roll Allstars shows with Glenn Hughes guesting has gone out on FM, and finds Glenn doing a Cult track and Highway Star. A number of the proposed dates were pulled. Glenn himself had three UK show in May supported by Fish of all people. Andy Hardman says most of the Fish fans upped sticks and left at the London date once their hero had been on.

WHO CARES – Details are emerging of a compilation album (including some rarities) as a follow-up to Gillan and Tony Iommi’s charity single release of last year under the Who Cares banner. We’ve added the early track listing to the site here.

IAN PAICE – Will guest on a new CD by Jettblack out in June, titled Raining Rock. There is also promo footage about of him thrashing one of those limited edition signature kits on the web, as well as a lot of techie stuff about the specs. We’ve just been in touch with a guy who went to school with our Ian, and says he got a rollicking off his Aunt after IP practised his paradiddles on a brass vase she owned!

LORD SUTCH – There’s a new Lord Sutch & The Savages CD collection out; the usual early material with Blackmore’s contributions, and some later bits and bobs. Actually it looks like a re-release of the old EMI 18 track job to me but if you’ve not got anything from this era it’s worth a listen. It’s on the store.

GRAHAM BONNET – There is a proper authorised Graham Bonnet biography on the cards, which will cover his early career in detail, time with Rainbow and an even rockier spell with Schenker. It’s being assembled by Steve Wright who used to publish the fanzine Under The Bonnet. You can see a list of who has been interviewed on Graham’s website – The interviews cover most of his ex-band members from the local bands in Skegness, right up to Andy DeGilsomina from Lyraka and from every part of his career in-between just about, as well as a few producers too (producers eh? Martin Birch has refused point blank to talk about Machine Head for the Smoke book). Steve is trying to find anyone who went to see MSG on ‘that’ night at Sheffield Polytechnic (a warm up show to Reading) when things got out of control on stage (well got out anyway). If you were there and recall the events, or took photographs drop me a line and I’ll pass it on.

WHITESNAKE – Someone has got around to dissing the Whitesnake LE Bio at last, albeit a journalist who got his copy for free. Still, we look forward to being able to add said journalist’s description of Coverdale in the review as “Pigheaded” should we ever do an update. And hopefully the new book will be as useful as the old edition was when he needs to update the next set of Whitesnake reissue sleeve notes…
There are some more vinyl reissues scheduled for later this year and we’ll have details soon.

Gillan Future ShockGILLAN – That reissue of Future Shock is being pressed at 45 rpm as a 2LP set. This is a recent development (well it’s been seen before but appears to be gaining ground again) to improve audio quality, though a bit of a blow to people like us whose deck is set at one speed. I have to take off the turntable and mess with the pulley to switch speed! There will be two editions, one is a regular gatefold, the other is done as a hardback book, which is quite pricey but limited to 1,000 copies. As I’ve done the sleeve notes for them, we’re getting a good price for the DTBOnline store where you can pre-order. Expected to ship in June.

COLIN TOWNS – has been touring the UK with an outfit called Blue Touch Paper during May. “…occasional suggestions of latter-day Weather Report and Frank Zappa in the more complex items. Overall, an expertly conceived and articulated series of compositions that hung together superbly as an evening of music full of engagement and appealing sonic surprises.” according to the Herald in Scotland.

ROGER GLOVER – A lot of the Tolo Martin / Roger Glover show in April in Italy is on the web. As for Deep Purple content, there was a sort of Mk 2 medley with Lazy, Mary Long and Highway Star, then Smoke for the encore.

A Knight In York Blackmore's NightRITCHIE BLACKMORE – The DVD of the bard in black’s most recent UK tour is ready for release at the end of June. It was filmed at the Blackmore’s Night show in York (Opera House 30 Sep. 2011), titled A Knight In York, and issued in multiple formats; DVD, Blueray, CD and triple vinyl limited editions. You can pre-order at the DTBOnline store. Blackmore’s Night have said they will not be touring for the rest of this year. There is a reason for this, but we’d better wait for an official announcement!

ROD EVANS – There is a documentary on the 1972 Bickershaw festival out on DVD. It was shot by Granada TV. Captain Beyond played the gig but sadly only a short clip of them appears in the film and it seems unlikely Granada saved the rest. But if you want to see what 70s festivals were like (and why I did my best to avoid them – though I do recall an all-nighter in Leeds at the Queen’s Hall if that counts! And recall it despite Lemmy offering us access to his stash) it’s said to be a good place to start. Roll on a DVD of the Buxton festival around the same time, with weather and conditions so bad Chuck Berry took one look out of the window of his limo as it climbed up into the mist via a the rutted hillside cattle track, and told his driver to turn round and drive him back home!

TOMMY BOLIN – Some confusion over the upcoming Bolin & Friends CD set Gypsy Soul, with the compilers telling people the 2CD edition was exclusive to Amazon. We checked with the label who say this may be true for America, but they’ll be issuing it properly in Europe, and with revamped and upgraded packaging as well. Again you can pre-order at the DTBOnline store. We’ll have a review of the music on the blog very soon.

RADIO 4 – Comedian / musician / etc. Tim Minchin picked a DP song as one of his Desert Island Discs on Radio 4 the other week, the first time a castaway has ever done so we think. “Well, there are so many great Deep Purple songs but this song is just ridiculously cool. It’s from the era where Richie Blackmore was playing guitar and Ian Gillan was singing and I, .. er, .. I just love it. It just rocks. It’s ridiculous. It’s called I’m Alone.”  Mr. Minchin was also on The One Show recently where he said that the Gillan/Head JC Superstar was a major influence. He is touring a production of this in the UK at present. The day before, the same programme had a snippet of Black Night too… we’ll let James Bateman off for watching such quality TV as he knew someone on the show! It was almost me last year James, doing a piece on pre-war seaside photographers, but then some deprived inner-city folk rioted and all the regular strands (and myself) were dropped as too lightweight.
Radio 4 had two learned gents comparing Smoke On The Water to Mozart’s music on the show Key Matters recently. As you do.

Deep Purple California Jam Photo BiographyCALIFORNIA JAM – the special photo biography book on perhaps Deep Purple’s most famous show is edging closer. We’ve opened a page on the blog here to keep people updated and there is also a special California Jam page on the publisher’s site. There you can register your interest, and will be kept up to date with progress, special offer information etc. One or two people have emailed to ask if we’re involved, and the answer is you bet. We’ve helped co-ordinate the project and done the text. I’m hoping we’ll be able to show some page layouts soon, they’re looking good. And we’re so excited about one very special person being involved – but have to keep quiet for the moment!

DTB COLLECTORS LIST – the new list is ready now. Ann has sent this out to our regulars but if you haven’t seen it then it can be downloaded as a PDF file from the DTB blog. Over 340 mostly one-off rarities from Deep Purple and family; CD, vinyl, printed material and more.

Thanks to everyone who has helped this newsletter, with special house points to Michalis Salahoris, Nigel Young, Tom Dixon, Matthew Kean and Stuart Hamilton.

DTB Newsletter – 4/12

April 30, 2012

April newsletter – just! Put it down to general low-spirits brought on by the non-stop rain this month plus a mad burst of skirting board fitting. The broadband also goes really flakey in weather like this and that hasn’t helped. Anyhow, others have been busy:

roger glover and steve mores deep purple

DEEP PURPLE NOW – Steve Morse confirmed Bob Ezrin (Kiss, Alice Cooper, etc.) as the likely producer for the band’s next studio album during a French interview. It shows a certain raising of the bar in this department (I wonder if they dare play him Rapture given the awful sound?). Read more on the blog here and see what others think of the idea.

smoke on the water record day single 2012

DEEP PURPLE THEN – EMI released Smoke On The Water on a 7″ 45 as one of their contributions to Record Day in the UK, with a pressing limited to just 1,000 copies. It’s on purple wax too and issued in a “retro picture sleeve”. If anyone is after it drop Ann an email as we have been able to pick up a few copies from our local indie store this week. Read more about Record Store Day 2012 on the site here.
That Deep Purple Lyon 1973 recording we mentioned last newsletter? Collectors say it’s very poor and not even complete, so probably the same cassette that’s been doing the rounds for years.
Here’s a question for you; I was doing some photo research the other day when a strange reference to Machine Head turned up, claiming that Bernie Taupin worked on the record in some capacity. The photo library had no more information. I assume it’s tosh but…
New to look at on the blog if you missed it is a short article on the discovery of the Who Do We Think We Are studio location in Frankfurt at last with photos.

machine head in a record rackMACHINE HEAD – Metallica have been talking about contributing to a Machine Head tribute album this year. I’m not supposed to talk about the project – so I won’t, except to say my suggestions for bands and musicians to contribute appears to have been too esoteric by far! I just fancied seeing something beyond the usual suspects really. A US radio station has aired a Machine Head radio special recently, but it turned out to be a rejigging of one from an earlier show.

MORSE – Steve Morse has managed to organise some gigs during Deep Purple’s summer holidays, with shows during July 2012 in Germany, Russia and elsewhere. More details on his website. steve morse flying colors cdMeanwhile the Flying Colors debut release is finally shipping, and anyone who ordered from DTB Online Store will get the Ltd. Ed. version. They have also added a late vinyl edition to the formats which we have in stock too; nice to see that cover art proper size.

PAICE – Ian Paice was confirmed late on for a slot at the first UK Buddy Rich memorial show on April 2. 2012 (it is normally staged in America) and was presented with a lifetime achievement award too. Paice has also authorised a signature drum kit, the first we’ve ever heard of. You can read the press release here and start saving up now! It comes with a Machine Head drum head too, even though at that time he used a rival’s equipment. The most bizarre aspect of the whole offer is that the buyers of the kits (only 12 to be made) will be offered lunch with Ian Paice at his favourite restaurant, “cost not to exceed £50″…
Ian Paice has also signed on to be a member of jury in a High School Music Competition in Istanbul.

GILLAN – the first of those deluxe vinyl reissues is going to be Future Shock, remastered off the original quarter inch production tapes (I know this is true for once as we’ve loaned them a missing reel). The plan is to package it in hard-back book form, with all the artwork and booklet, plus detailed sleeve notes (by yours truly). It will be limited to 500 copies. No price information yet, but we will take pre-orders at DTB Online store and let people know as soon as we have details. Due early summer.
IG is also working on a charity album release at present, more details anon.

WHITESNAKER Bernie Marsden has lined up some shows to celebrate his forty year career this summer. They all take place in June. Check the tour poster here for the dates. He’ll be playing his own tracks and some favourites from Peter Green, Rory Gallagher etc.

LORD – Bruce Dickinson, Ian Paice and Jon Lord have been confirmed to appear at the sixth annual Sunflower Jam Rock & Roll Music Event in London. This will be at the Royal Albert Hall on September 16. The Sunflower charity raises money and awareness for different ways of treating cancer. You can check last year’s event here.
The 2012 Concerto is almost finished, and it looks like the release will come in a special hardback book edition with lots of photos, notes etc. We’ll add this to the DTB Online store for pre-ordering.

GLOVER – becomes guitarist Tolo Martin’s latest Deep Purple guest musician, at a one-off show in Italy at the end of April. Check the flyer here.

BLACKMORE – Nigel Young mentions the death on March 31. of Arvid ‘Silas Wegg’ Andersen, who worked with Blackmore and Jim Evans in The Three Musketeers, Neil Christian And The Crusaders, The Trip and others in the years preceding the formation of Deep Purple. Blackmore has noted Arvid’s passing on his site. Also lost to rock this month is Jim Marshall, with whom Blackmore worked closely over the years.
Niji Records issued a picture disc edition of Long Live Rock’n Roll to mark Record Store Day this year, there’s a shot of it on the site here. It seems to have been mostly limited to North America but is available via their US online store.

TRIBUTE BAND CORNER – DP tribute act CTTB who have done gigs with Glenn in the past are playing three shows at the end of April with Joe Lynn Turner, which will give them chance to air some of the S&M era tracks we assume.
I see Yes have just started a tour with a singer from a Yes tribute band replacing a singer from another Yes tribute band, who replaced original singer Jon Anderson four years back. Is this the future for our classic bands?!

As many spotted, Deep Purple, the horse not the band, was running in this year’s Grand National. Over to our man in the deerstalker Keith Livingstone: “Deep Purple still running… Ian is setting the Paice, Roger is (Gl)over Beechers, Gillan looks in Trouble, Steve Morse is trying to avoid a Major Impact and Don looks a bit Airey at the Chairy.” The horse pulled up and refused a fence second time round but lives to race another day, unlike some on the day. Over on ITV Tim McSummers adds “more ‘The Mule’ than ‘Speed King’ then…at least it wasn’t ‘Time to Kill'”
And congrats to DTB man Tim Corbett who wisely avoided the temptation to place a bet on the nag and instead got first and third place winners.

Thanks to Tim Summers, Toby Cruse, Mark Jones, Stuart Hamilton, Danny Fox, David Browne, Tarik Burcoglu, Jo Henning Kåsin

NEW IN THE STORE THIS MONTH – The first reissue of the PAL Live broadcast for years is in stock. Total Abandon live reissue. Flying Colors CD and LP limited editions.

And finally… if you’re staying in the Clarks Shiraz Hotel, Agra (nr. Taj Mahal) in India, check out this purpley named cafe, it would appear that the manager must be a fan. Thanks to David Black for the snap, he went for the “puff + coffee” at 125/-.
Never Before cafe menu

Record rack photo copyright fensterbme

Album producer chosen?

April 13, 2012

bob ezrin producing next deep purple album“Well I think it’s now confirmed, it’s Bob Ezrin who will produce the new Deep Purple album”... According to Steve Morse, they have asked Bob Ezrin to produce the new studio album. This as you might imagine is Quite A Big Deal and indicates the level of seriousness with which they seem to be approaching the project. Ezrin has worked with some of the biggest names around, Pink Floyd, Kiss, Alice Cooper, Peter Gabriel, etc. There are also links with Morse going back to the last Kansas album (which Ezrin co-produced and also helped write) and this may have influenced their decision.
Morse was giving the news to French magazine Rock Hard. Thanks to Mathieu Pinard for the story.
And anyone else spot the Kansas sleeve imitating the old Bent Out Of Shape one as I did when checking this story!?

DTB Newsletter – 03/12

March 23, 2012

ian-gillan-rock-meets classics

Deep Purple Now • IG at Vancouver Feb 26 mid-set: “This is the last night of a tour that has lasted over 6 years and over 50 countries. After this show it’s over. We will be making a new record this year.” Steve Morse has also confirmed recording plans in a recent interview: “There is more writing sessions scheduled in May, and then we will start recording in June and July.”
Apparently Steve Morse kicked off some heated online debate following the piece after the interviewer asked : Do you see your career, at some point in the future, going away from Deep Purple and more into the area of Flying Colors?
Steve: “Yes, I definitely do. I don’t think Deep Purple can keep up the level of touring that we do, forever. I have always pushed them, sometimes too hard, for some control in the scheduling so that I can book stuff when there is a touring gap. The problem I keep running into is that when a gap becomes available, then it is too late to book the dates for my solo stuff. That is my only complaint with Deep Purple; I wish I had more control over the schedule. I think it is naturally going to slow down, somewhat.”
Seems fairly innocuous to me as well as being realistic. They can’t go on hurtling at this rate for ever! It’s actually quite nice to hear they are taking time off to relax and get a bit of writing done. It can only make shows that bit more special if they decide to ease off a bit (Morse has some touring planned for the summer – see next newsletter or check his website).
In a sign of the times, the meet and greet at Vancouver was done before the show at 6.30pm so they could get an early night. The set contained exactly one track from the ‘current’ album. It seems a long way from the start of the Rapture tour back at The Astoria in January 2006 (time enough indeed for the planners to have pulled the flipping place down!). It appears that IG tore his Achilles tendon and this explains the on-stage brace he was sporting on the Canadian tour. Sounds very painful.

Deep Purple Then • There are rumours of a soundboard of the long lost Lyon show (March 16. 1973) turning up at last. Poor off-air tapes have been about for years and the radio station closed a long time ago, with their archives disappearing (the station has sort of reappeared since but under a new set-up). I can remember trying to listen to the show from Luxembourg on AM transistor in the early hours… the station even had a tie-in music / fashion mag for a time called Fab 208.
Total Abandon, the live set recorded in Australia back in 1999, is coming back out again. They’ve taken a tape splicer to the end of the performance to get it onto a single CD for some strange reason, so it’s not complete. It’s also got a new sleeve, the third by my reckoning. Expect it in April. We’ve got it on pre-order at DTB Online Store.
There’s a glittery purple vinyl edition of Montreux 2011 due from Night Of The Vinyl Dead in Italy, a triple set in fact. They’re only issuing 500 copies and we can’t get wholesale stock. It’s the same mob who did the Concerto set last year and they sell out very quickly so if you want one move fast.
March’s Total Guitar magazine leads with Smoke on the Water and the MK 2 story (sort of). Mainly previously published photos (some Mk3 and Rainbow) but a nice Jorgen Angel shot not published before.

Ian Gillan • There is a likelihood of some exclusive high quality Gillan vinyl reissues later this year, and we’ll update you when we know more. They came to us asking if we had any of the original artwork… if only; that Chris Foss cover would look fab on our office wall.
There’s a detailed review of Ian Gillan’s slot at the Paris Rock Meets Classic show up on a web site devoted just to rock shows which take place in Paris. “Ian looks a bit tired and his right foot is in a cast but he’s gonna deliver a great performance, can’t go wrong with songs like this. Great to hear “Knocking…” at last, Deep Purple should play it.” David has put up a gallery with some pictures on and the Paris site has some video of Ian up to watch too.
I also notice that Ian’s former drummer is doing a few gigs. Under the name of Mick Underwood’s Glory Road, his band cover not just Gillan era tracks but also Quatermass, Peace and others he’s been involved with over the years.

Glenn Hughes • has joined the grandly named Rock-N-Roll Allstars “comprised of members from the biggest bands in recent rock history” (not sure what their definition of recent is really, it’s now over thirty years since Glenn was in Deep Purple!). They’ll be touring South and Central America in April/May 2012.

Ian Paice • was advertised as taking the hot seat on Planet Rock at the end of February, picking out his favourite songs, talking about the band’s longevity, their plans for the future and the music that has inspired him over the years. Nigel Young had a listen and says it was actually an old interview from December 2008! Cheeky gits. There is however a new interview done in Edmonton which can be heard online.

nick simper and nasty habits vienna dvdNick Simper • as trailed last newsletter, Nick joins Nasty Habits on a new set Live at Szene in Vienna, May 8. 2011. This is coming out as a combined DVD plus CD package. The track list covers nearly a dozen Deep Purple classics along with one new track and a blues standard. Release date is imminent, so we’re now taking pre-orders at DTB Online store. Peter from the band says the new track is a trailer for a projected album of new material later this year.

Whitesnake • have no touring plans for 2012 according to DC. Perhaps he’s saved up enough for a copy of the Definitive Biography at last so doesn’t need the money?! Talking of which, the competition to win a signed copy on the DTB blog site is running only to the end of the month.

Jon Lord • I’ve not wanted to delve to much into Jon’s illness, but Ian Paice has now gone on the record (in that Edmonton interview) to explain that Jon’s cancer was spotted at a very early stage and he has been undergoing some special treatment over in Israel. This is reported to have gone well and there is talk of Jon doing some work in April. In the meantime finishing touches to the Concerto Studio version are taking place. The audio was due on EMI but looks now to be on another label.

Ritchie Blackmore • Both the next two reissues in Universal’s ongoing doubling up of the Rainbow catalogue are nearing completion at last. On-Stage is a double, with a disc from Tokyo 1976 as the bonus, most of which is officially unissued before. Long Live has a bonus disc with some early monitor mixes and other material from Cozy’s old archive. Both can be pre-ordered at DTB Online store.
On the subject of archives, a CDR boot of Mountain live in Wichita Kansas March 1971 has turned up which includes a (not very interesting according to one fan who has heard it) jam with Richie Blackmore done in a New York studio sometime that year.
There’s a group active in trying to get Blackmore inducted into the rock and roll hall of fame by the way, and they’ve just organised the 2nd Annual Ritchie Blackmore Protégé Shred Off competition. Find it on Facebook! But shred off? Surely that’s the last thing Blackmore was into.

Tommy Bolin • The Bolin & Friends set has now got a new release date of April in Europe (it was first announced for December last year but held over). It can be pre-ordered at DTB Online store. Perhaps to cash in, one label is repromoting that old Tommy Bolin Snapshot collection again, as the “first ever” European release. Same content as the last time they released it here! We’ve also posted details of a new Japanese Bolin special magazine on the site here.
Slightly more tangential but the Airto Moreira ‘fingers’ album (1973) is now out on CD. Why would you be interested? It has the original of San Francisco River on it, the track Tommy played on the TB & Friends gigs in 1974. So if you were curious about the origins, here’s the answer.

Darker Than Blue On Line Shop

Darker Than Blue website

Thanks this time to : Timothy Campbell, Stuart Hamilton, David Browne, Tim Summers, Nigel Young, Euan Mcleod, Tom Dixon, Danny Fox, Mike Galway, and Harry Heathman. If you have any news for DTB email it over.

DTB Newsletter • Vol 2 / 02

February 29, 2012

Newsletter time again from a fast thawing Sheffield hilltop (not fast enough to stop me going rear over something down our steps on black ice the other day but still).

Deep Purple • There was a short news item on German TV RNF (Rhein-Neckar-Fernsehen, covering the area around Heidelberg and Mannheim) recently about Deep Purple, to say that their gig at the Musik im Park festival in Schwetzingen (10.08.12) had now been cancelled, as they’re scheduled to record a new studio album. This kind of adds support to the story last newsletter about them recording this year with a release right at the end of the year or early 2013, with a tour to promote. Thanks to Michael Huck. Conrad Steeves says a music journalist friend of his, Tony Conley, interviewed Morse the other week and he also confirmed that DP will be recording towards the end of this year for an early 2013 release and will be writing over the summer.

Roger Glover

Very strange to be getting mobile phone snaps of the pre-show audience build up image from a Canadian show emailed through almost in real time. I sat watching it for a little while waiting for the amp lights to start blinking… “Kingston was absolutely brilliant, a slow burn – Hard Lovin’ Man really set the tone. My fave Mk 8 gig , ranks with Toronto 2001 and London 2007… says Vince Chong (who sent said pic). Read more here.

As mentioned before, it looks like there will be a Deep Purple single for Record Shop Day in April 2011. Current plans are for a live version of Smoke On The Water from the 1972 In Concert show, newly remixed at Abbey Road from 8 track masters we found last year. I know there was concern from collectors over last year’s Record Shop Day single, but I try and take the view that record shops need all the help they can get at present (sadly perhaps the best vinyl store in the North – Wall Of Sound – gave up the ghost recently after 25 years in business) (add link) and our local store tells me it is a massive boost to their turn-over right now. And they were good enough to save me a copy of Hush BBC single at cost price!
The single is a taster from the Machine Head Special Edition but I’m not involved in that.
A few people have emailed about extra material being turned up from the In Concert show. We can confirm that there were a couple of rehearsal tracks but these were just that and while fascinating to listen to we’re not sure if they can be rescued or not.
Seems to be another flurry of interest about a 1972 TV show in Japan. It does seem as if the band did a special for TV while they were over there in 1972 on the Made In Japan tour in Tokyo. The problem is that TV companies there have been as cavalier about their archives as our lot, and so far nothing has been found.
Nothing on DP on the first part of the BBC4 show about Brit Rock In USA either, but I did spot that The Beatles had their name added to the side of the PanAm jet for their flight back home. Which predates DP by several years! Jon Lord turned up on the second show, interviewed last year, with clips from the usual stuff. It can be found on iPalyer.

Blackmore • J.R.Blackmore has a new CD out called J.R.Blackmore & Friends / Voices. You can find out more at Jürgens website Thanks to Irene Hesterberg for the info.

Coverdale • Firstly to everyone who had been saving up to buy the big Whitesnake Box – The Sunburst Years. Astonishingly EMI have already deleted it! Normally something like this would be round for longer than 12 flipping weeks. It looks as if they pressed 4,000 worldwide by the way for people who have been asking. I’ve seen it going for over £200 on some sites already. Still if the cash is now burning a hole in your pocket The Whitesnake Definitive Biography is finally shipping. There is a first review on the DTB blog now along with some page spreads. The publisher is offering a 5% discount for DTB folk, and we have sent out leaflets to this effect, but anyone who needs the details do email Ann. Also look out for an exclusive competition through DTBOnline shortly to win a copy signed by Neil and Bernie.
Talking of Whitesnake, David himself has just done a comeo in a small budget indie comedy film about a musician who is convinced DC is his real father! The producers say he was great to work with.
On the record side, DTBOnline store have managed to get a few copies of the rare US only CD edition of Snakebite recently if anyone needs this for their collection.

Ian Paice • Rick Wakeman does a nice monthly news round up on his site (amazed to hear him turn up on our favourite Radio 4 quiz the other day), and February’s hints at a possible album project with Ian Paice: “I will be trying to bring to fruition this month a possible trio album with Tony Levin and Ian Paice. Early stages of discussions with all concerned, but looking very promising.” Levin I can recall from his days as Peter Gabriel’s bassist, so this could be a very interesting prospect. Thanks to Simon Brown for letting me know.

Rod Evans • Amazing, just been in touch with a guy in America who reckons as a teenager he worked at a petrol station in Hollywood alongside Rod Evans. Trying to find out exactly when this would be.

live_over_europe glenn hughesGlenn Hughes • Black Country Communion are belatedly rushing out a 2CD audio version of their Live Over Europe DVD. Due at the end of February (so will probably ship first week of March 2012), track listing is the same (in fact we’ve been told the release is now embargoed until March). So if like us you prefer your rock without visuals now is your chance! Even better if you like the black stuff, they are also doing a very limited run on vinyl at the same time.
There is also a Tribute To Alice Cooper coming, with Glenn Hughes on Only Women Bleed, and Ronnie Dio on there too. John Tucker confirms it to be a UK press of an earlier issue form 1999 but if you missed it it’s due late March and you can pre-order at DTBOnline store.

Silverhead • One time Purple Records act Silverhead, featuring Michael DesBarres, Robbie Blunt, Rod Davies, Nigel Harrison and Pete Thompson, will be playing 2 nights in Tokyo – April 20 & 21, 2012. The band are also going to be doing a new album this year for a UK label.

Ian Gillan • still being seen with his foot splinted up at shows, with any number of stories doing the rounds as to how or why. If he hears about a reissue of the Rockfield mix of Clear Air Turbulence album which was redone for the Island edition he’ll probably kick his manager and break the other one. The CD has two live tracks from one of Ray Fenwick’s cassettes and an interview with the guitarist. I think it is the same audio as the old Angel Air pressing so approach on that basis, but we’ve listed it at DTBOnline Store.

Jon Lord • Singer Steve Balsamo has spoken of meeting up with Jon Lord in early February to go through material for a projected album project they’re working on, and says Jon is “looking great”, which is good to hear. Ian Paice also commented at a drum clinic the other day that “Jon is doing much better and heading into the studio.”
Five orchestral pieces of Jon’s, alongside works by other composers, are be staged between Feb and July 2012 at the Theatre Hagen, Hagen, in Germany, including Sarabande. Jon is not scheduled to appear. Thanks to Peter Judd.

Nick Simper • Nick Simper’s European band Nasty Habits filmed a show in Vienna last year and are preparing to release as a DVD soon. Covers of eleven Mk 1 tracks plus a blues standard and one new composition. More details anon. Thanks to Peter Brkusic.

Cozy Powell • Apparently wheels are moving now on a proposed Cozy Powell documentary project. Robert Plant, Tony Iommi and others have agreed to take part and this has enabled the producer to begin work. It’s a film based affair rather than for TV – UK TV having largely surrendered this sort of interesting programming to the big screen in recent years. More news if we get it.

The DTB blog has generated loads of fascinating comments (and info) about Deep Purple’s support bands over the years recently, and it’s hard not to get a little nostalgic over some of the recollections from the early days.

Right I’m off to wrestle with the dentist again today; I can start to see why IG opted to have the lot replaced the other year!

New Year Musings

January 5, 2012

Yes it is real!

DTB 2011/2012 Review • It’s been a busy year as ever for Deep Purple fans, culminating in a handful of live shows with the Orchestra in Britain. Well received by many who went but a worrying number of people who opted not to bother, ourselves included. Yet in terms of new material it has been a little sparse. Nothing new studio wise from the group of course, despite a short writing break and plans for this to happen (next year possibly maybe?). The word from the tour is that the group are likely to be in the road at least for another three years or so, but you feel it will be hard to sustain the core support without something new to get people interested. The gaps between albums these days are almost as long as the entire career of the original four line-ups!
On the retro scene it has also been pretty quiet. Phoenix Rising promised much but was a lot of hot air when you actually came to analyse the content, with the audio remixes sounding worse than on the last stereo edition. I suspect this is the way future reissues will be treated, there seemingly being no enthusiasm to carry on the in-depth archive projects. The trouble is of course that the longer they dither, the less people will be interested.
Which really left the BBC Sessions project to deliver anything in terms of unreleased audio. This I think it did, although plans to include more DJ stuff and jingles were thwarted over copyright worries. The box edition looked very handsome (I would say that wouldn’t I?), though in marketing terms I’m not sure EMI quite got the launch of the title quite right (and I’m still getting emails from reviewers who say they would have judged it very differently if EMI had sent this out instead of two CDRs and a text file!). In terms of my own airplay, it was the BBC material which topped everything else here in DP terms. I confess to not having got around to even watching Montreux 2011 on DVD yet (still got series 2 of Spiral to get through).


Next year will see more special editions, with Machine Head and Made In Japan likely to fall under the spotlight. There are also plans for other releases keyed in to the anniversary of Machine Head and another special release for Record Store Day in April. Indeed the continued interest in Vinyl shows little sign of going away, with a reported 40% increase in sales of the format last year.
Away from DP, once again it was Glenn who kept us all on our toes. I’m not sure the second BCC album had quite the musical clout of the first for me, despite improvements in production. Likewise the live shows were fine but I think I have enjoyed Glenn’s own shows rather more in the past. It’ll be interesting to see if the band can progress, or whether Bonamassa’s own workload will keep the breaks on it to some degree.
In fact it has been the book front which has perhaps thrown up more of interest lately, with Glenn’s autobiography much anticipated (especially by those of us who didn’t fancy the £500 first edition). On a more quirky level books from Tony Ashton and especially Colin Hart have been interesting, the latter throwing light on the often disfunctional goings on within the band’s organisation! The New Year promises more titles, with the massive Whitesnake biography leading the way in January (my Christmas was spent checking page proofs), the publication of the Deep Purple Diary, and the Story of Smoke On The Water amongst others.
Darker Than Blue is also set for a return in 2012 albeit also in book form, with titles devoted to specific areas of the band’s history. Details of the first two will be released early in the New Year and it is planned to continue the magazine issue numbering sequence with these. DTB people with subscriptions will be offered appropriate discounts.
Whitesnake have perhaps had the lions share of releases lately, what with the new CD and seemingly endless number of compilations, culminating in the box set to end all box sets. Still, got to pay the gardening bills somehow haven’t we? Impressive physically certainly, but a lot of people have found it difficult to justify buying just to get the DVD and Reading broadcasts. Let’s hope EMI issue these individually before much longer. Blackmore? Well some tentative steps with the Universal remasters may produce interesting editions of On-Stage in 2012 possibly including unissued Japanese recordings. Beyond that he seems content to remain on the edges of the rock scene with Blackmore’s Night. The God Of Guitar website have asked any fans to vote in their 2012 poll by the way, it’s online here:
We’ll be back with our regular DTB news round ups next week. In the meantime let’s hope in wider terms 2012 will see things pick up for everyone. This especially applies of course to Mr. Jon Lord, and we’re all looking forward to the studio recording of The Concerto to hear those dulcet Hammond tones once again!

All the CDs and books mentioned here can be grabbed from the DTB Online store. Except the Spiral box set.