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Mk 1 again

February 24, 2014

Three new versions of the Mk 1 album are released in Japan this week.  I’ve kind of lost count of the number of times they have done the albums in reproduction sleeves there (and they were done in the UK by EMI in a box set way back), but this new trio promise to be the best yet, thanks to the involvement of fans to ensure the faithful reproduction of the original Japanese cover art.  Best of the lot is perhaps The Book Of Taliesyn which has an authentic slightly off white tone to the card, but if you don’t have any earlier versions then these are well worth checking out.  Released by Victor in Japan, all come with K2HD mastering and the bonus tracks which adorned the original UK EMI reissues back in 2000.  DTBOnline shop have long since given up trying to import these sort of titles, but we recommend a firm like CDJapan.  The photo below shows the three covers, thanks to Masaki Tanaka.

Shades Of Deep Purple, Book of Taliesyn, Third album


Never say Never Before

January 9, 2013

A promo copy of the original 1972 edition of the Never Before single as released in Japan was sold last November for just over £250 by a dealer there. These copies carry a plain blue label with text, logo and details in silver. Otherwise the paper fold over sleeve and bag are as normal, though the back normally carries a small sticker marking it as not for sale. This is the most we’ve seen one sell for in a while, but shows there is still interest in these slightly out of the ordinary pressings. Tracked by Tonny Steenhagen. Who does point out that future copies are very unlikely to reach the same giddy heights, so I’ll not bother checking my collection out!

Never Before Japan promo

More paper sleeve reissues

February 10, 2012

Japanese deep purple paper sleeve issuesAnother cache of those mini paper sleeve reissues detailed on our review pages. Still not sure why they call them paper though! Click the image to read more.