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Down a place

January 7, 2019


Hands up if you remember the Dutch arm of EMI issuing Child In Time as an A- sided 7″ single? The sleeve (shown here from Simon’s collection)) was decorated with Dutch charts to show the track had been Number One in the Veronica Top 100 for three years since 1972. Amazingly the equivalent chart for 2018 shows the track is still high in the annual listing, although it has slipped one place from last year, down from 5 to 6.  The tracks keeping it down were Bohemian Rhapsody and Hotel California at 1 and 2 again, then Piano Man by Billy Joel (how strange is that!), Stairway To Heaven and Wish You Were Here.  The chart also picks up Smoke On The Water (at 119) but you need to go to 1380 to find the next entry, Black Night.  I’ve no idea how these are compiled any more, clearly not physical sales, but however they do so it’s good to see the track is still well liked by one of European neighbours. Thanks to Tonny Steenhagen who sent me the info.  The story of the track is told in great detail in the Deep Purple In Rock history Wait For The Ricochet (just in case you haven’t bought the book yet!).  And of course 2019 marks the 50th Anniversary of DPMk 2.  I did try to hire Hanwell for an event but sadly they cannot allow any more than 200 people in the function room, and there is no guarantee that the rehearsal rooms we’d wish to see will not be occupied by judo classes!


Purple acetate

December 13, 2013

Deep Purple acetate We Can Work It Out 8" EMI

This interesting 8″ Deep Purple Mk 1 acetate turned up for sale earlier in the month, apparently formerly in the possession of a British DJ who had emigrated to North America. He sold his entire collection on to a dealer who put some of the choicest acetates up for sale this month (including similar offerings from The Beatles and Pink Floyd).
The Deep Purple disc has three original studio recordings but two are lacking any introductions. So River Deep Mountain High (on the other side of the disc) is just 8.30 instead of the 10.06 on the Book Of Taliesyn album, while We Can Work It Out from the same album lacks the Exposition piece. Wring That Neck seems pretty close, there is a difference of just a few seconds in the timings. (Incidentally I’ve just noticed that the Exposition / We Can Work It Out timing on the original Tetragrammaton pressing is listed as 6.66!)
Was this acetate for a projected EP? Checking catalogues, EMI did use a three number sequence for singles in the sixties, but I cannot find any correlation with their EPs. It might have been  sequenced for a non-UK EP, it is unusual for acetates to be numbered at all so the EP579 number might relate to a projected release. The rubber archive stamp in the corner of the sleeve has been filled by hand in biro, and the handwriting does look as if it’s non-UK. The word “Lable” is mis-spelt, another possible indication of this being for a market outside the UK (though the acetate itself is clearly a UK pressing).
Anyway, enough speculation. The disc sold for an amazing £386 by the way, twice that of the Floyd disc but out-performed by The Beatles which went for over £600. I know a couple of people who went after the Purple disc but pulled out as the price climbed!

Deep Purple acetate HushEMI

It has also prompted Tonny Steenhagen to send me this low-res snap of an earlier acetate sale from 2005.  It couples Hush, And The Address and Hey Joe on a single sided 12″ acetate test pressing.