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James Stewart Bain

January 25, 2016


As if this year hasn’t been rough enough already with the passing of so many rock musicians, we now have to report that Jimmy Bain died over the weekend.  He was working up to the end according to his current Last In Line bandmates, rehearsing for a big rock cruise with Def Leppard headlining. To many of us of course he was, alongside Cozy Powell, the bedrock of the classic Rainbow line-up (seen above with Jimmy in the middle), working with them through arguably their greatest heavy rock period, including the Rising album.  I can recall us scurrying through back-pages of the music papers to try and find out about his early band Harlot when he first got chosen by Ritchie (who had apparently seen the band on one of his trips to London) so we could report it in Stargazer. And the first hearing of Stargazer and Light In The Black remain with us to this day.
It always struck us as odd that his stay with Rainbow was relatively short, but when Ronnie Dio also departed, the pair reunited for several Dio albums during the Eighties which Jimmy also helped write.
We never met Jimmy – beyond pestering him for a few autographs of course, which he was always happy to provide – but he will always be fixed in our minds from that awesome 1976 tour and the subsequent On-Stage recordings.