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2 for 1

November 28, 2019

Very nice looking covers to the latest issue of the Spanish Deep Purple fanzine HUSH, it turns out that for a bit of fun they have sort of done two issues side by side, so you get two different covers, one showing Ritchie at his Rainbow concert there in Malaga, and other a great shot of Glenn from his recent Spanish tour.  These are written in Spanish but if you fancy copies for the den shelf contact Carlos direct via email –

Spanish Deep Purple fanzine Hush.jpg


November 28, 2013

Artwoods Jon Lord shindig magazineSeems to be a good eight page feature on The Artwoods in the current issue (Nov 2013) of Shindig magazine. If you don’t know the title, it’s a nicely produced (mostly) retro music monthly but run by enthusiasts!  It’s not easy to find in newsagents but some of the bigger branches of Smiths carry it (or try their website). Lots of pictures and an interview with one of the band. It’s inspired by the upcoming release of that RPM CD we mentioned earlier. Thanks to Stephen Clare.

Roger Glover – Heavy Saturation

September 18, 2013

Roger Glover bass player magazine

Roger Glover is on the cover of the latest issue of Bass Player magazine (October 2013) with a seven page interview inside.
Roger has also devised a number of ‘tone prints’, bass effects, free of charge at, for the free TonePrint App. It’s all a bit techie for me, but musicians will probably be familiar with this software. Roger’s Spare Room 1 (there’s a track title for you!) he liked so much he started using it live the night he made it. Steve Morse has also had a go. Thanks to Jeff Breis.


September 21, 2012

deep purple german magazine 1972David has added some more rare magazine covers to the ever growing gallery on the website this week, including this nice German one from early 1972.


August 30, 2012

It’s sometime easy to forget that Classic Rock hasn’t got the newsracks all to themselves. The new issue of Fireworks magazine manages to get Blackmore, Gillan and Simper together in their latest issue. More details and cover on the DTB blog here. Talking of Blackmore, some interesting discussions on the man’s music sparked off in the comments section of the Rainbow book story.

Record Collector’s 400th

April 18, 2012

record collector magazine 400th issueMany of us will have fond memories of Record Collector magazine which was in pre-internet days the only reliable place to hunt for used vinyl in the UK apart from shops and fairs. This month it is celebrating the 400th edition and has two pages of comments from musicians old and new to mark the event, with our own Ian Gillan kicking the praises off, followed not far behind by Glenn Hughes. Though it’s hard to imagine Ian or Glenn dashing back from the newsagent, then sat with a biro anxiously marking off Deep Purple rarities and getting letters off to sellers hoping to be first in line… Mind you, Bill Wyman reckons he’s got the full run from Issue 7 onwards. Rick Wakeman in his congratulations wishes he’d hung on to all his copies as they’d probably be worth a few bob. Fraid not! I’ve got boxes full in our loft and couldn’t even give them away to the vintage magazine shop near here, so letting them go to the charity book shop a box at a time. Hey ho. But not the Deep Purple articles I wrote of course. I must admit I don’t buy it that often these days, and the last two articles I penned for them are still sat in their in-tray, but nice to see the magazine thriving. And an extra small glow on an awful rainy wind-swept day for seeing our latest book getting a rave review in the issue as well!