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2 for 1

November 28, 2019

Very nice looking covers to the latest issue of the Spanish Deep Purple fanzine HUSH, it turns out that for a bit of fun they have sort of done two issues side by side, so you get two different covers, one showing Ritchie at his Rainbow concert there in Malaga, and other a great shot of Glenn from his recent Spanish tour.  These are written in Spanish but if you fancy copies for the den shelf contact Carlos direct via email –

Spanish Deep Purple fanzine Hush.jpg

Once Upon A Time on vinyl

August 21, 2019


Deep Purple Dating Game

Plenty of hype surrounding Quentin Tarantino’s new film Once Upon a Time in… Hollywood, and this story set in Sixties America features plenty of era defining rock tracks, so it’s nice to see Deep Purple get two cuts on the accompanying soundtrack album, namely Hush and Kentucky Woman. I assume they figure in the film at some point but will have to wait and see (yes I will be going, I have all the original Once Upon A Time movies so be good to see if this matches up, and while his films sometimes fall short for me usually they are very watchable). Stills from the film seem to draw heavily on vintage US TV shows not unlike the one above!  Apparently Tarantino ‘curated’ the choice of the soundtrack music himself too. Hush is easily Purple’s most soundtrack featured song by a long way, kicking off the Children of Men soundtrack album in 2006 to great effect. Even the band’s remake of the track from 1988 made it to It’s A Boy Girl Thing the same year (rubbing shoulders with The Sugababes!). Hush also turned up in the football film The Damned United three years later. There are more which escape me for the moment. It’s just a shame Tarantino didn’t look a bit further for the poster art which misses those great efforts by Tom Chantrell by more than a whisper. Anyway, several colour vinyl limited editions planned if you collect that sort of thing, plus a CD set. Thanks to Mark Jones and many more for the extra info.


CD of fame

February 14, 2019

We covered the shemozzle surrounding Deep Purple’s elevation to the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame in 2016 (“I’m not going if he’s going” etc.), but missed this nice little collectable, a compilation CD featuring the five nominated artists.  The cover is great, would have made a nice LP. I don’t know what the tracks were apart from I assume Smoke On The Water. My thanks to Pericle for the scan. Can’t he tell me the tracks? No, he’s kept it mint ‘n sealed!  Does it not list them on the back? No!


Purple acetate

December 13, 2013

Deep Purple acetate We Can Work It Out 8" EMI

This interesting 8″ Deep Purple Mk 1 acetate turned up for sale earlier in the month, apparently formerly in the possession of a British DJ who had emigrated to North America. He sold his entire collection on to a dealer who put some of the choicest acetates up for sale this month (including similar offerings from The Beatles and Pink Floyd).
The Deep Purple disc has three original studio recordings but two are lacking any introductions. So River Deep Mountain High (on the other side of the disc) is just 8.30 instead of the 10.06 on the Book Of Taliesyn album, while We Can Work It Out from the same album lacks the Exposition piece. Wring That Neck seems pretty close, there is a difference of just a few seconds in the timings. (Incidentally I’ve just noticed that the Exposition / We Can Work It Out timing on the original Tetragrammaton pressing is listed as 6.66!)
Was this acetate for a projected EP? Checking catalogues, EMI did use a three number sequence for singles in the sixties, but I cannot find any correlation with their EPs. It might have been  sequenced for a non-UK EP, it is unusual for acetates to be numbered at all so the EP579 number might relate to a projected release. The rubber archive stamp in the corner of the sleeve has been filled by hand in biro, and the handwriting does look as if it’s non-UK. The word “Lable” is mis-spelt, another possible indication of this being for a market outside the UK (though the acetate itself is clearly a UK pressing).
Anyway, enough speculation. The disc sold for an amazing £386 by the way, twice that of the Floyd disc but out-performed by The Beatles which went for over £600. I know a couple of people who went after the Purple disc but pulled out as the price climbed!

Deep Purple acetate HushEMI

It has also prompted Tonny Steenhagen to send me this low-res snap of an earlier acetate sale from 2005.  It couples Hush, And The Address and Hey Joe on a single sided 12″ acetate test pressing.

I think I heard you miming my song

October 22, 2013

There’s a mad Mk 1 archive video of Deep Purple just leaked onto YouTube, a previously undocumented version of Hush.  Rather than slavishly try and mime away to the single, the director has decided to give up all semblance of sanity on this one.  So no keyboard for Jon, who sits there thumping a stone table (and going into full Jerry Lee Lewis mode at one point), Paice taps away at a bird bath with two arrows and the others strum previously unseen guitars. But star of the show is Rod, who has done away with his famous gold lamé trousers for… a beach towel. This slips lower as the song progresses, but mercifully he’s kept his trunks on underneath, and dives into the pool while the instrumental solos are on, to be fished out with a beach net.  Luckily there’s a roaring fire in the grate to warm him up. I would guess that it’s filmed in some large (hotel?) garden in California during their promo duties on the first tour; certainly Blackmore and Simper’s gear matches up.  Anyway, one which has to be seen to be believed, though something of a curio.

Deep Purple mime Hush 1968

Joe South 1940 – 2012

September 10, 2012

Joe South

Singer, session player and songwriter Joe South (seen here in the sixties) has died aged 72. South wrote the track Hush, which was a pivotal moment in the Deep Purple story when the decided to record a cover version in 1968 (having heard a cover by Kris Ife). Purple’s version became a massive American hit.

Thanks to Mark Maddock