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114K on the clock

March 10, 2023

While researching the Machine Head book one of the rabbit holes we spent far too long down were the band’s personal cars.  It was determined that Jon drove himself down to Montreux in his careworn 1969 Jaguar E-Type 2+2.  Given the iconic status of the E Type we figured it ought to be easy to find out what happened to this but despite the efforts of the owners club who reckoned it had not been scrapped, it took some finding.  When we did, the current owner, who was restoring it, didn’t have a clue about this part of the car’s history.  He did however tell us it would be for sale eventually, and has now chosen to put it up for auction.  It looks effing wonderful as you can see above (or tease yourself at the auction site below, the link is at the bottom). 

Above – you can hardly get better provenance! He has restored it back to black, it was cream when Jon owned it (which I think I would prefer, although the temptation to spray it purple must be high.).  The sellers Evoke Classics are really bigging this up due to the immaculate restoration job and unless you have six figures burning a hole in your back pocket (maybe you sold Matt Hancock a load of dodgy napkins a while back) don’t even go there!  If of course you do, we expect a visit!   A “my other vehicle is the Rolling Stones Mobile” sticker would also go a treat on the back window.

The sale was spotted by Gary Critcher.  Photos courtesy Evoke. Extra research Stephen Clare.