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Hanwell tour

August 29, 2013

Bill Bass has sent us some photos of the recent Hanwell open day, which you can see at DTB here.

Wish you were here

August 9, 2013

Robban Lundgren (he’s the guy sat in the window) and his friends made a trip from Sweden to Hanwell recently and located the spot where the first Deep Purple Mk 2 press pictures were taken back in June 1969! Will this become a must-visit location for fans? If so the site are having an open day on Saturday August 17th.  This includes organised tours of the building.  There will be some music from local groups (it was this event we were trying to get a tribute band for – but it turned out there was no budget at all, I didn’t think it was fair to ask bands to travel long distances, though thanks to all the groups who got in touch), and the usual sort of stalls and things you’d expect at an open day.
If you fancy going, the event is detailed on the Hanwell website. Read more about the building and a link to the A-Z story on the DTB Blog.
We had originally suggested having a stall but couldn’t get it together in time, so are talking to the staff with a view to holding some sort of Deep Purple event there at a future date (one idea was for a battle of the tribute bands!).

Deep Purple fans at Hanwell