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October 3, 2019

Hydrangea Deep Purple Dance.jpg

I do quite like a potter around a garden centre, as much to marvel at the sheer amount of bizarre novelty tat they seem to sell these days as anything, so the camera is always with me. Which was handy for these two latest additions to the Deep Purple themed garden (which as some will recall dates back many years to the pages of DTB magazine) spotted earlier this year.
The Rainbow inspired rose Lady Of The Lake looks a treat, and as I’ve been lucky enough the visit the David Austin nursery I can recommend it in terms of quality, much better than anything they produced in recent years. The Deep Purple Hydrangea is new this season apparently and any thought that the name might just be a coincidence is dispelled by the guitar shaped plant label and the fact that the growers have labelled it part of their ‘music collection’. I shall resist any temptation to suggest the plant, which was fashionable in the 70s, is a new variation on an old theme, a good repeater, etc. etc.
Now, where’s the tea room?

Lady of The Lake rose label.jpg