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Liverpool Stadium

April 30, 2019

I do like it when people take the time to write with their recollections of seeing Deep Purple in the olden days (if anything it doesn’t make me feel so old!); recently I was exchanging emails with a woman who saw them at Walthamstow Tech in 1970 who told me of fans being passed back over the crowd after fainting, while a lad who spotted Jon Lord sneaking through the foyer at The Rainbow and coming back with a crate of beer for the dressing room had been adding his thoughts to help bring some nice detail to another show.  A few people have recently been recalling what turned out to be Mk 2’s last ever UK show at Liverpool Stadium in 1973, a poorly documented event (so far no photos or tickets from it have surfaced, and a guitar which went into pieces that night is still missing!).  As a result of their contributions we’ve put together a small feature on this on the concert diary pages.  Liverpool would prove to be the band’s last show of all three years later. And if you have tickets or memories of any of the shows back then do get in touch, and add to our archive.

Liverpool Stadium 1978.jpg

Rare archive photographs

September 17, 2012

Deep Purple rare photographs Hamburg and HoustonTwo sets of very rare photographic images of Deep Purple have been produced by DTB and are officially launched this week. The first two sets feature backstage photos from 1970 and 1976. You can read the full details and see montages of the sets on the blog here.

Deep Purple in Cologne

May 26, 2012

Another great rare magazine cover unearthed in Germany – see the full cover and story here.