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Guitar alterations

June 2, 2020

Blackmore Newcastle 1980.jpg

This photo has been floating about on the web for some time, but thanks to Mike Richards we can locate this to Newcastle City Hall on the 1980 Down To Earth tour. This is mainly because he spotted a mate in the balcony in the pic he went to school with! It was taken by another friend, Andrew Sokell, so he says it’ll be nice to see the picture properly credited at last (Andrew did him a print as a souvenir).  Rainbow were in such demand by this time that they played two nights at the City Hall, on Feb 19 / 20. fronted by Graham Bonnet (we think this is where the story about Graham getting his hair cut to annoy Ritchie happened, details in his biography!).  Anyhow, it will bring back many memories of Ritchie’s often precarious end of show antics as he debates whether to trash yet another balcony (I think we’ve posted one of Simon’s photos of Liverpool Empire getting similarly knocked about in the past. We have, here it is). Interesting to note the PA speakers have been strapped together in anticipation. Our thanks to Mike for the loan of the pic.

Two more shows

June 14, 2013

from 1971, added to our gig list thanks to a site detailing the history of the Newcastle Mayfair (1961 – 1999). It’s amazing to think of Deep Purple playing in ornate dance venues like this, especially for 90p a ticket!  If any of you went to the venue do check the link as there is a book coming out, and if you saw Deep Purple there in 1970 or 1971 please get in touch with us…