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Drawing skills

June 8, 2018

Never Before sing a long lyrics from German magazine Bravo, 1972

The researchers for the upcoming Machine Head book have put a call out for a couple of items in case anyone in DTBland can help…

[1] Has anyone got a good clean scan of the album review from America’s Creem magazine in 1972? It most likely appeared in the May or June issue but might have slipped to Oct or Nov (they have checked other issues).

[2] In a similar search they are trying to source a good clean scan of the single review from the Australian music magazine Go-Set, printed in the Oct 6th 1973 issue. A contact there has kindly sent all the issues from microfilm but this page is too faded to use.

[3] Lastly (for now!) but perhaps most crucial has anyone got sufficient CAD skills to convert Simon’s rough sketch plan (and measurements – imperial!) of the Grand Hotel corridor studio circa 1971 into a presentable diagram? This can be a plan view or perhaps a 3D view like you sometimes see on those TV house alteration programmes. This is a for the love of it task but you would get a nice fat credit in the book.  Simon: “I am afraid I gave away my drawing board many years ago, my Rotring pens are all seized up, and attempts to do this in the Adobe software I use have been awful!”


Never say Never Before

January 9, 2013

A promo copy of the original 1972 edition of the Never Before single as released in Japan was sold last November for just over £250 by a dealer there. These copies carry a plain blue label with text, logo and details in silver. Otherwise the paper fold over sleeve and bag are as normal, though the back normally carries a small sticker marking it as not for sale. This is the most we’ve seen one sell for in a while, but shows there is still interest in these slightly out of the ordinary pressings. Tracked by Tonny Steenhagen. Who does point out that future copies are very unlikely to reach the same giddy heights, so I’ll not bother checking my collection out!

Never Before Japan promo