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friday on my mind

April 5, 2017

Purple’s label have issued a couple of nice quick fire question and answer videos culled from recent interviews which make fun viewing ahead of the album’s final release on FRIDAY.

part 1:

part 2:

Dave Browne has been keeping us up to speed on these and others and says it seems that Bob Ezrin is responsible for “Roadhouse Blues”, after suggesting that they close the album with an old cover version, like last time (um, depends on which of the four versions of the album you were sold Bob!). Ian Paice suggested Roadhouse as he’d performed it recently with a tribute act. Frustratingly, for those who haven’t taken to it, Roger says that they had two more really good original song ideas for the album which were set aside but still may be returned to.

Although we posted a couple of album previews below a few days back, I have opened a proper review page so feel free to send us your thoughts over the next weeks or two!



Mush, mush…

February 1, 2017

I thought I heard her calling my name…


Just realised I’ve not posted the final Infinite track list for the standard CD, so there are the titles for those who might have missed them.

1. Time for Bedlam
2. Hip Boots
3. All I’ve Got is You
4. One Night in Vegas
5. Get Me Outta Here
6. The Surprising
7. Johnny’s Band
8. On Top of the World
9. Birds of Prey
10. Roadhouse Blues

We think Hip Boots was aired live a while back. And assume the other familiar titles are not cover versions of The Doors, Uriah Heep or The Carpenters.  Or even Barbie!
The band have also issued some official promo shots from the album cover shoot. I did think this was a photoshop mash up at first but looking at the better quality versions is seems like they found a nice wintery beach somewhere and then worked over that, perhaps layering in the snow and giving the retro colour filter plugins a bashing. It looks like they’re auditioning for a follow up to that mad French film Delicatessen!
Does this mean if we turn up at the gigs in sealskin jackets and snowshoes we’ll get upgraded to the front row?

We’ve had a few people asking about trying to find a more ethical alternative to Ama*on to buy new releases and we’ve been taken by a German firm called JPC who are still family owned but offer shipping world wide and also seem to have special editions not available elsewhere.

Thanks to Tim Summers and others.

Infinity teaser

November 28, 2016

The Oxford English Dictionary team may well have to redefine the word ‘teaser’ in their next edition, once they’ve checked the first trailer for Deep Purple’s new studio album. From it we learn the new LP is called Infinite.  But beyond 5 seconds of blurry film of Roger’s ear (possibly a pun on the label name?) and one chord, that’s about your lot!  Needless to say the internet has been able to decide what the rest of the sixty minutes will be like from this…  Anywho, if you ain’t heard / seen it yet, hurry on over to v=eFDdnUiN_uY


December 17, 2014

jackson-pollockIan Paice is featured in the new issue of Record Collector, and refers to their new studio album titled “Glorious Chaos”.  Whether this will be the final title or is just a working name we don’t know, though it does sound very Ian Gillan!  Anyhow he does confirm they’ve done a writing session for it already.
Ian also explains that they did ask Coverdale and Blackmore to the Jon Lord tribute, but doesn’t really elaborate on why they didn’t make it over.
My thanks to Tom Dixon for the news.

In the sun

June 11, 2014

Deep Purple are taking a break in the Algarve right now doing some writing to get the follow up to What Now started. Looks like they have decided to strike while the iron is still fairly hot which seems a good move. The album is still getting mentioned; listing their top five albums of 2013 in Good Times magazine, Mick Box put Now What at second, and Andy Scott of The Sweet rated it fourth (thanks to Hubert Leonhard).
Deep Purple went ahead with their concert in Turkish occupied Cyprus on May 24 in front of 20,000 fans. Admission was free. The show made the local press on both sides, “The band landed in Nicosia’s Ercan Airport in a British Airways plane rented for the trip in a rare occasion for the airport, which is closed to international flights apart from those coming from Turkey. The band members were welcomed by the Turkish Cypriot Foreign Ministry officials, as international celebrities make rare visits to the country due to the pressure from Greek Cyprus and the international community.”
Deep Purple Cyprus

Apart from a French festival this month the band are off the road until the middle of July when they play more European shows before their longest batch of North America / Canadian shows in ages.

Cover ‘art’ released

March 22, 2013

Here’s the sleeve for the special edition CD version of Now What – the cover is die-cut. The track listing is also now out and on the New Album page. The bonus track may be a cover of the old Jerry Lee Lewis song It’ll Be Me (which IG included on that Javelins revisited CD we did back in 1994 as the eagle-eyed Tim Summers has spotted). But as what I hoped might be a cover of the old James Bond track (All The Time In The World) turned out to be something else, we’re not counting on it!

Deep Purple Now What sleeve

Single preview goes live

March 12, 2013

The new single All The Time In The World was previewed on many radio stations on the 11th (including amazingly enough BBC Radio 2), and they made an audio video (?) available as well.

Thanks to Russ Berger. It is a laidback piece naturally enough, but the interesting thing is how well Ezrin has captured IG’s vocals, and balanced them in the sound. Indeed I kind of hope they do cover the Louis Armstrong track of the same title some time!

Single artwork

March 11, 2013

Deep Purple new single All The Time In The World coverEdel have released artwork for the single / s, which we’ve posted on the Album Update pages.

Walk / don’t walk

March 7, 2013

Deep Purple What Now

The band have issued a few new promo shots including this very Ramones style pose! We’ve added the DP single to the DTBOnline Store, but not the vinyl edition, as the distributors could only guarantee us 10 copies (which are all pre-ordered already). Would it hurt to up the pressing run? Meanwhile Tim Summers sees that IG has been interviewed for Time Out in Singapore: Q – So have you guys started your own Twitter account? A – Twitter? I don’t have Twitter. It’s not my way of life, observing everything that happens every time I’m moving around. Q – But Deep Purple has a Twitter account now.  A – Do we?

Get with the programme Ian; how else will we know if you get stuck in a lift?! Read the interview here:

Now What?!

February 26, 2013

Deep Purple Now What

Release plans and album title confirmed, along with details of the CD bonus disc, a single and much more. The low-down is here.